Yes, I actually PUT DOWN MY ROLLER and walked away from the Cloverfield site to watch this episode.
In truth, it was more like: drove Youngest to church where he boarded the bus for four fun filled days, came home and threw a meatloaf in the oven, drank several glasses of wine aaaaaaaaannnnd sat down on the couch to watch.

It's the final five.
Cirie is amazed. The idol was played and it's day 34.

Erik is the last man among women. He and Natalie talk about Amanda. He wants the hidden immunity idol - and he bargains with her to send him there. He doesn't trust anyone, but he has to pick sides...

In the morning, Cirie is making alliances. Amanda trusts her. Amanda doesn't want Erik or Natalie to win the next challenge. Cirie decides that Amanda needs to go to Exile next.
Amanda makes an offer to Erik - but he's not sure he can trust her.
And we know better.
Amanda tries to convince Erik to send Pavarti to Exile.
I may have gotten some of this confused - WORK WITH ME, IT'S BEEN A LONG WEEK.

Challenge time.
How well do the players know past seasons of Survivor?
The winner will fly to a luxury resort for a massage, meal and night away.
The next tribal council is the last time the idol can be used.
The questions are kind of which season did someone have a pet snake? When did someone get bitten by a shark and bite it back?
In which season did a tribemate ask someone to urinate on their jellyfish sting?
(Kathy did! Remember that?)
When did that guy fall into the fire? Survivor Australia. 2001.
Erik could win -
When were the castaways split into four tribes? Exile Island. Whenever the HELL that was.

Erik wins and sends Pavarti to Exile. Natalie looks pissed.
He chooses Amanda to go to the reward with him. Natalie looks more pissed.
She and Cirie get sent back to camp - JEFF HAS NOTHING FOR THEM.

Back at camp, Natalie IS PISSED. And I am SO happy. Cirie succeeds in getting her worked up.
I'm happier still. She has the LOOK OF THE DEVIL on her face.
I'm in LOVE with Cirie now.

Erik and Amanda are having a glorious helicopter ride - Erik reaches out to her and she acts chummy with him. They say WOOO HOOO a lot.
They have massages and foot treatments and Amanda makes a little face.
They have a quiet dinner and Erik says he feels like he and Amanda have been in the center of everything.
He lays out his strategy for Amanda while she looks on, slyly.

On Exile Island, Pavarti is sunbathing. She doesn't care about the idol because she and Amanda and Cirie have the numbers.

The winners return to camp and Cirie stirs Natalie up more.
Cirie tells them she doesn't want to hear about the challenge, but they describe it anyway.
Natalie is silent.
Silent and angry.
Cirie has a chat with Erik.
Natalie walks up and listens to it all.

Cirie, Amanda and Natalie have a chat.
We need a challenge.

Erik "might have screwed up quite a bit."
I might agree "quite a bit."
Amanda tries to pin him down.
He's a big dummy-head.

Here's the challenge.
I am so distracted I didn't hear what the challenge is!
Running and solving?
Ropes and coordinates.
Puzzle pieces where the ropes intersect...
Erik digs first.
Pavarti digs next.
Erik has the pieces for his first puzzle.
Natalie and Cirie bring up the rear.
Amanda starts digging.
Cirie has pieces - so does Amanda.
Erik solves one.
Cirie solves one.
It's crazy busy.
Erik is doing very well!
He has a huge lead.

I'm not sure how I feel about that.

The women meet when they get back to camp. Erik lied to everyone and they know it. Cirie decides that Amanda should convince him to give her the necklace. She could tell him he should give up immunity and they would vote Amanda. Would he believe it?
Natalie runs it by Erik.
She tells him he would be redeemed with the jury.
He knows he isn't popular with the jury.
Everyone is eating during these conversations.
It's making me a little NUTS.
Erik discusses the plan with Cirie.
She says she would vote Amanda if he gave up the necklace.
It's brilliant.
And Cirie is adorable.
I want it to work. What a scheme!
Erik tells Natalie he thinks they should vote Pavarti. But she tries to convince him to stick with the plan.
Cirie says she will go for the Pavarti plan. And they will be rid of Erik.
"The ultimate Jedi mind trick."

At Tribal Council Jeff confronts Erik about bringing Amanda to the reward.
Pavarti says she had a nice rest at Exile Island.
Jeff calls Erik out regarding all the lies he's told.
Amanda confronts him about his lies.
He asks for forgiveness. He's sorry. If it means anything.
He says he needs redemption.
Cirie makes a case for him to give up the necklace, without ever using those words.
Jeff makes his usual immunity necklace speech - the seconds tick as we wonder.
Erik gives the necklace to Natalie.
The jury is CRACKING UP.
James looks pretty damn good.
Erik votes Pavarti.
Natalie votes Erik.
He crosses his fingers.
Amanda votes Erik.
Cirie votes Erik.
Pavarti votes Erik.
It's the first time we have ever seen how everyone votes before Jeff tallies them.
No one plays an idol.
Jeff reads the votes.
"You guys drive me crazy."

Three days left, four women remain.

The finale is Sunday.


Anonymous said…
I don't seem to be able to walk away from the Cloverfield site instead...
he's dancing up and down, up and's terrible...
Dani said…
He's up to 4th place now!

How convenient that you got to ship Youngest off while you finish painting his room. Well planned.
RW said…
we voted and his is sitting in 4th position. let's go people!
Jennifer said…
Quite the dummy head is right!!
Anonymous said…
a family friend says "that boy was raised too right" -
Anonymous said…
Great recap!

I didn't at first, but now I desperately want Cirie to win. She has subtly masterminded just about EVERY pivotal move during this season, or else she just quietly flew under the radar, and it has been brilliant. I am totally rooting for her now.

And for Middle too, of course. Off to vote~


Oh, and the way they showed everyone's reactions during the whole tribal council scene, jury included? How did Erik not pick up on the jury's body language? They saw it coming the entire time! I cannot believe what a dunce he was to give that necklace up... but I guess it serves him right.
Jan said…
The last 15 minutes was like watching a train wreck in slow motion. I was sure they were stringing us along and he'd keep the necklace. Sheesh. He'll never live that down.
Badger said…
Dammit, Erik, you MORON, I was pinning all my hopes on you! Gah! Go back to scooping ice cream, you goob.

I guess it's going to come down to Cirie or Amanda now. At least, I hope so. Because if Natalie or Parvati wins, I don't think my liver can take it.
Chris said…
As I was watching last night I thought "will BB notice the striped shorts and mention them in her blog?" And yes you did. Interesting new look for Jeff.

Erik is an idiot, GO CIRIE GO!

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