• Drove to distant train station.
  • Some party food purchased.
  • Two posts written.
  • Photos uploaded.
  • Three loads of laundry.
  • Some of the ironing.
  • Dinner cooked, eaten, cleaned up.
  • Coffee pot washed (K will be stunned).
  • Chat with favorite neighbor.
  • Diffused a frustrated child.
  • Two tiny moments of affection with another child.
  • Emailed with friends.
  • Vacuumed downstairs quickly.
  • Final music lesson of the season.
  • Kept my shoes on all day.


Sarah Louise said…
Wow, even I couldn't ever accomplish that last one. You really are a wonder, bb!

(and when was the last time I was #1 comment???)
Miz S said…
Wait. You did all that today? Damn.
Anonymous said…
And now you're exhausted?
Sinda said…
I'm sorry for the last, but congrats on the rest! Did you get a G&T out of it, at least?
Anonymous said…
Too bad about the shoes. Maybe tomorrow will be better :-)
Dani said…
Damn. All these lists are paying off, huh?

Whatever works!
Mrs. G. said…
You are starting to make the rest of us look bad. Take a day off!
Mary said…
I love that K would be stunned by the washed coffee pot.

J would similarly be stunned.
RW said…
pray tell, with what did you wash your coffee pot?
kt said…
My redhead would be similarly flabbergasted were I to follow suit and cleanse the french press.

I won't do that to him.
Anonymous said…
You ARE on a tight schedule...
Not even time for a teeny tiny drink.
It's 8:22AM. There's already 88°F with 48% humidity.
I HATE the summer (please forgive and understand)

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