Middle and bb are eating chicken and discussing music...bb is faking it.

bb: what songs are we IMing tonight? How's about some Earth Wind and Fire?

Middle: that's so funny that you should mention them!

bb: mmm? Why's that? (she says, very excited that he is actually going to have a conversation with her.)

Middle: well, today, in gym -

bb (interrupting): Oh! I love it when you tell me about gym! What are you playing?

Middle: Pickle-ball, which is like tennis and badminton combined but you play with a green plastic ball, but that's another story.


Middle: So. Today, in gym, my friend and I were talking about which movie we thought we should bring BACK IN TIME to show people...

bb: Well, obviously Back To The Future.

Middle: No. No good, they wouldn't get it - like The Matrix. They wouldn't even begin to get that. I'm talking about back in time to like 1214 AD or something.

bb: You talk about this kind of stuff in gym?

Middle: Yeah, so...

bb: I still can't believe you have gym with girls...

Middle: ANYWAY, I said I would bring Jurassic Park to show them. I mean, can you imagine when they see the dinosaurs?

bb: And this has something to do with Earth Wind And Fire?

Middle: Yes! You know that scene when we don't see the dinosaur coming but we can see the vibration from its footsteps in the cup of water?

bb: Uh, yeah, so?

Middle: Well, Steven Spielberg said that he was inspired to shoot that after he was sitting at a traffic light next to a car with music so loud that it was vibrating his rear-view mirror, AND the music that was vibrating his rear-view mirror WAS EARTH WIND AND FIRE.
So. Full circle. Jurassic Park. Earth Wind And Fire.

bb: What year did you say you were going back to?

Please vote for his Cloverfield movie today, he has slipped back to 5th. Email me if you need details.



I think you were eating chicken and discussing music with MY son.
Amy A. said…
What would we do without the film buffs in our lives?
Anonymous said…
So many of my conversations take the same circular path.
DeeMarie said…
Those are totally my trains of thought. And as lousy as I was in Gym? I could've totally had those conversations!!
Kathy Rogers said…
I'm dying to know the answer to the last question.

I mean, will there be electricity? Or are we bringing laptops or DVD players with batteries or what? And if people would be freaked by The Matrix, aren't they gonna be freaked by your witchcraft picture machine?

Sorry to be get bogged down in the logistics.

I voted.
Anonymous said…
I love the way his mind works.

Voting -- done.
Mary said…
I have a kind of rhythm to my mornings at the moment - get up, let dog out, make cup of tea, check bloglines - go to Say La Vee - scroll through old posts to find link, vote, then back to read about whatever is entertaining bb today.
RW said…
voting done.
I am now voting first thing in the am.. rather than in the evening....

when is this challenge done - how stressful it must be for you all.
longtime reader, first time commenter -- I love reading about your relationship with your boys, as I have two little guys (2 yo and 3 mos, yikes) and it feels like a glimpse into my future. and it looks great!

just voted for middle and happy to do it. you must be so proud. I hope my boys find something that makes them so passionate.
Anonymous said…
Just voted...he's 4th this morning...come on, we can do it!