Survivor finale

I'm STUFFED. Stuffed with Chinese food.
So I'm perfectly happy to put my feet up and watch the marathon that IS the Survivor finale.

We open with a dramatic recap of the show from the beginning. I had forgotten about Krazy Kathy crying and the shark someone caught. I even forgot about Jonathan's "busted up knee."
Three players left without being voted out.
Cirie had an alliance from the beginning even though Pavarti did some wheeling and dealing on her own.
The women got rid of Ozzy, Jason and Erik. Amanda played an idol and Alexis had to go.
Blindsiding Erik was unprecedented.

Cirie is my favorite.
Natalie has an evil side that I appreciate but don't like.
Amanda has fought her way to the end.
Pavarti has her sight set on winning.

It's night 36 and the women are celebrating. And little crabs are dancing on the dark beach.
But while they cheer we wonder who is going next...

The next morning Cirie is up before her teammates.
There are way too many black widow, venus flytrap jokes for me.
Cirie laughs that she is nervous around the others.
Pavarti climbs for coconuts.
She bonds with Natalie and talks to her about life outside the game.
Natalie is the last fan in the game.
But while they are chatting Cirie and Amanda wonder what's going on.

They get mail about a challenge.
Something about climbing heights to victory.
Cirie says Natalie will have to go next.

The challenge is for immunity and the players start on a small perch 20 feet above the water.
They must pull water up to the perch, drop it down a chute to release keys to a locked box with ladder pieces in it. They will jump into the water, swim to shore, build the ladder and climb to victory.
Lifting the buckets of water and pouring it looks difficult.
Natalie is the first in the water.
Pavarti is next.
They open the chests easily and start building.
Cirie is last to get her keys.
Natalie's lead continues.
There are 16 ladder rungs and each is unique.
The ladder is difficult to build.
Amanda has a huge lead. And she wins after having difficulty towards the end.

Cirie teases that she lost because her legs are short.
Amanda feels great.
They still have a hen and rooster at camp.
Natalie feels like the low woman on the totem pole.
Cirie talks with Natalie about the vote. Cirie feels a little vulnerable.
Pavarti and Amanda have a chat about Cirie.
Pavarti says that the plan was originally to take Cirie and Amanda to the end.
But now they are thinking that Cirie might not be good to take to the end.
Pavarti and Natalie talk. Pavarti thinks it would be better to bring her to the end.
Cirie thinks she's going.

At Tribal we are unsure who's going - but we think we know it won't be Amanda or Pavarti.
Jeff wants to give the women a Survivor Academy Award.
Four straight blindsides - Natalie thinks they won't do it again, but no one buys that.
Amanda says she has no idea how the vote will go - but Cirie is not convinced.
They talk for a while about whether it will be a final two or final three.
Cirie says she is on the bottom of any alliance...Amanda takes offense to this and disagrees.
But we'll see.
Thank heavens it doesn't take long to vote with this few players - I'm nervous for Cirie.
Natalie goes and we are cheering.

There's a wonderful beer commercial. It's like "I'd like to teach the world to beer," for Heineken. Watch for it, it's fun and nice and makes me want to share my beer.

At camp Amanda says that Cirie made them look bad. Cirie explains it as best she can but she feels like she is on the outside. Amanda apologizes. Amanda cries a little. She makes a sincere effort to explain that she is exhausted and they make peace.

The women relax for a bit on the morning of day 38.
They set the last chicken free. Her name is Gloria. Gloria doesn't want to leave.
The women walk to pick up mail.
They learn that they will honor their fallen comrades and that there will be one more immunity challenge.
There will be a final two.
Amanda breaks down.
Cirie says they have been blindsiding people left and right and now they have been blindsided.

Off they go to honor their fallen teammates. Which I'm not blogging.
I'm stretching my legs.

Micronesia is awfully pretty, isn't it?
K is surprised that no one ever makes the camp more comfortable. We think we would make camp a much more cushy place to live - and then we'd be voted out for asking people to get palm leaves to make mattresses.

But enough about us.
It's time for that final immunity challenge.
I can't describe it.
The players must hold a metal marble on top of blocks. Sort of.
Every five minutes more blocks are added.
Cirie sweats early.
The challenge looks so so hard and he won't stop talking.
Pavarti drops her ball.
Cirie has some trouble but recovers.
Amanda looks confident.
Two more rounds pass.
The final round goes until someone drops out.
Jeff keeps talking.
Amanda wavers.
Cirie drops her ball.
Amanda wins immunity.
And she must decide who goes to the jury and who gets to plead their case for the million dollars.

