stuff I like about my new car

I have to say, I think I like my new car.
Yes, it drives like an American vehicle, yes, I prefer European vehicles but we are looking at college in the not so distant future and my Volvolemon was very expensive. Not so my Jeep.
My Jeep is growing on me. And, after owning it for a month, I am ready to say: I like it. I might even love it.


I LOVE the font. I've been telling people who ask how I chose this vehicle that I love the font. Helvetica!


And doesn't pollen look GREAT on it? I think so. The yellow dust complements the black paint perfectly. (Black was the only color available, BUT I LOVE IT.)


Look at this butch rack! The salesman told us that the car came equipped with a rack with cross-rails and he was wrong. Upshot? He paid for the rack and side rails! Score one for us!


I adore these Mickey Mouse door handles. Any fool car can have those weird lifting lever door handles, my car has real old-school handles but funkified. And I LOVE THEM.


There's a great little "hidden" compartment to the left of the steering wheel. What will I use it for? I have no idea, but I APPRECIATE it being there - just in case.

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We sprang for navigation and satellite radio. Have I already talked about this? I drive around LAUGHING MY ASS OFF while I listen to the comedy channel. Really - it has improved my quality of life! And TWICE, in the past month, I DID NOT GET LOST. This, my friends, is a major accomplishment.

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FOUR WHEEL DRIVE. I don't know WHEN we will use it, but WE COULD at any time!

steering wheel

I can SEE the font wherever I GO.

owner's manual

The owner's manual(s) come in a charming little green clutch bag. I COULD use it as a handbag.

door ajar light

It's a door. It's A JAR! Simple messages are displayed ALL DAY LONG. Sometimes it tells me what radio station I'm listening to and whether the tires are properly inflated. WE COMMUNICATE.


The dashboard and windshield are pleasingly small. I know that sounds strange but my previous vehicle had an acre of space between me and the road. Now, I feel very space efficient whilst driving.


I told the salesman that I hated the interior. He lowered the price of the car. Turns out? It's not as bad as I thought!


MINTS! It came with mints.

Not really.

When I got up this morning, Middle's movie was in 4th place. After I voted he was in third - IT'S THAT CLOSE.


Mary said…
I voted this morning AND I voted tonight. I wonder how that happened - probably some convoluted explanation -

It should be compulsory to carry eclipse mints in the car.
Badger said…
The other day, my badass minivan told me I might want to check my left brake light. And sure enough, it had burned out. HOW DID IT KNOW?

Also, it's been telling me for weeks that I have a flat tire, which I DO NOT. So sometimes it lies. Just to keep me on my toes.

Off to vote.
Dani said…
My high school boyfriend had a car with the "Door Ajar" light. When we had friends in the car and the light came on we'd yell, "NO! It's a CAN!"

Guess you had to be there...
Anonymous said…
Wow, it's nice to meet the great great grand grandaughter of my Jeep.
I would be EXTREMELY annoyed at all the pollen on my shiny black Jeep.

I think maybe the little compartment to the left of the steering wheel is for your secret stash of Peanut Crack&M's. When you are picking up a kid somewhere and it takes longer than you expect, you can have a little snack.

And I would also like to mention that you keep your interior crazy clean.
RW said…

Do you have eating and drinking rules for your vehicle?
Anonymous said…
Did your Jeep come with a cooler? for a six-pack?
Anonymous said…
Will go vote now, but your jeep post had me laughing. We always giggle at the "Door is ajar." Especially when the car SAYS it to you!
barbra said…
Helvetica!!! I love fonts.

I watched the documentary recently and enjoyed it so much; I saw some font designers whose names I knew and some who were new to me. Meanwhile, Hubby? Zzzzzzz... Oh well. I am tired of his poker shows, so there!
Anonymous said…
Nice wheels. Does it have that new car smell too?

Still voting on a regular basis.

Anonymous said…
Going 110 on the Autobahn feels like going 75 on the Interstate in my new 328xi.


It's true love here in Germany.
Anonymous said…
Did I tell you mhy #2 son despises Papyrus but says that Helvetica ROCKS? You two have similar -- and excellent -- taste.
alice c said…
The secret compartment is for your sunglasses ... so that you don't lose them ... unlike me ... aaargh...
Joke said…
Are you sure it's Helvetica?

Eleanor said…
Would you consider hiring me as your Jeep butler?

I would ensure that a selection of mints is always at hand.

I could even open and close the door for you.

You could wait in the car while I run in and out to pick up the drycleaning, or the milk.

I would sit in the back, completely silent. I would be no bother at all, I swear.
sara said…
As someone who is employed by the American auto industry (and someone whose six best friends are all Chrysler employees,) I just wanted to say thanks for picking a Detroit vehicle and for giving it good press...
Anonymous said…
Is that little compartment to the right of the steering wheel large enough to fit a big gulp/water bottle? Or maybe you can just stash some "just in case" items like sunscreen, chapstick, & cookies?
Miz S said…
It's for a small, lady-like, pearl handled revolver.
Suse said…
Did you know there's a whole we hate helvetica campaign out there?

Also, son #1 wants me to tell you to save the empty Eclipse mints tins as they are perfect for bomb making.
MizMell said…
Congrats on your Helvetica Jeep. I've always been more Times Roman, myself.

But a new ride is good, regardless of the font involved. What kind of gas mileage can you expect? Good news, I hope.
Anonymous said…
Huh. Do you really love it? I think I might want a Jeep.
Chris said…
My husband has three jeeps but they are older. 2 Cherokees and an old military style jeep. I say they are his because I don't claim them. Now a nice new jeep like your I would claim. He won't give up his oldies though.

I drive a suburban, yes we are gas guzzling road hogs. But with 5 kids what else can we do. I do love my sub though.