end of the school year open letters

Dear Mrs H.:

It's funny how we've gotten to know each other over the years. I knew when your daughter got married a couple of years ago, and where she went on her honeymoon and how many days you took off to help with the wedding...and you know about each and every one of Youngest's absences and were always kind enough to sound reassuring and comforting when I called them in. I don't know how you maintain that cheerful attitude, working in the Principal's office, but you've got one. And I appreciate it.


Dear P,

I almost can't believe we've gotten close enough to use first names - but we have. Youngest would not have survived middle school without you. And while I suspect you have a "youngest" every year, someone near and dear to you, I hope next year is especially quiet for you. You deserve a break. Thank you for all you've done and all the time you spent helping Youngest be Youngest. I can't begin to express my appreciation.
- Hey, how about that bomb threat! That was a first, hmm?


Dear Little Old Guy Who Directs Traffic At The High School:

How cute are YOU? Pretty darn cute, I'd say. I especially like when you wear your fisherman's rain hat and boots. I'm sorry for all the times I seemed hesitate and go to the right when you were signaling for me to go left - 7:30 is EARLY for me.
(Incidentally, I saw that write up on you in the local paper. Very endearing.)

the bedhead in the black Jeep

Dear Mr. H.,

Schindler's List? In 8th grade? Not on my watch.
FYI, Youngest used his time well in the library.

glad the year is over,

Mrs. B

To The People In Charge Of The Automated Calling System,

That's some cool technology you've got there. I do appreciate the recorded voice of the superintendent reminding me about meetings for parents and snow days. But, I've got to say, I think beginning a recording with: THIS IS A RECORDED MESSAGE TO ALERT YOU TO THE FACT THAT THE MIDDLE SCHOOL AND HIGH SCHOOL HAVE BEEN EVACUATED PENDING POLICE INVESTIGATION, is a little unsettling. Perhaps you could ease me into this information in the future?


Dear Fellow Moms In The Parking Lot At Dismissal Time:

I know! Sometimes I don't wear lipstick!
Just be happy I never get out of the car - oh, the outfits!

See you next year,

Dear Traffic Cop Whose Cart I Ran Into In The Supermarket Last Week,

Funny, huh?
(You know I would NEVER drive my CAR like that, right?)


Dear High School Nurse,

I thought I should send you a short letter of introduction as I know you've barely talked to me in the three years Middle has been a student there.
I'm sending his younger brother in the fall and we should probably schedule a debriefing.
Also? He's slightly accident prone.
Enjoy your summer - I hope it's relaxing.



KPB said…
The little old guy who directs the traffic at the crossing at Oscar's school?
Not cute.
Not endearing.

Gives me the absolute shits actually.
Badger said…
We have five days left. FIVE DAYS. Of actual school. Which is about four days too many, from where I'm sitting.
Dani said…
Alas, you will now learn the nurse's name. Just think of all the great friends you make because of Youngest. You should THANK the young man for his clumsiness. ;)
Anonymous said…
Schindler's List? OK BB tell me your problem with that? :) One of the most amazing middle school experiences my 2 had was the annual WWII program. They bring in vets, nurses, war brides and every manner of people from that era who sit with 4-5 children and tell of there WWII experiences. They bring photos and memorabilia. The entire cafeteria is filled. The most moving I ever took part in was the Holocaust survivor from Auschwitz. It brings history to life in a way books never can.

Perhaps we differ in thinking you cannot protect children from the reality of the world. SL I feel shows the true nature of quiet heroism and the level to which we can rise, and sink. I would rather have my 8th grader see SL then a gory horror movie. Slashing up people and being eaten by zombies always bothers me FAR more!

Love the school thanks. I have SO many that have carried my Youngest and all his glitches into young manhood. It truly takes a village.
Dani said…
Gabe - I'm with BB on this one. It's not that I'm against the moving or the educational experience attached to it, but I'm against putting an entire grade of children in one category saying that they are all ready to watch a certain movie. I know my children best. When I think they're ready to internalize that info, we'll watch it together at home.

Also? The movie is rated R. I'm sure the school board might have issues with that.
Dani said…
that should have said "MOVIE or educational experience"...

ugh. need coffee.
Anonymous said…
Bb, the last letter was my favorite. Something tells me you'll know the school nurse very well by Christmas.

