like a snow day but hot

(Is that how you spell that?)
Who wee.
Boy, was it hot.
K had Monday off and we had a chance to have our annual day alone at the beach.


Some years, if the planets are aligned correctly, we are able to have a day alone at the beach in the early summer and a day alone at the beach in the fall.
We pack the boys off to school and then we go to Whole Foods and buy snacks and then we drive to the beach. We do the crossword puzzle, we look at people (stealthily), we have quiet time and we usually stay until 1:00.

K on walk

Over the years we have been interrupted whilst having our day alone at the beach.
Sometimes it's was just a phone call, other times it was a phone call and a mad dash home.
This year everything seemed all squared away.

feels like 111


101 degrees


So. There we were, listening to the waves and eating our snacks and relaxing - or, actually, we were starting to THINK about relaxing when our cell phones rang.
Both phones.
K thought it was the library (he has a very special relationship with our library and they call him almost every day) but I recognized the number right away - it was the school district.
Our schools were going to close early. BECAUSE IT WAS TOO HOT.


You can discuss this phenomenon amongst yourselves.
We went home.
K grilled some trout, I made some dip and found the cord thing for the camera.

pumpkin, bread, seasoning

A jar of seasoning a loaf of coconut bread and a hunk of pumpkin.
No, I AM NOT making pumpkin fritters when it is 100 degrees out.
(Don't tell Vida.)


KPB said…
What a bunch of pussies.

I mean, I just did the conversion and that's only 38 degrees C.

That's what we call February over here.
KPB said…
You know I'm just cranky on your and K's behalf.

And that I'm not really cranky at all.

That I'm actually having a dig at you.

Oh, never mind...
Anonymous said…
They NEVER cancel school due to heat here. You have to be tough to live in the tropics. (Oh yeah, and we have air conditioned schools...)
When I was a kid I had to be in school all day, with no air conditioning. I had to walk uphill both ways!!. We LOVED the teachers who would decide to have class outside under a tree.

Oh yeah. I'm old.

(My word verification has the word cod in it)
Anonymous said…
Uh oh. Usually your weather shift right over to us...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Duyvken said…
:-) Kim, we're just jealous as all hell because it's cold, wet, grey and miserable out here right now. I love the thought of a childless day at the beach, it sounds like you guys had fun.
Amy A. said…
We have the occasional heat closure here, too.

Today we have thunder, lightning and humidity. A good day to clean house.
Badger said…
Dude, it's been over 100 degrees here for like TEN DAYS IN A ROW.

So you may as well just move down here, is what I'm saying.
Anonymous said…
So sorry your outing with K was interrupted.

Don't your schools have AC?
A heat day. I do recall those--but I'm sorry it had to happen at the start of summer when you and K had such a day planned. *sigh*
jenny said…
No school for us either yesterday. And while the schools have A/C? No money to actually turn them on. I am so done with school.
Dani said…
Our principal laughed when I told her about other schools closing early. We could get a foot of snow in the beginning of a school day and they wouldn't let the kids out early. Even with the emergency phone system, we'd have kids getting delivered to empty homes of parents who work in the city and can't get home fast enough. The parents would freak the hell out so they won't do it.

AC in schools? Seriously? We're lucky we have fans! They just bought wall mounted fans for the elementary classrooms LAST WEEK. Until now, the teachers had to bring in their own if they wanted them and they had to be approved as "safe" by someone-or-other before they could use them and most times they weren't.

That being said... I'm sorry your lovely day was interrupted. I hope you get a chance to steal away again before finals roll around next week.
Anonymous said…
Wow, I've never heard of such a thing!! Closing early because of the heat. I'm sure the kids in Texas wish they did that here. Damn airconditioning!!
Anonymous said…
High of 75 degrees here today...but soon I'll be joining you in the 100s.

RW said…
Oh. Man. I could use some of that heat. It is unseasonably cold out west. Our strawberries are 2 weeks behind schedule....
alice c said…
No pumpkin fritters?
What's that all about?
Have you no stamina?
Kathy Rogers said…
So, yeah, you need to get together a Fan-Buying Committee stat.
barbra said…
Your beach looks gorgeous! I love that boardwalk!

I hope you get another chance soon....
Anonymous said…
Time to reschedule your outing, I'd say.
Allison said…
Ok, growing up in Maine we had a few snow days but NEVER a heat day. And out here in the desert, they would NEVER think to have a heat day, even though most schools are year round and the temps in July/August can be 120 degrees (which is one of the main reasons why I want to get the heck out of here). Your beach is beautiful and you must post the recipe for coconut bread!
MsCellania said…
I fear you're in for another day of it as it was way over 90 here yesterday. But maybe tomorrow or the next day you will catch some cool weather. It is only 65 here today!
Sorry your day at the beach was cut short.
I got some frozen coconut and will make Vida's bread today!
Anonymous said…
Finally wanted to say thank you for the recipies, your brother is pretty cool, and wish you're weather was too.
Unknown said…
Wow 100 degrees... our roads would buckle. I like your list. I should make a list of things I want to do and will do this summer. Hmmmm....
Velma said…
I'm sorry your beach day was interrupted by the, uhm, "Heat Day."
Annagrace said…
That's too bad...and way too hot! I like alone days with J, so I understand the layers of disappointment.

I have the same relationship with my library, unfortunately it's not an actual human...
anne-mari said…
Your beach looks beautiful! Too bad your day was interrupted:(
Mary said…
Now that is a lovely tradition - one I may have to steal for J and I here in the mountains.

And you have my sympathies - no matter what Kim says 38 degrees is HOT!
tut-tut said…
Unbelievable. I'm glad you're within driving distance of a beach. Global warming . . . but there isn't any, right?
Paula said…
The heat FINALLY broke here, so maybe the cooler weather is coming your way.
Jennifer said…
I'm in Canada.. and they've never cancelled school because it has been too cold, and they would NEVER dream about cancelling school because of the heat. Infact the other day when it was 107F here... they didn't even keep them in at recess! Crazy!

That would be quite something to just pack a lunch and head to the beach alone. That is something I think Adam and I might have to try and do...

can you tell I'm trying to think of ways to keep busy come September when Megan goes off to school?

Yes yes I know summer vacation is still 2 weeks away and I'm already thinking of September!

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