The Bacon Chronicles

Somehow, a while ago, my brother B and I began a bacon correspondence.
I don't remember how it started, or why, but I do know that every few days one of us will email the other with an outstanding bacon product to muse over.

Now you can muse too...

<span class=

I think Angela may have tried these - she'll let us know. I might have a hard time being brave enough to try one...hopefully it would be more maple-y and less baconish.

diet coke

I don't think this is real. Do you think it's real? I do admire the way it covers two food groups - the diet soda group AND the bacon group.

bacon mints

Savory bacon mints. Seriously freaking me out.

bacon vodka

Bacon vodka. I can imagine it. I'm thinking its got the same vibe as the martini with olive.

And I get this one too -

bacon roll

Bacon mats seem like a lot of work.
Go see the one Kathie Lucas made on flickr...good work Kathie!

Not Martha made bacon cups - she's always doing extraordinary things and her site is one of my favorite sources on the internet.

Not into frying your bacon? You can add bacon flavor to anything with this stuff -

bacon salt

if you want to. I think I'll pass.

But, hey, you don't have to EAT bacon. You can wear it...

bacon tux

and formally too.

bacon alarm clock

You can wake up to the sizzling sound and scent of bacon frying with this bacon alarm clock.
And then you can use this -

bacon <span class=

and I'm not saying another WORD.


Anonymous said…
That was a lot of pig. I think I'll just have plain cereal for breakfast.
DeeMarie said…
I'm craving bacon for some unfathomable reason... but not on a suit, or an alarm clock, or God forbid, toilet paper. I think I'll just have some plain old turkey bacon!! Though the bacon-wrapped shrimp did pique my interest! :)
Kathy Rogers said…
Bacon mints. Bacon, bad for the mint. Mint, bad for the bacon.
Sinda said…
At last year's Christmas White Elephant, one of our vegetarian friends won the bacon mints - she still gives is grief for that one!
Angela said…
Yep. The bacon lollipop. It was quite strange--very maple-y, with the added surprise of hard and chewy bacony bits. (I have the salt, too. It's good on popcorn.)

Also, I'd drink the Coke.
Anonymous said…
The bacon suit is stunning.
Anonymous said…
You will pardon me is I say:
ONLY in the USA.
Badger said…
Okay, well now I HAVE to post about what I bought at the toy store the other day. (Hint: the bacon mints? INCLUDED.)(You don't want to know how they taste. Seriously, you don't.)
Tammy said…
love your blog BB. Here's a link to a bacon sketch. cracks me up.
jordi said…
That bacon suit....could you suck on the lapels? I must admit that even a confirmed bacon o phile was put off by the last roll ..
barbra said…
Diet Coke with Bacon? I think it's fake. It's definitely not a West Coast thing, that's for sure.

Bacon mints? That doesn't sound like it would give you a fresh-tasting mouth. I think you'd need a mint after one of those.

Bacon tuxedo? Hilarious.

Piggy alarm clock? I like the simplicity of the design. Visually, it kind of appeals to me (but not enough that I would want one in my house).

There sure are a lot of bacon fans on the internet. I've never given bacon much thought, but it seems to be discussed on a lot of blogs!
Anonymous said…
Love it. What a funny thing to do with your brother B.

I'm going to try to send you a cute picture that has bacon in it.

alice c said…
Allison said…
I'd like to lick the guy in the bacon outfit. Can I get some eggs with that, puh-leeze?
I have the heeby-jeebies just thinking those foods. I don't eat beef or pork and haven't for more than 20 years, the ONLY thing I sometimes long for ... BACON. Those products make me shake and shiver ...
Amy A. said…
Hmm. I'm feeling a little icky.
Caterina said…
I used to like bacon. Right now I feel like vomitting. Ew.
That One said…
I was gonna say "MMM, bacon" but the more I thought about all the bacon-flavored things you posted about the more I thought "bacon can just stay INSIDE the little piggies."

Except for maybe the bacon vodka. That might be worth a try.
Dani said…
I love bacon more than my children on some days. This post may have changed that forever. My kids thank you.

(Now I have to go tell Mir to come and have a look. She OWNS and USES bacon salt. She... is the Queen of All Things Bacon.)
Being a salt-oholic, I'm gonna be looking into that bacon salt.

Morning Bloody Mary with bacon vodka? I'll get back to you.

j/k, ick.
Anonymous said…
I had a male friend tell me once that men feel about bacon the way women do about chocolate.
Sandra E said…
You have to check out all the bacon items you can buy at Archie McPhee:

Too funny!
Anonymous said…
Oh my! That has *got* to be a cultural thing, I am always reading how those in the USA love their bacon and bacon products. But that is amazing! Thankyou!