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I'm just back from Blood Bath And Beyond. My sheer curtains, from the living room, which were expensive and beautiful, lasted almost 6 years. I used to soak them in cold water and then hang them dry but it was not to be - the last time I soaked them they were shredded.
ANYWAY. I'm all about the penny pinching now and after scanning eBay for suitable replacements and calculating shipping and never finding 3 identical curtains, I bit the bullet.
Armed with my coupons I went shopping.
I got the curtains with little problem - and they worked out to be $11.99 each, so that's pretty good.
I'm hoping 110% polyester will hold up better than organza. (DO NOT email me to say I shouldn't soak organza curtains - they were BLACK after each winter of fireplace usage.)

I'm usually overwhelmed at BBB - too much merchandise for me, and when you're feeling the need to stay on budget (and task) too much temptation. We really need a new saucepan, the scented candle supply is very very low (and I'm not able to burn Christmas-scented candles in June - call me crazy) and I'm always gazing longingly at the cleaning supplies. But I managed to restrain myself. Though I did buy three teeny candles ($1.99) because I could not RESIST the scent of Beach Walk.

And then I spied the Seen On TV section of the store.
Youngest is completely intrigued by the products seen in those commercials that feature a fellow screaming at the camera about the miracles these products perform. Occassionally he comes to find me to watch one of them as he is SURE we need it.
Over the years I've found myself wondering about SOME of them. Do they do what the manufacturers claim? Are they worth the money? Does anyone I know have experience with any of them? Discuss.

green bags

What about these Green Bags? They are purported to keep produce fresh for weeks. Weeks?! Really? Would a regular plastic bag work? What's in them that preserves veggies and fruits? I probably have a rotten piece of fruit in my fridge at any given moment and I feel terrible about wasting food. Anyone?

mighty putty

Youngest and I are both intrigued with Mighty Putty. You tear off a small piece, roll it in your hand and, apparently, you can glue heavy things together. Things like two cinder blocks. Do we need this? Does it work? WE DON'T KNOW. At this point in time we have not come up with two heavy objects that need to be affixed to each other - but you NEVER KNOW. Supposedly we could pull A TRAIN with this stuff.

one sweep

I remember the commercials for the One Sweep. In the old days you could buy TWO of them for $19.95. I don't really understand why you need this broom-thing if you have a vacuum but it does seem to do a good job on tile floors. I don't see myself being comfortable rinsing "pet hair" off it without gagging a little, but IT'S GREAT FOR YOUR BOAT OR RV. Lots of these items are touted as being perfect for your boat and RV. We don't have either, so I think we can forgo this purchase.

auto vent

It DOES get hot in my car when I leave it in a parking lot in the summer. I think 112 is the highest temperature I've noticed on my dash display whilst my legs melt into my seats - but I just can't imagine this tiny solar powered fan would make a big difference. Then again, I've never noticed great results when putting window fans in our home on exhaust. I think this one might be a little silly.

And there ARE some silly items that have been SEEN ON TV, in my opinion.

leak <span class=

This cannot possibly stop leaks. I have a mild inclination to purchase this as a gag gift for someone with "frequent bladder urges."

push up pro

I GUESS these make push ups more effective? I don't see how elevating your fists a couple of inches would accomplish that. I will NEVER know.

<span class=

THIS has to be the stupidest thing I've ever seen. Picture me, reclining on the beach, with my body completely exposed to UV rays whilst my wee tiny head is under this shade. The model could use some Mighty Putty to stick her boobs together - she's got a little situation going on there.

<span class=

EZ PEEL GLOVES! Doesn't this look like an ad for a horror film? According to the package, these gloves will peel potatoes, carrots and uh, other things that need peeling. But why stop there? Maybe I could clean grout with them, or exfoliate, or strip the paint off our house. The possibilities are endless. Or I could use my potato peeler. Though buy one get one free is tempting.

Here's my favorite:

shocking autopsy

The title alone gives me chills! Do the players of this rip-off of the Operation game of my youth actually get ELECTROCUTED? Is that a knife in his crotch? I wish I had looked closer because I JUST DON'T KNOW. I think I'd have to be drunk to play this.
Which gives me lots of ideas.


Anonymous said…
I'm so g.d. amazing on my PUSH UP PRO, people 'round here call me the PUSH UP HO.

