happy Father's Day

We're having blueberry pancakes and roses and Caramello bars.
Then we'll visit friends for the day.

My dad never had the album of which Badger writes,
my husband did and its music is always in the back of my head on days
like this.

Have a great Sunday.


Jennifer said…
Happy Father's Day K :)

Have a wonderful day.. Yum blueberry pancakes.. we had jut plain pancakes but Connor insisted I had a square of butter on top of the stack, and to make sure the syrup dripped down the sides :)
Anonymous said…
Unfortunately, I have to be at work today. But my dear husband is the excellent sort of parent who feels that Father's Day is all about spending time with his child, so he and our kiddo are off celebrating together whilst I toil away. I am the sort of mother, I am afraid, who considers Mother's Day a day OFF from parenting, so I am lucky to have such an engaged and engaging father in my husband to help make up for my selfish ways.

That song makes me weepy every time I hear it.

Sarah said…
You too!

WV - yrzrrp -- The sound one makes after eating too many blueberry pancakes and Caramello bars.
Anonymous said…
The Pancake House was packed today. What is up with Father's Day and pancakes?
Mary said…
Just catching up and hoping that your father's day with K and kids and friends was as relaxing as you hoped it would be.

Anonymous said…
Ah, we had omelets. But blueberry pancakes would've been MY choice if I were a dad. Or if it was mother's day.
Kathy Rogers said…
Caramello bars? For breakfast? Mmmm.