dirty laundry

It's turning out to be a picture filled week...
I like memes (I know some don't), they give me a chance to not think so much. (Do you think I could have said that better?) I tend to think too much.
"You know what happens when you think too much? You get a headache." Vida, May 2005.
I used to talk too much too - nowadays that would take a lot of wine or caffeine, and since caffeine makes me sick, I tend to talk less than I used to. (I'm certainly going on now, aren't I?)

Here's the 10 photo meme.

our kitchen sink


Now that I know you've ALL read my archives I don't have to repeat the story of my kitchen sink, do I? If we ever sell the house the sink is coming with me.

inside the refrigerator


If you've REALLY read the archives you know that a photo like this one, taken a few years ago, stirred an INTERNATIONAL controversy. Our refrigerator is a symbol of overabundance and wealth, apparently. I wouldn't necessarily disagree - but it may help to know that we HATE this refrigerator and if I ever saw Mr. Viking in a dark alley I'd give him a piece of my mind. If we ever sell this house I'll have to pray that the prospective buyers don't notice that the door doesn't really seal and that it makes strange noises and doesn't keep things especially cold in the hot weather. That will teach us to be such conspicuous consumers.

the toilet (why am I doing this?)


It came with the house. It is one of those "silent" toilets which is kind of nice since it's about four feet from the dining room table.

my favorite shoes (of the moment)

<span class=

They go with everything.

my closet (why? why? why?)


better with the door closed -


a pile of laundry


It's waiting for someone tall to bring it down two flights of stairs. I'm very good about WASHING the clothes and DRYING the clothes and even putting the clothes AWAY.
Lifting the clothes? Not so much.

what the kids are doing

three boys

Actually, the kids are in school/at work but I'm sure this is what they would be doing if they were all home at the same time. Ever. Because they are perfect children who adore each other.

fantasy vacation

our tower

I'd like to add stops in Tokyo, Australia and London but I got lazy with the photo searching and uploading.

favorite room

favorite room

...and my favorite guy

self portrait

me better

I'm off to get Vida!


I have sink envy!
Anonymous said…
Say HI to Vida. She sounds and looks so fun. I need to inform you there are new photos of Torre. Just saying...
Anonymous said…
So many great photos. I'm glad you did this meme. My fave photo is of your three boys, of course, because I'm guessing it symbolizes their emotional connection as brothers.
Dani said…
Great pics. Love the self-portrait. ;)

Maybe after I'm done with Relay this weekend I'll give this meme a shot.
I somehow missed the sink story in the archives. Can you point me in the right direction?

I want your shoes.

Nice to see 50% of your face.
Eleanor said…
You are a tease.

But I live in hope.

One day, you will pose like Anna from Sweden. In full view. With a huge, happy grin.

On that day, I will not post a comment. But I may adopt a few of Eurolush's dance moves, out of pure delight.
Anonymous said…
Well hello, Four-Eyes.
Jennifer said…
I enjoyed this post... reminded me of the good ole days of Photo Fridays :)

Good Morning BB
alice c said…
Good grief - I hadn't realised that you were small enough to hide behind a laptop.
Anonymous said…
I love you even more (in a not-scary-or-stalky-at-all-kind of way)

The shot of the boys is a winner. I will never do this meme because of the effort to get a toilet to look presentable in this house. Aim issues.
Gina said…
I love the sink and hate the fridge.. I have similar versions of both. My sink isn't installed. I don't know if it ever will be but I'm not letting go of it.
Anonymous said…
Lots of fun. I've been thinking about buying another pair of shoes like your faves. You might have put me over the edge to pressing the buy button.
Anonymous said…
I have that sink too. And I want your shoes; brand, please.

Your life, even if sometimes makes you think too much, seems charmed.

Viva la Vida! Enjoy your visit.

barbra said…
I am envious of all that guitar equipment. Great shot.
Saoirse said…
the shoes! the shoes!

I have the same one and someone was recently giving me grief about them, that I was solely (no pun intended) wearing those to the exclusion of all other shoes.

don't care--love them!
Amy A. said…
I love this meme. I'm working on mine, right now.
tut-tut said…
What a lovely house you have. And I especially like your self-portrait. I would guess it's very apt indeed.
Allison said…
Wow HOW FUN! Too funny, the Kleenex box on your toilet is the one that a friend of mine sent to me as inspiration for her new blog design. That CRACKS me up!
Miz S said…
I remember the refrigerator controversy!

Hey. You wash your face with hundred-dollar bills, too, right?
MizMell said…
Love the peek inside your world. Great photos!
Alice said…
Such nice shots.

You must have the picture of the boys framed, right?