hot babes slumber party

Three of my blogging friends are coming to visit me for a few days in July.
I am very excited about this visit and have all kinds of plans - an afternoon at the beach, some indigenous Tuvaluan food, a day in the city.
I have some concerns as well: will they see the inch of dust behind the armoire in the living room? Will they have a problem sleeping dorm-style? Will we be able to fit everything we want to do in the time we have?
Of course I know they will be delighted to be here and that I will over-think the condition of my house, but there is one problem that Susie and I were discussing today on the phone that there are no easy answers for: SLEEPWEAR.

In the past, when the four of us have been together in Chicago, we were in a deluxe apartment - FULL OF WOMEN.
There was no problem wearing flannel jammies, going bra-less (unless Henry showed up), having bed head, or being barefoot, because Poppy just opened more champagne and it was "just us."
But I realized, a couple of weeks ago, that the visit in July will not be "just us." There will be four men walking around the house in the early hours of the morning and late in the evening and I know that what I usually wear to bed each night is NOT going to cut it for Bloghere 08, and now that I've spoken to Susie, as she was wandering through TJ Maxx, she knows too.
I know, I know, you are all going to email me to say: just wear whatever you normally do when you have your coffee! you'll be adorable!
And, while it's true that we WILL be adorable, no one is going to come down to the kitchen in a tee shirt and panties.
I, for one, am not convinced that I need to purchase an outfit to wear at breakfast. But Susie wasn't so sure.
Purchasing sleepwear poses another set of problems.
One doesn't usually wear a bra under sleepwear...but would one go bra-less in my home? Probably not. There are teenage boys here.
Might someone wear a slip of a nightgown in my kitchen at 8 AM? I can't imagine.
And so our quest begins - each of us will need something cool (it will be July and we do have air conditioning, but flannel isn't going to work), something appropriate (Oldest won't give us a second glance but Youngest is easily embarrassed), and something comfortable.

Wendy has the most adorable retro kitchen in the world. She's got some of those old floral prints and red accessories and there's Jadeite sprinkled throughout.

retro <span class=

This little number reminds me of her, and it has the added bonus of allowing the wearer to don a bra. I'm hoping she'll pose this way when she admires my spotless grout.

<span class=

I would prefer it if this came in gray or brown - but I might be able to be convinced to wear it. With a tee shirt and pants underneath it. I just wish it was shorter.

cotton <span class=

all literary and shit. She should pick these up. I'm pretty sure those are Katherine Mansfield quotes on the fabric. I'll remind her to leave all but one button open.

<span class=

Actually, this might be better for me. It's gray! And it's a romper! Can't you just see me? I especially appreciate the clever binding on the thighs. I need something to draw more attention to my thighs.

After lots and lots of searching (read: thumbing my way through the catalogues I got in the mail yesterday) I finally found an ensemble for Susie.

nightie for <span class=

I know you probably haven't ever seen Susie - but let me tell you, this outfit SCREAMS Susie Sunshine. If she's feeling shy she can borrow a cardigan from me.


Anonymous said…
I want every one of those babes phones numbers right away!

Sexier than a rooster with socks on...and wtf is the meaning of that anyway?!!!

I'm such a boy sometimes.

Anonymous said…
You've solved the problem! Good job. I'm sure every single woman involved is going to take your advice and buy those ensembles. :-)
Jennifer said…
I think after all these photos the rest of our husbands are going to want us to have a bloghere at our houses! hahaha

I love the yellow with the wordy print.
Poppy B. said…
I'm all literary AND I'm Denise Richards' body double, and that's why those pajamas will work for me.

And I agree with you about Susie's sex-ay blue gingham.

But you realize that Wendy is going to sew something. With French seams and innumerable tiny little tucks. Quilting may also be involved.
Badger said…
See, this is why I'm not coming.
Joke said…
Somehow I cannot see la Poppy slumbering away wearing the Declaration of Independence.

Paula said…
The possibilites are endless.

I can't wait for the headless photos of your first breakfast together...
Anonymous said…
That is awesome! Here I had a crazy idea that you were posting bathrobes--or the fabrics you bought to make everyone a bathrobe. This was so funny--I can totally see Poppy in the literary PJs.
Dani said…
Only YOU could make sleepwear amusing.

Are you insinuating that all the girls' "girls" aren't perky enough to go bra-less without being conspicuous? If I were them, I'd be offended. ;)

When I'm forced to show up in my PJ's (which I have quite a collection of, btw) in front of other people I wear a loose fitting sports bra. It works for me.

Can't wait for pics! Then I think a guest-post from Youngest (or maybe even Middle) is in order. One needs to know how a teenage boy handles being in a house full of women when he's used to living around so much testosterone.
Anonymous said…
Yes, I was thinking the same as Dani. Wondering how the boys (the 4 of them) will handle all of this, topped by drinking and giggling (because there's going to be a LOT of that, let's face it).
I am guessing they'll leave. Both to leave you alone to enjoy AND because they won't stand it!
Also, I want to meet Susie now.
Carol said…
Susie already has those.
Carol said…
The romper - in gray - SO attractive..

What kind of catalogs do you get??? And do you let your boys ever get the mail?
Anonymous said…
Promise that non of you will pose like the models,'kay? Cuz that would be just wrong, especially with the 4 boyz around. But I love the idea of a growned-up girls slumber party.
Kristin said…
I've faced this problem... and it is solved with the magic of the robe... a sheer number trimmed in faux cheetah usually does the job.

Be sure to pick up the matching kitten heeled slippers.
alice c said…
Why is the babe in the romper suit wearing sunglasses? Is she planning to do the school run?
Leweyb said…
The fine lady in yellow, will she be attending?, and if so would this be an evening i could use my key and the couch.

Eagerly awaiting your reply...

Caterina said…
Total turn on (and I'm not even a lesbian!).
Amy A. said…
I love sleepwear. I wish I could wear it in real life.

But, as to the bra situation. Those cami's with the shelf bra are comfortable enough to sleep in while offering support during the morning coffee hour. I wear them under everything!
Allison said…
I second the cami/shelf bras. However, they certainly don't provide the mountainous CLEAVAGE that I see in these pics. (sigh) Why do I have a 38 D and no cleavage like that? Oh--right, the cami shelf bra . . .
Duyvken said…
LOL, I love the comment about needing to draw more attention to your thighs, Mine are doing OK for themselves too but that romper does look awfully comfortable. 5yrs ago I could have carried it off, sadly, things have moved south (and east and west) since then.
Susie Sunshine said…
It certainly be a challenge to find the perfect apron to match that plaid!

(Confidential to Paola, SEND FOR ME AND I'M SO THERE!)
Wendy said…
Oh cripes, now I'm supposed to sew pajamas too?

I'm happy to know I wasn't the only one worrying about this. A bra is definitely in the plan before I set foot outside our dorm room. I'm not the least bit offended by the suggestion that one is necessary. That ship sailed a long time ago.
Anonymous said…
Can I come? I'll bring my TWISTER game!
Mary said…
Nah - no need for a bra (having to wear a bra under pyjamas is my idea of hell.) when you wear a lightweight cotton dressing gown.

In gingham. Or grey spots.
Velma said…
I'd like to see a personality-matching-slippers post next, please.