As for "Schindler's List," I'm with you. It's rated R for a reason and I don't think 8th graders are ready for that level of horror.
Anonymous said…
I'm with you--learning about WWII and the Holocaust does not require viewing Schindler's List. And in 8th grade no less?!?
Anonymous said…
Boy there are a lot of people around your kids.
Our schools? Let's say the differe slightly...
Schindler's List in 8th grade...
Stephanie said…
loved. these.
fantastic. makes me want to write some letters of my own. :)
Fannie said…
Paula said…
I counldn't watch all of Schindler's List as an adult.

8th grade? No way.
Anonymous said…
Dear bb,

Love your end of school year letters. And I agree. Whatever happened to reading The Diary of Anne Frank? Way more age appropriate.

barbra said…
In my 8th grade history class we barely made it through the Civil War! I never learned much 20th century history because the teachers could never squeeze everything in before the end of the year.
Lauri said…
"bedhead in a Black jeep" - substitute Silver Tahoe for Black Jeep and add dark glasses, yes, even in the hallway, and that could be me!!

Love your observations!
Oh, I hear you and feel you, sister! After fielding calls from the school from real teachers/school officials during the day, that automated calling bullsh** is a freakin nerve jangler I will not miss over summer vacation!

Side note: Bullsh** is becoming our very favorite expression around the house lately.
Anonymous said…
I haven't seen Schindler's List either. Too much for me. And I'm, like 95.
Kathy Rogers said…
Is it just me? I think most of these letters ought to be sent.

The traffic guy at my son's elementary school was so beloved that his family's recipes were in the school cookbook and people dressed up like him for Halloween.

The traffic guy at his current school is one of three sheriff's deputies. Not in any way cute.
islaygirl said…
i love these. i just got home from our Last Day of Pre-K and this is the perfect denouement.
Anonymous said…
Last week I crunched the car - I had to ring the insurance company and tell them I'd driven into a skip - they asked if the skip was damaged!!!!!!
alice c said…
Bomb threat? School evacuated? It is another world. Thank goodness everyone is safe.

The security at our school is pretty red hot - but that is because you have to pay to get in to the area where the school is and they don't want to miss any potential customers.

Our letter goes something like this "We apologise once more, unreservedly, for the 'incident' after MasterM's best friend's birthday. Although he is legally old enough to purchase alcohol we are aware that it is school policy to discourage consumption. We accept that it was foolish of him to try and participate in the School General Knowledge Competition.
Yrs Most Grovellingly..."
Annagrace said…
Bombs threats might just be the one reason I'd seriously consider homeschool. Craziness. SL is too intense, I agree. Also intense? Jeffrey having to watch sheep give birth in 2nd grade for his very state of the art health class. His mother had to be called and he's never looked at a sheep the same way since. Oh--and you probably shouldn't tell him I told you...
Jennifer said…
You're the best :)

Wow schools out already??? Connor goes until June 25th!!

Best of luck to Youngest as he begins his highschool adventure. I hope he has an incredible **but safe** time :)
Unknown said…
I'm strongly in the "what's wrong with Schindler's List" category, but then again, in my house the Shoah has always been a topic of conversation, even when my kids were in preschool. Sending my kids to Jewish day schools there was no avoiding the topic. Besides, one of the women on Schindler's List lives right here in town and is the grandmother of a kid we've known since preschool. She's an amazingly strong woman, but you can't know her family without knowing the story.

Loved the letter to the nurse. My kids both are best buds with the school nurses. And we're on a first name basis. What can I say? Some kids just spend way more time kvetching in the nurses office than do others.
Elan Morgan said…
You've been featured on Five Star Friday:
Anonymous said…
We go until the end of June here. I can't wait to think of the last day before summer break. I have no comment whatsoever about any movies mentioned here.
Anonymous said…
I hope you sent some of these--I really do. I love our school secretaries and crossing guards just ROCK. So do friendly bus drivers, intuitive teachers, and competent school administrators (but these are very hard to find).
girlsatplay said…
As an elem school secretary, I appreciate your kind words. It is difficult to remain cheerful and professional after some of the things we encounter (oh the stories I could tell!) But they are all like family , students and staff, and you know families CAN drive you batsh#t sometimes! My youngest of 3 boys is also entering HS this year. His father and I can only pray that he doesn;'t top his middle brother's first day of HS experience! (We won't go into that now!)