Indiana Jones and the 2000 plotlines

We went to the movies, Saturday evening, to see the new Indiana Jones movie.

Some history:
K and I saw the Indiana Jones movies in the theaters all those years ago and we showed Oldest the first and third movie when we thought he was old enough to see them and years later showed them to Middle (he was probably not old enough, but you know how it is with second kids) and many many years later let Youngest see the first and third movie. That second Indiana movie is so bloody and brutal that I don't think K and I have seen it since it was in the theaters.
Oldest and Youngest loved them, but Middle? Well Middle was completely obsessed.
From about 7 to 9 years old Middle WAS Indiana Jones. He had a little leather jacket and wore khaki trousers and a white shirt. He had the hat and a special bag. He was consumed with all things Indiana Jones.

So we were all excited to be taking the boys to see this new movie - we had high hopes.

We arrived obsessively early for the show time, bought Youngest a gallon sized slush drink and found our way to our seats.

007 poster

Middle points out that HE could have made this poster.

Even though it was about 40 minutes before the show the theater was pretty full and we had to sit a tiny bit closer than I like to - but the seats were cushy and we watched 40 minutes of commercials and previews.

a new challenge

It seems The Ice Road Truckers have A NEW CHALLENGE.

They have to drive across


and they tell us how harrowing it is.

ice truckers2

Why, we wonder, do they HAVE to drive over the Arctic Ocean? Can't things be airlifted there? We sat back and ate our smuggled in candy.

The movie opens with a drag race. Homage to American Graffiti. And then there's some shooting and the action doesn't really let up for over two hours.

I have a little gripe about that. I don't see "action" movies very often, but it occurs to me that action movies from 10 or 15 years ago had some plot and some action.
The action was part of the plot, if you follow me.
Indiana Jones went looking for the Ark Of The Covenant and had some trouble along the way.
In this movie, Indiana Jones has trouble for two hours and there is plot sprinkled throughout. And too many plots.
Like the pirate movie from last summer, Middle and I would look at each other every once in a while and wonder what the HECK was going on.
Indy survives a bomb blast, has dozens of fist fights, has his mind melded, shoots the rapids, faces giant ants, and aliens and monkeys and and and. It's a little much.
There were at least four story lines that could have been cut and the movie would still have been entertaining.

Middle and I were very worried that there would be too many references to Indy's advanced age.
"I'd use my whip if it weren't for my arthritis."
That kind of thing.
And it does start off that way and it is a recurring theme, but it's not too bad.

I'm getting old too. The movie was very loud and very long and there were a few gratuitous gory shots I could have done without - but they've got to keep the youngsters entertained I guess.

I want to complain about Marion too, I'm afraid.
I saw Karen Allen on television last week and she looked okay. Certainly she has aged (and, let me tell you, Harrison Ford shirtless is a bit of a cringe too) but she looked pretty good. Unfortunately, in the movie, she looks like her clothes are too tight and her hair is a mess and she just looks kind of crappy. I think that's a shame. I don't know why she didn't look better - there are scenes in which her pants and shirt look like they are bursting at the seams. Actually, now that I think about it, I didn't like the way Indy's pants fit either - and I won't go near Cate Blanchett and her wool/poly jumpsuit. TERRIBLE.

Notice that I'm not discussing Shia LeBeouf? Or poor John Hurt who drools through most of the movie? I'm not.

We had a great time. We laughed more than we should have.

Indy and Marion

And it all turns out right in the end.


Anonymous said…
I'm so undecided on this movie -- to see or not to see, that is the question. I think I ultimately will, but I'm surprisingly not at all excited about it. I just LOVED the original movies and have seen #1 and #3 repeatedly. #2, not so much. Crappy leading actress and too much gore. But I'm just not as excited about this one, which is too bad.
yes yes- we agree...My husband was devestated. I told him he should not have had high hopes, but he did. Ah, the old ones though.
Anonymous said…
I stopped going to the cinema 7 and a half years ago.
And if you tried our cinemas here? You'd do the same.
Why can't I picture Middle as Indiana Jones!
Badger said…
I don't remember the second one being gory, I just remember it sucking. And it had that obnoxious kid in it. Oy.

I really have no desire to see this one. DH will probably rent it eventually and I'll watch it then.
Dani said…
I never got into any of the IJ movies. That type of action isn't my thing.

The thought of Middle living his life as IL? Has me smiling. That is just too effing cute.

You took pics in the theater?? You are just too damn much! :)
MsCellania said…
Our boys are All Indy here. Legos Indy. They have seen parts of the first IJ but it's too gory! Gah - that scene with the spears gigging that fellow, yipes if you're only 6.

What would we do without your daily observences, bb?! I love checking in here. Tell your menfolk to appreciate you more.
Geggie said…
I wanted to be Indy, too.

I wasn't so annoyed by this film. I knew that it couldn't possibly be all the things I hoped for. I had high hopes, but knew they couldn't be fulfilled. I sorta expected to be disappointed, and so, with low expectations, I enjoyed myself. It was fun, but no where near as good as the others.
Jennifer said…
I very quickly skimmed through without really reading the end of this post, Just incase there was anything about the movie I don't want to know. I'm going to go see it as soon as we get a chance.
Allison said…
Oh! Are you talking about seeing KA on CBS Sunday Morning? I saw that and thought she looked JUST GREAT. I am terribly excited to see this movie--my parents took me to see the others and I HAVE TO SEE this in the movie theater. If Harrison showed up at my door and asked me to go away with him I just MIGHT consider it for a fleeting second. Plus, that Calista is a beeyatch (personal experience working with her in a regional theater) so I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND how he could like her.
Anonymous said…
Lots of fun posts from you lately! I loved watching "The Hill." And I loved hearing about your night at the flicks with your guys and your contraband candy. Since I haven't seen the movie yet myself, I'm not able to offer another opinion. But my husband enjoyed the others, and I liked the #3 IJ installment, so we'll go and see it in the theater some time soon too. I, personally, cannot wait for SATC: TM to come out, and will probably see it at least twice before I get around to seeing this one.

sara said…
I just tried posting a comment but Blogger ate it, and now I am afraid if I try to duplicate it will magically show up in triplicate and you'll think I'm a fruitcake.

Suffice it to say, GB & I are thinking about skipping work tomorrow to catch this matinee...can't wait to check out Marion's wardrobe.
Mary said…
J (an enormous Indiana Jones fan) took the boys to see this on Sunday. He hasn't talked much about it so that probably sums it up although the boys enjoyed it.
I have halloween pics of Cape Cod Kid as Indy when he was in middle school. He had the "official" hat from Universal.

Last movie I saw at the theater was one of the LOTR. I can't sit in a theater that long anymore, but I used to smuggle my Crack&M's
Anonymous said…
how old are your kids? No 1 is 7yrs old and after seeing the first one on a crappy old out of focus video... he had to sleep in the bed with me...

Is this one scary?
blackbird said…
Monica: my kids are 14 and 17.
I don't think this one, or the others are okay for a 7 year old...
Anonymous said…
going to the movies with you is fun--but i could've used some popcorn and milk duds while i read this.
TheOneTrueSue said…
I love non-grumpy Harrison. He could do an Indy movie at 80 and I'd still watch. It's his perfect role. Love his expression in that last screenshot.

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