dateline: Tuvalu

Much excitement here.
Sort of.
Let's see...Middle has secured summer employment at a local warehouse. He has no idea what he will be doing or when he starts but we'll overlook those little details.
Youngest is all set to graduate from 8th grade in a ceremony that I find silly but will attend. (Let's hope it's not too hot that day.)
Work is slow for Oldest, but that seems to be going around.

Yesterday, after answering 40 minutes worth of medical questions on the phone, K and I had our life insurance our own home. We had to pee into cups, have our blood pressure taken, submit to dining room phlebotomy and K had an EKG. The fellow who did all this was very fast and efficient and I had a wonderful time asking him about his job. He called me ma'am a lot, which was only slightly distracting and was absolutely lovely. I told him that I love to ask people about their jobs and had him tell me about his dinner (beef kabobs), his family (two sons and a daughter), and how many people he sees per day (he's never sure but it's usually between 10 and 15). He reminded me that he was self employed several times and thanked God, quietly, for his job. I fell completely in love with him when he took a small bathroom scale out of his bag, fussed with it for just a second and had me step on it.
It showed that I weigh 117 pounds.

I had told the telephone interviewer that I thought I weighed 127 pounds but decided that THIS scale HAD to be correct. And, in fact, it was pretty accurate for K's weight so I'm sticking with it.

After our morning medicals, we scootered to do some errands and drove past an ambulance picking someone up off the busy street near our house. An elderly man had fallen into the street and needed stitches. There was a horrific accident on this same street over the weekend and it was closed for five hours while an investigation was completed.
As a result of all this I was a little nervous about scooting - people drive carelessly and fast near my house which can be scary on the scooter. As we were returning we realized that our street was closed and saw several police and fire vehicles RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR HOME.
It turned out that the sanitation truck had a hydraulic fluid leak and broke down. Such a commotion with the hazmat stuff and firemen and all the while Oldest's car was parked illegally. I had him go outside to move it as the policemen were kind enough to not ticket him and he said: I've only been here for TWO MINUTES. And the policeman said: WE'VE been here for 23 minutes! Thanks for moving your car. It's nice to have a private police force.

With the absence of Survivor we have had some difficulty determining what our weekly viewing-with-mom-after-dinner will be. The range of programs is disappointing but last night we had a very nice pork tenderloin (with broccoli and brown rice) and settled in to watch
Wipe Out. It turned out to be as ridiculous as the commercials led us to believe. There were a couple of funny moments but we don't generally enjoy watching people fall down. The end was somewhat exciting as the "go-go dancer" beat the "rookie cop" at the final challenge. Then the "jazz dancer" set a record time for our favorite contestant (I can't remember what he does for a living), Travis. But the dancer won in the end.

We started to watch I Survived A Japanese Game Show but didn't last long - although I liked it a lot better it's not going to be our summer replacement show. Does anyone have any suggestions for us?

So, that's it for the moment. Much vehicular activity, new insurance policies, and we are not quite done with school...AND I WEIGH 117 POUNDS.

I'm winking - are you winking?


Miz S said…
117 pounds!!

Sputtering, here.

You are dangerously underweight!!

I will send pie!!
Anonymous said…
Blackbird my FOOT.
You are a hummingbird, or skinnier!!!
Your posts are the only thing keeping me sane these days. Work is a true nightmare. People are N.A.S.T.Y.
Anonymous said…
There is nothing on TV, nothing at all. Maybe Nova and Frontline reruns. Maybe Supernanny because it makes you feel that your own parenting hasn't been too bad after all.Big Bang Theory is funny-ish, but that's only 30 minutes for the whole week.
jenny said…
Better a hydraulic fluid leak than the other leakage option on a sanitation truck.

Love that Oldest went out on the defense "...only two minutes". I'm sure they've never heard that line before.

And as for summer suggestions? I've got none. We watched the same dreck as you last night and I'm not loving either show.
Anonymous said…
I recommend that you watch old TV shows on DVD this summer. For your family, maybe "MacGyver" would be appropriate.

117 pounds?!? Yay you. I wish it were me.
Badger said…
ZOMG! We had pork tenderloin last night, too! And I, at one time in my life, weighed 117 pounds! With that and the bra size thing we are PRACTICALLY TWINS.

My summer TV recommendation is the Graham Norton Show on BBC America. It's adorable. There are bad words (the Brits allow those, you know) and references to S-E-X so I dunno how it'd be watching it with your mom, but maybe preview it first just in case.