Amanda has a tough decision.
Cirie is surprised she lost. She thought she'd do better.
She's pretty sure she will be going home because Amanda and Pavarti are close.
Pavarti feels confident that Amanda will bring her.
But Amanda doesn't seem so sure.
She asks Cirie how she should decide.
She knows both of her teammates deserve to stay.
Cirie thinks she's a better person to take to the final because the jury won't like her.
Amanda is doing a lot of thinking.

At Tribal Council Jeff reminds Amanda of how long the three of them have been together.
Amanda talks about the pros and cons of bringing Cirie.
She talks about what could happen if she brings Pavarti, but she says her decision is based on her gut instinct.
She cries about her situation, but the jury on television and we on the couch are not moved by her emotions.
She takes the long walk to vote.
Cirie takes a deep breath.
Many eyes are rolled.
We think she sent Cirie to the jury.
And she does.

Cirie makes a sad little post-message for her wasn't meant to be she tells them, and we are feeling low for her.

The next morning Amanda and Pavarti get the customary final morning breakfast. They do a lot of celebrating.
It's awfully scripted sounding now, at the end.
They feel very very confident about facing the jury.
They burn the shelter.
They hug and dance.
Pavarti spends a lot of time telling us what a great game she played.
I'm getting tired of looking at their tight abs.
Amanda is ready to fight for votes and knows that Pavarti could be a powerful player.

It's time to face the jury.
Cirie looks lovely.

Pavarti and Amanda must convince the jury that they are worthy of a million dollars.
Amanda goes first.
She tells them she is proud of her game and she thanks them.
Pavarti says she had to play differently this time - she says she made bold plays and she promises honest answers.

Eliza speaks first. Eliza annoys me. She makes a speech and doesn't ask anyone anything.
Jason has specific questions for Amanda and wants a list of redeeming qualities from Pavarti.
Alexis talks to Pavarti about being a role model. Pavarti makes "bold moves." She asks Amanda when she's been genuine.
Natalie talks to Pavarti about being a flirt. She asks Amanda if she's pretty and dumb.
Erik says that he would have voted for Amanda a few days ago but now he feels like she ripped him apart and he wants to know how she could do it.
James wants the truth from Pavarti.
Cirie has Amanda tell the jury why Pavarti deserves the money over her. And she has Pavarti tell the jury why Cirie isn't sitting there.
Ozzy is hurt by being voted out. He tells Pavarti that she hurt him by discarding him. And he admits that he has feelings for Amanda. The music goes all sweet and tinkly.
Jeff gives us a moment to think...

Who do we think will win? We are tired of Amanda's emotions - we think Pavarti played better.
But you never know.

Time for the vote.
Who will win?
What city will we cut to?

The jury votes and Jeff leaves.
And we are live in New York.
Everyone is all clean and shiny and Jeff's hair has been re-colored.
The votes seem split...
They are tied.
Did Pavarti get some new lips? Did Amanda get a chest?
Pavarti wins.

Mirth and mayhem.
The end of a great season.


Chris said…
It was a good season, but whew, I am exhausted from it.
Anonymous said…
Is it just me, or was Natalie wishfully trying to get Parvati to admit to being bisexual? That was very odd questioning, I thought.
Cirie was looking mighty fine, and though I'm very fond of James, I really wanted Cirie to win the
100k. I really wanted Cirie to win the million, too.
Amy A. said…
I'm glad James won the special money award again. I wish he could have stayed and played longer.

I don't think Ozzy and Amanda will make it.
Anonymous said…
Another fantastic recap, bb. Gee, those 3 hours certainly flew by last night, didn't they? I agree with ErinH on all counts. I loved that even Jeff was perplexed about Natalie's bizarre line of questioning at tribal council. But I like that she said Amanda was zombie-like. I have to question Ozzy's taste. He and Amanda are certainly no Rob and Ambuh, so I hope they don't go getting any ideas.

And yes--Amanda gained all over post-Survivor weight back in her boobs.

Jennifer said…
I really really really wanted Amanda to win. Oh well.