I think I better dance now

Middle is in the basement.
I am on the second floor.
We are IMing.
He was looking for this:

We discuss the merits of Paul Anka and Tom Jones and Prince.
We listen to the Joe Cocker version and the Tom Jones version. I'm in bed, he's at the desk two flights down.

And then we get sidetracked to Hot Chocolate, where we've been before.

I go off on a tangent and get stuck here -

And he goes off to watch Joe Cocker at Woodstock and then finally shows me this.


Velma said…
Oh, that's goooood.
Mary said…
So dancing around the kitchen right now.

Wish I had a hairbrush.

A wooden spoon will have to do.
I'm not one of those people that thinks Prince is hot and sexy, but I also don't think Tom Jones is hot and sexy. His photo on Wikipedia is creepy, in a old dude sort of way.

That being said, I think the song is kind of hot and sexy.
Mrs. G. said…
One of the best dancing songs ever.

I have mixed feelings about Tom Jones-I confuse him with Wayne Newton.
Anonymous said…
Hmmm, bb and joe cocker. I'm thinking this one suits you better.


Anonymous said…
I am happy to know that I am not the only person who IMs with other members of my household who happen not to be on the same floor of the house as I am. And who does so to discuss Topics That Matter, which discussion inevitably segues into Other Topics That Matter Almost As Much Or Perhaps More.
Anonymous said…
New technology, new ways of staying connected. Love it.
country mouse said…
Yay--another mom who IM's with a person who is in the house : ) People laugh at my daughter and me for doing that, but we've had some of the funnest, most hilarious conversations that way.

Love, love, LOVE the Full Monty. One of my favorite movies.
I love Tom Jones!
About 5 years ago I got to see Tina Turner in concert and her opening act was Joe Cocker. He was AMAZING! Even now when I am listening to the radio and a Joe Cocker song comes on I still shake my head and say to myself, I can't believe that I saw him in concert.
Our family does the IM thing too!
Anonymous said…
Tom Jones. I love his music.
Then (only because nobody knows us in real life but you...) I can publicly say that a couple of years ago my darling hubby and 3 other friends (all young I should add!) organized a carnival truck where they performed the strip from Full Monty but they changed the music with Hot Stuff by Donna Summer.
God you should have been here...women were drooling behing that truck all around town.
It was THE BEST carnival parade EVAH.
Also, can you believe I voted each adn every day without EVER forgetting once?
That shows my love and appreciation for Middle. I am proud.
Anonymous said…
...behind...darn typo.
Anonymous said…
You, my dear, hit the trifecta with that one.
Mad Dogs and Englishmen is often on high repeat level on the ipod. Tom F'in Jones is STILL amazing.
Seriously....this still gives me chills
from White hot and Blues with jeff beck....
Anonymous said…
My mother was one of Tom Jones's biggest fans--she saw him in concert on several occasions, but to my knowledge she did not toss her undies at him. I do like listening to him. Flushed Away holds a special place in my heart because of the Tom Jones references and songs.
Anonymous said…
What kills me is that your KID is into these artists. I don't know of any 17 year old who looks for links to Joe Cocker on the internet, or who can discuss Paul ANKA's merits. Pretty impressive and darn cool. And it makes me feel better that our 3 year old knows the lyrics to Steve Miller's "Jet Airliner." We must be on the right track.

MizMell said…
They're aren't any performers like Joe Cocker anymore, that's for sure.
Anonymous said…
Love that SNL clip. Have you seen "Across The Universe?" Joe Cocker is in it, as several different characters. It's weird to think that he's still alive and John Belushi isn't. from Mary K. in Rockport