knotty pine

The readers at Apartment Therapy were so supportive of my painting the knotty pine BEFORE.
I'm just pleased that Youngest likes it.


Tutta la Storia said…
WOW! You are famous!! It looks great--so fresh and clean and bright. I just love it.
Anonymous said…
Yep, that is a huge improvement!
Anonymous said…
Blackbird in SF: I am glad you had the last word on the "after" comments, and that you poked fun at the people who complained that the room was fine as it was; that you could have just made the bed. People are certainly opinionated, aren't they? My opinion? That the naughty, naughty knotty pine had to go. Again, nice work. That took a great deal of effort.

Dani said…
OMG. What a bunch of asshats!
barbra said…
I like it so much better now. WOW GREAT JOB
Mean on Apartment Therapy , mean on the Cloverfield site.

I'd just be sticking to the warm friendly blogging world.
eurolush said…
You accepted criticism quite gracefully.

I thought the change was dramatic, in a good way.
Obviously the person that was grossed out by eating in the bedroom does not live with any teenagers!

I must say that Cape Cod Kid would have liked the before better. He's a cave dweller kid of guy.
Those AT commenters are a piece of collective work aren't they. Pfft!

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