the things I have eaten

I've had souse and pumpkin fritters and rice and peas.
I've had pancakes cooked in oil and sweet fresh passion fruit juice.
I've had flying fish with Delish.
I've had brown chicken stew and searched in the market for The S Bend hot sauce.
All this thanks to Vida.
And who did I just hear from?
And who will I see next week? VIDA.

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I've spent weeks wishing I could go to our island and now someone from our island is coming to us.
I'll fetch her and we'll cook for HER.

I'm almost too excited for words.
Perhaps I will make her an orange cake.


Mary said…
All that stuff you have never eaten - I have never eaten either. Most of what you listed made my stomach turn.

I lie. I have eaten rice pudding. A good rice pudding is very delicious.

I am very happy about Vida. Vida looks gorgeous. Her smile stretches from you to Australia by the looks of it.
Wendy said…
She has the warmest smile I've ever seen.
Miz S said…
I must tink too much, too. Because I have a headache.
Eleanor said…
Oh my! I have just raced to your shelves, and grabbed all of your holiday albums from the last 3 years, and madly flipped through them while exclaiming "ooo, look how little the boys were, doesn't have a prescription snorkelling that a young badger commenting in that box? How adorable is that?"

Then, I stopped in my tracks, oh my god, is Tuvalu a REAL island? All this time I thought it was a virtual one. Hmm...still not sure actually...

Vita looks so wonderful, and that food tastes so good (virtually speaking).

I'm so happy and excited for you!
Jennifer said…
I'm so happy for you!
Anonymous said…
Must agree, Vida's smile is contagious and puts you in a good mood instantly.
I am glad you'll be seeing her soon. And maybe cook for her YOUR national dish (he he he)
Carol said…
Souse has PIGSHEAD as an ingredient...did you know this???

Jealous of your trip - looks like it will be delightful.
RW said…
This reminds me of when I first stumbled upon your blog and systematically started reading the archives and hearing about your vacations.

Enjoy your guest.
MsCellania said…
reading the S Bend Sauce comments link, it seems that's the post where Paola found you!
And look what's come of that...
Food is our link to the world.
Amy A. said…
When someone cooks with smiles like that, everything they make will taste delicious. I'm just sure of it.
MsCellania said…
My motto has been "Never trust a skinny cook"
But Vida seems to defy the model. I love that she is persnickity about her brands.