shipping and handling

As I am the finest example of a daughter, I purchased a "lotion applicator" for my mother, for her birthday in March.
There is a back story to the "lotion applicator" as my mother has gazed, with fascination, at this bizarre contraption in The Vermont Country Store catalogue for many years. Under normal circumstances I would not purchase such a thing - but she seemed intrigued by it and has dry skin and lives alone...and I bought it. I sprang for the set of extra sponges too - although the entire thing is skeeving me out a little even now.
So - the "lotion applicator" arrived but the set of extra sponges did not. It was after regular business hours so I emailed The Vermont Country Store and mentioned the missing sponges.
They emailed back the next morning and said I should have received them but that they would send out a second set.
About a week later the second set arrived.

This morning I got an email acknowledging my order and confirming the shipment of a lotion applicator and a set of extra sponges. AGAIN.
I popped off an email.
This is one of those rare cases wherein I wouldn't be interested in having a "lotion applicator" of my own. Or an extra set of sponges either.

A couple of months ago I received a bill from the pulmonary specialist that Youngest used to see. He has not been a patient there for nearly three years. The bill was for a blood test. Youngest has never had a blood test at the pulmonary doctor's office. The bill was for $23.50.
Our co-pay is $25. I called the billing office and explained that Youngest hadn't been there for nearly three years(he sees a different doctor now), that our balance of $25 co-pays was always paid upon arrival and that he had never had a blood test. The lady I was speaking with said it was for a urine test. I assured her that that had never taken place either. And why, I asked, would I be billed for it now?
She told me there must have been a glitch somewhere and told me to ignore the bill.
Last week we received a check for $5 from that office. I have no idea why.

K's iPhone headphones died. We needed to stop in to see a Genius at the Genius Bar anyway so he brought them with him. As the store did not have any replacement headphones in stock they asked him to call tech support -which he did. Tech support told him they'd have the new headphones to him the next day. And they did. Four sets. And they picked up three sets within a couple of hours of his follow-up phone call.
The real reason for his visit to the Genius Bar was that his laptop battery has lost some of its power and he was pretty sure it was covered under his insurance. It was. But they didn't have any batteries on hand that day, he has to go back and pick it up today.

Doesn't this all seem like a lot of effort for small things?
And my lemon tree still looks very bad.
BUT K painted the tiny hallway upstairs - a myriad of doors and drawers.
And I met a delightful blogger, yesterday, for coffee.
So I'll sign off on a positive note.


Anonymous said…
It's so nice when Customer Service is actually a good thing and you get what you ordered or a problem is fixed quickly or someone goes the extra mile.
Dani said…
I need to tell my husband you called me "delightful". Maybe a good laugh will make him feel better.
Anonymous said…
That lotion applicator is sweet.

Remember, you're meeting ME at Trafo tonight at 5.

Be there.

Or else.
Amy A. said…
I don't like to buy things through the mail or internet. I like to go into my stores!

Even though you had some trouble, at least you got it all figured out. Go get yourself a fancy coffee with your doctor's money!
MsCellania said…
YAHOO For Middle! This counts WAY MORE than a bunch of friends and family voting. Way More.
The Boy is on the Radar Screen now - he's going to have to change his tag.

And I think of all of these incidents as pointing to the need to buy a Lotto ticket this week. The cosmos are smiling on the Bird house.
Anonymous said…
I am going to use your blog, sorry Bb.
Just wanted to say hello to Dani who doesn't accept anon comments: not good for poor little Paola who doesn't have a blog.
It's always nice to meet new nice bloggers, isn't it?
And you never fail to impress each and every one.
Bb rocks.
Caset said…
real people are just so much handier than those mistake-generating-machines! hurrah for real people!

also - jealous that k's laptop battery is covered. i'm going to have to cough up good $ for a new one...
Anonymous said…
Congratulations to Middle. The staff knows what they are doing.

I wonder if you thought this at all about all the effort the small things involved: "Say La Vee." C'est vrai, non?

Lucky Dani.

Anonymous said…
Yay for Middle! That means more than having all his mom's virtual pals vote for him. (I'm so glad I have learned to always read your post labels.)
Kathy Rogers said…
"back story"


Congrats to Middle!
TheOneTrueSue said…
YAY Middle!
Dani said…
Paola - She's off spending her 5 bucks somewhere. We can hijack her blog while she's not looking. ;)

First - Thanks for stopping by!

Second - I didn't realize that excluding anonymous commenters meant that you couldn't comment without a Blogger account. Hmm. If you have a Gmail account, can you use that ID? I'm clueless. Someone enlighten me, please.
Anonymous said…
Way to bury the lead!

Not that I know what a staff pick means, but it certainly sounds good.
Unknown said…
Now that you mention it, i see it. (so much effort on small things sometimes).
Anonymous said…
Congratulations to Middle!
I was so very pleased to see that.