coming soon

  • An interview with my mother.
  • A brief account of a rainy roadtrip.
  • Coffee with yet another blogger.
  • Photos of the finished bedroom.
  • Eulogy for a lemon tree?
  • A problem with my Jeep?
  • Catching up on the 450 blogs I read.
  • Middle. 5th place? 4th?


Jennifer said…
Looking forward to hearing it all. I vote for Middle every day.
Anonymous said…
I've got it bookmarked, and vote every day. Go, Middle!
Badger said…
Just voted, and he was sixth. SIXTH. VOTE VOTE VOTE, PEOPLE!

Cannot WAIT for the interview with your mom.

Condolences on your lemon tree. I'd cry if mine died.
RW said…
canadian vote is in.

I am looking forward to seeing the finished bedroom.
Anonymous said…
I can't wait to hear what your mother has to say.

I just voted. I tried to sneak in another vote less than 24 hours after my last one and was soundly rejected.
Oh no. Lemon Tree? Jeep? 5th place? Sounds like a bunch of shituations.

I am looking forward to the Mom interview.
Elan Morgan said…
Not the lemon tree!
Why am I attached to your lemon tree?
Anonymous said…
I voted. So count me in.

450 blogs? 450?


I'll bet you leave a witty comment on every single one.

Let me be the first to suggest a new blog game:

Six Degrees of blackbird.

Who's in?
barbra said…
I voted too. Doin' my part!
Anonymous said…
Those topics will be fun for you and your readers, and it sounds like you are planning for life after Cloverfield.

I understand that Ms Day is not a big deal for you, so I hereby wish you a nice Ms Day Eve instead. Your kids are lucky to have you.

Anonymous said…
What's K cooking you for your Mother's Eve (I think jbhat is on to something here)?
Sorry about all that's troubling you and I, too, have tried to sneak in an extra vote but to no avail. We all know he's the Winner no matter the status of his film.
Anonymous said…
I love this list format and may borrow it. It holds the place and is like a non-post post that intrigues.
Eleanor said…
Eurolush's blog game...I'm definitely in.