look at this will ya

Our tomatoes last week -


our tomatoes this week -


Can you SEE how much they've grown?

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K has had a few days off and kept busy.

He's making a new side walk.

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Which I MUST be involved in.
I like to sit off to the side and direct while he and Middle move stones that weigh as much as my car.
K doesn't respond well to my direction and Middle tends to do a lot of this:


a gesture which means: just shut UP and let DAD do whatever HE wants to do WITH THE DAMN ROCKS.
I'm not so good at the shutting up.

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Anyway, it's going pretty well.

Do you know what else I have to show you?

little snoopy

These toys.

radio use

These toys which were stored all over my house but which made a harmonic convergence last week when I straightened up the basement.

phone use

I cannot part with them.
I'm not sure my children even PLAYED with them.
I think I just bought them because I LIKED THEM.
Though I did purchase them when my children were little - so it's not like I'm crazy or anything.

pocket camera

And, bear in mind, these are just FUN collectible toys. I have SERIOUS collectible toys too -

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From when I used to attend garage sales and flea markets.

Hermes Rocket

The Hermes Rocket is not a toy at all.
But it matches the Tonka truck so well that it is displayed with the toys.


And then there's this.
Where did I buy it?
I have no idea.
Why did I buy it?
No clue.
I discovered it last week and remembered that though I am not a Disney kind of gal I do appreciate Mickey. I love his little face, his expressions, his four fingers in gloves. I think Mickey is a cutie pie.

What's for dinner?



See you tomorrow.


alice c said…
Hmmm...carrots chopped by K...I think you are showing off.

Joke said…
Jambalaya is seriously good eats.

I have a similar toy-collecting thing which, in my case, is the result of having parents who were too cheap to buy me all the ones I wanted.

Now I scour eBay for all the stuff I wanted.

Remind me to tell you of the View Master saga.

Unknown said…
i had those fisher price toys, no lie. well, except for the radio. my church had the radio in the baby nursery...i would sneak across the hall from the big kid room just to play it. i totally forgot about the camera.
Dani said…
I had ALL of those toys at one point or another. Very cool memories stirred up with those pics. :)

I've taken before and after pics of the plants, too. If I remember that I have a blog some day, maybe I'll post them.

LOVE the new stone walk. That K is a good egg. Well, he must be if he cam manage to get a 16 year old to help out. :) Oh, and I totally stupid-vise all of dh's projects. Someone has to point out all of his mistakes, right?
Paula said…
Dale said to tell K 'bend-overs are like helicopter rides; you never know when your last good one will be' So be CAREFUL with the rocks.
Anonymous said…
Wish we were closer. Once again. That side walk woudl be done in a metter of hours. You know it.
Even I here on the other side of the ocean had those toys only a couple of years ago.
Anonymous said…
The sidewalk is going to be great. Are you putting anything between the large stones, such as gravel or maybe plants?
Anonymous said…
Show And Tell!

I had each and every one of those toys when I was little. My kids played with them when they were little, too.

I still have a lot of my old toys somewhere in a storage place in Texas, along with tons of other things that never made it to Germany.

Oh, and hello.

I'm back, making myself comfortable in the nest again.
Anonymous said…
oh my God. that toy, the little dog, I remember wanting one so badly when I was a little kid. please, please keep it until I visit you next time so I can play with it, ok?
Anonymous said…
Oh man - that pocket camera brings back some memories.
MsCellania said…
K's version of 'chop wood/carry water'?
Chop food/carry rock
Lucky You!
Speaking of "Museum of the Sixties"! You beat me to it!!
We had the same toys when we were kids.

If I sat outside while my husband was building a sidewalk (not that he ever would), and I commented on anything, he would throw one of the big stones in my direction.
Anonymous said…
Yum! Jambalaya! I had a lot of those toys growing up--whatever happened to them, I wonder.

What did you DO to those tomatoes? Add worm poop? Or do you just have the blessed soil? I am in awe.
Amy A. said…
I love Jambalaya. But only if someone else makes it. So much work!
Anonymous said…
Aw! My mom has that same dog on a string, from when I was little. My kids play with it when we visit.
tut-tut said…
I like this post; it's both very homey and au courant, even as it looks back at the past.
Anonymous said…
Moving big heavy rocks AND making jambalaya! Yeah, I don't know if I'd call it a day off.

How come nobody has noticed that you've put toys w/wheels on the stairs? YO Crazy Lady, are you trying to kill somebody?

Hey, my secret password thingy starts with BB!
Wendy said…
Would K be willing to put in a new patio for me? I want it to look just like your sidewalk.
Anonymous said…
Not only did my boys have one of those pull-dogs on wheels, but I also had one in about 1954 (yes, I Am Old). And, yes, the reason I bought one for my boys was because I had one.
Caterina said…
I had all those TOYS!!! I smiled when I read this post.

And guess what? They still sell some of them (updated versions of course). I bought my lil-man the phone and he got the dog as a gift. I MUST post about it :)
KPB said…
You don't have a Kenner Family Treehouse anywhere in that toy stash do you?
KPB said…
Also - I love that shot of Middle. And I love the crazy paving. But that gravel driveway? It would shit me to tears. I know it is probably hugely practical in terms of your climate and it suits the Tuvaluvan vibe, but those little stones would be intent on getting in my shoes and in my house and everywhere except the driveway if they were under my care.
Joe said…
Seriously, what the hell is up with Mickey's hands? I'm gonna guess that Walt was just really drunk when he drew him. Or maybe he just couldn't count to save his ass.