home and away

It's cold and dark here in Tuvalu. And damp.
Yesterday, I bought K some roses and made the pancakes and gave him a tin of his favorite coconut/walnut/raspberry bars/slices/chewy things.


And then HE whipped up a sorrel/mushroom/sweet pepper frittata to bring to our friend's house.

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They had left sorrel for him, on our porch, as he mentioned he'd been wanting that particular frittata and they have extensive gardens at their country house...which is where we spent the day yesterday.


We arrived around noon and were treated to sliders (mini hamburgers) hot off the grill with a myriad of topping options.
I ate a lot. I had a hot dog too. With sauerkraut.

We sat and talked and wandered and admired all day long.

big kids

The kids enjoyed each other and only got a teeny bit bored before a game of hide and seek broke out in the vineyard.

hide and seek through screen

(Sometimes I forget and shoot THROUGH the screen door.)
Everything was picturesque. All day.

Our hostess is a passionate and wonderful cook and the food just kept appearing before us. (Which probably only seemed like magic because I sat on my ass all day.) We had swordfish and crabcakes and fantastic salad for dinner. There were at least three desserts.


It was cool and damp yesterday too and sweatshirts were passed around. Hot food felt good - although Youngest swam anyway.

It was quiet and delicious and relaxing...we came home full and happy and tired.

And I remembered not to wake Middle for school today.


Carol said…
How beautiful and green - how did the weather turn so cold after being so hot????
Anonymous said…
Hellooooooo theeeere...
The gardens are HUGE. And I see a beautiful vineyard.
The green is so soothing though.
BTW more times than not I have to google words. Today I learned what sorrel is. Thanks!
Badger said…
That sounds just perfect.
RW said…
A vineyard.
A dream of mine is to live in or next to a vineyard.
barbra said…
What a nice time!
Kathy Rogers said…
Oh, those coconut walnut, etc. things look yumMY.

And a dream of mine is to never run out of the products of a vineyard...
Paula said…
What a lovely day.

I LIKE to take pictures through the screendoor. Makes 'em look dreamy.
Sarah said…
Nom nom nom.
Caterina said…
YUM!!!! I am starving and this post sounds deelish!

Any chance in getting the recipe to those coconut/walnut/raspberry bars/slices/chewy things? Or the frittata?

Oh my, I am soooo hungry :)
Anonymous said…
Garden days are my favourite.
Anonymous said…
I am disturbed by the prevalence of sliders in modern American cuisine. They have been popping up everywhere as fads do and I don't like it. They're always dry and there's no room for all the pickles. They must be stopped.
Anonymous said…

Anonymous said…
Beautiful! And I'd like to log another request for the recipe for the coconut/walnut/raspberry bars!
Miz S said…
The chocolate bar things look really, really good.

Your friends' place looks very relaxing.

It's all good.
Mary said…
Just exactly the sort of day I had hoped you would have!
alice c said…
What a wonderful day - food and good friends and more food. I'm envious. I think I would have been quite happy enough with the frittata so everything else was a bonus.
Anonymous said…
How beautiful. And the frittata sounds delish!
KPB said…
Yum. On so many levels.

And I'd like the recipe for those raspberry/walnut/chewy/slice thingies please.
Anonymous said…
We're having that weather too. And I'm sure Middle appreciated it.
Keetha said…
What a magical day. Sigh. You have such a gift for capturing life around you.
Stephanie said…
That does sound like a perfect day. It's so nice when those come along.