Of course, you have to get BBC America for this to work.
Dani said…
I love that you put your weight in bold. You are the bestest. :)

I say you watch Jeopardy after dinner with the kids so you can either:

a) Amaze them with how brilliant you are.


b) Feel really old and stupid after they kick your ass.

I'm still in the "a" phase around here because the kids are still young. I'm afraid you might be in for a touch of "b".
Anonymous said…
Very brave, posting your weight! Now post your height. :D
blackbird said…
OH! That was the other exciting thing!
He measured me and said I am 5'2" and I've always said I am 5'1"!

Keetha said…
I think I'd have a tshirt made with that - 117 POUNDS!
jordi said…
T-shirt? Hell, I might have it tattooed where it would almost show! Isn't it nice to be tall AND thin..sigh.
For 9 years my job was that "travelling life insurance examiner". I made my own schedule and worked when my husband or best friend could watch the kids.

Mom and I are watching Jon and Kate+8 marathons and So You Think You Can Dance. Daughter danced for 13 years and we are dance freaks in our family.

That reality show where they make young ones take care of toddlers 24/7 looks like it could be a hoot.
Dani said…
I think his scale was right but his tape measure was wrong.;)

(I'm feeling a bit snarky today.)
Carol said…
I would never step on a scale again - so you are NEVER disappointed!!
Anonymous said…
117 pounds? My boobs weigh more than that. You had best tie a heavy weight to one foot so you don't blow away when the Tuvuluan breezes whip up.
Sinda said…
Wow - if this blog/twitter were the Price is Right I would SO NOT WIN.

Skinny and tall - how cool is that!

badger, we had pork tenderloin and grilled bok choy and quinoa, but it was MONDAY night - apparently, I didn't get the memo for Tuesday.
barbra said…
My dad, a doctor, now does the traveling life insurance exams. For people who need an actual Dr. for their in-home exam.

He likes talking with people; I'm sure you would have hit it off. But he does not live in Tuvalu.

He tells us about the interesting people he meets.
Paula said…
5'2'. Isn't there an old song that starts out that way?
Anonymous said…
I think his scale gave those 10 lbs to my scale.

Take them back, please.
Miz S said…
5 foot TWO? You are STILL GROWING?
Susie Sunshine said…
So I guess that means I best get myself into starvation mode before my fat ass busts your wee chairs.
Chris said…
I watched those shows last night. Mostly because my kids wanted to and they seemed family friendly enough.

My answer to no summer shows was to order Netflix, just for the summer though.

I can't believe you all are still in school. We got out last week and I thought we were the lastest.

Send your ins. guy over here to weigh me!
tut-tut said…
I was going to comment, but there is a little balloon down there in the right corner . . .

I'm 5 foot two, and it is just right.
KPB said…
I have no idea what that old world measurement equates to in the real and modern world, but I believe one of my boobs might weigh that.

Growth spurt anyone?
KPB said…
Oh and summer tv viewing clearly blows worldwide. Just because it's warm the tv execs seem to think we're all out drinking mojitos in white cotton flowy gowny things.

Can you tell it's early here and I haven't had breakfast or a cup of tea yet?
Anonymous said…
I second the Netflix idea

And since we're Survivor fans also
I'd recommend watching the first two seasons.
If I'm remembering correctly you started watching on season 3?
you can find season 1 here:
and season 2 here:

we've done well on ioffer, they have low prices and it's fun revisiting some old shows - we're curently watching "Courtship of Eddie's Father" (Yes, I'm a nostalgic geek!)

PS 117! Ah to dream....
blackbird said…
Thanks for the links, Laura, but we've been watching Survivor from the get-go. I guess it might be net-flicks for us!
Mary said…
I think I weighed that when I was about twelve.

I am off to feel briefly depressed.

I'll bounce back though!
Anonymous said…
Seriously, there must be some sort of blog code of ethics that prohibits bloggers from weighing 117 pounds. You shouldn't be able to write AND be that skinny.
Tracy said…
I read your post today at Derfwad Manor. Your recipe looks delish!
Mrs. G. said…
I'm not sure I would have featured you on Slow Cook Thursday if I had known you weigh only 117 pounds...not that I'm bitter.
alice c said…
Elfin - that is the only description possible.

(Well, obviously I considered Pixie but it didn't sound very respectful)