just now

I'm sitting on the couch.
There is an old Bob Hope movie on the television.
It is cool and damp. My feet are cold.
The window is open and I can hear cars driving over the loose manhole cover outside. Plankplank.
If it is warm tomorrow we will give the dog a bath. She smells terrible.
Loobylu has begun blogging again. She was gone for a year and I was almost used to not reading her every day. I remember before she had her daughters and before she moved to her house and all the beautiful craft projects she made. I'm delighted to discover that she is back.
Plankplank goes the manhole cover. I wonder if there is someone I can call to have that fixed.
Now Euronews is on and I can watch the weather reports for Paris and Rome and Frankfurt.
My allergies are creeping up on me. It's fine if I don't think about it, but if I happen to rub my eye or realized that one side of my nose is clogged it can become tedious.
I'm trying to ignore it.
My favorite segment on Euronews is No Comment - it's on now. It's brilliant.
I'm hoping that Middle's girlfriend has to go home soon. I'd like to go to bed.


Miz S said…
Cool and damp, really? We are deliciously hot and humid down here.

I hope Middle's gf has left by now and you are tucked in nice and cozy. I'm headed there myself.
Kathy Rogers said…
Thanks for the tip about Loobylu. I had pruned her out of my reader.

I am not ready for the whole girlfriend thing.
Mary said…
Looblylu came back quietly a little while ago. I was glad to see her back too.

Your Vida post warmed me.

Hope your feet are warmer now.
Anonymous said…
To make you feel happier...it's rainy and damp HERE TOO! Currently 63°F. Unusual summer. Fabio loves No Comment too.
Anonymous said…
Fancy a news service which considers its viewers intelligent enoughto form their own opinions!

We are having a warm winter, I hoe some warm weather finds you soon.
Anonymous said…
When you're up and waiting and waiting, it certainly helps to have decent TV programming to take the edge off.

We're damp here, too, and I have an afro thing going.
Anonymous said…
It's Juneuary in my neck of the woods. My feet are sicle-esque.

Anonymous said…
What is your shoe size? I'll knit you some socks. No one should EVER have cold feet if there is a knitter anywhere in their life.