That's right. Anyone wanna challenge me to a push-up THROW DOWN?

Didn't think so.
Jennifer said…
I'd really like to know about the green bags too.

I bought that Auto Vent last year, and I never tried it. I'm thinking now that our van might be too large for it? But we'll try it and see.

My brother has had something like those push up things, only they were shaped different. They really did make it easier. Not that I could do a push up to save my life but when I tried it was less awkward.

I'm still laughting at that sun shade thing.

I'm glad you got some curtains. I've been on the look out for new curtains too. Since I live in the basement though it's proving difficult.
Badger said…
You totally need to get SHOCKING AUTOPSY for the slumber party. And yes, make it a drinking game. Except Poppy would totally kick all your asses.
Dani said…
Why are kids so gullible about the as seen on tv stuff? My boys beg me to buy all of it!

I've heard that the green bags actually work, but I haven't tried them myself.

Mighty Putty seems to be exactly like the stuff they sell to fix holes in pipes, just in a fancier package with a different name. For the waste-pipe in the basement, it worked. I'll test it on a train later and get back to you.

I have One Sweep. (Wet pet hair? GAG. You're right on that account.) I use it twice a year. Once when I put up the Christmas tree, then when I take it down. I use it to sweep over that carpet to make sure I've gotten all the stray hooks. If not, they get stuck in the vacuum and do very, very bad things. Other than those two times a year, I never use it.

If I were to try to Auto Vent, I'd buy two. Then there'd be good airflow from one side to the other.

My son and husband use a different, yet similar, type of push up thing. They claim it works. I dunno.

Laughing my ass off at the shade thing.

Never tried the gloves BUT, if you want to clean grout... Try those shower exfoliating gloves they sell near the loofahs and such. I kid you not. It works.

I just can't even comment on Shocking Autopsy. That's really creepy. I'd HAVE to be REALLY drunk to play that.
Anonymous said…
The best gadgety thing I ever bought was a whipped cream churn - sort of a cylinder with a pump. Come to think of it, it sort of looks like one of those devices for a man suffering from post-prostate surgery issues. Anyhoo, it works. You just have to be careful not to turn your whipped cream into butter.
Kathy Rogers said…
I don't have any of those. But I do have that onion chopper thing. Onions, peppers, garlic. Nice, even chunks.

The box said "as seen on TV," but I've never seen it on TV. I'm just taking their word for it.

That sun shade thing needs to be about five feet longer.
Wendy said…
My girlfriend has the green bags and said they really work - her strawberries kept for over a week. However, she also said that they have to be replaced after a while.

I'm totally up for Shocking Autopsy. I think my many hours of crime tv watching might just pay off... Look out, Poppy.
Katie said…
Mighty Putty totally works! My friend wholesales made for TV stuff and he normally laughs at all of them (most of your selections included) but he loves Mighty Putty. He says you can hang pictures with it even.
Anonymous said…
I love "As seen on TV." That stuff is AWESOME! Gadgety! Cool! Useful! I never shop at BBB so I didn't know I could get this stuff at an actual store--do they sell the Kaytel collections, too? Great love songs of the 70's? Your favorite country music hits on 9 CDs? I may have to go to BBB to see...
jordi said…
What about the EGG.. the pedi egg.. whatever it is called. I want one of those, I think. BUT I read on the web that if you charge it they keep re-charging your credit card, so I keep looking for it in Targay. They are the only place up here in "ATGWB" land that might have it, but I couldn't find it. Someone tell me that will cure my scruffy feet?
Julie said…
BB- I have those green bags and I have to say they were worth the money. I only store certain things in them though like peppers, lettuce and cucumbers. They really increase the life of those items.
Velma said…
I just bought the green bags, and yes, they work pretty well for certain things. I need a bag dryer, though - I actually am making one to hang on my kitchen wall. And yes, I bought some Might Putty, but I haven't had any cinder block crises yet so I don't know how it works.
Dani said…
jordiw - I believe you can get that egg thing at Walgreens. They have a pretty extensive TV crappe section.
First one asleep at your slumber party should be Mighty Puttied, dontcha think?
Anonymous said…
I discovered that section of BB&B recently. I bought a rotating scrubber "Power clean anything fast!" It doesn't clean between my shower tiles any better than the old dish scrubber I was using before.
Anonymous said…
those EZPeel gloves are creepy. I must look away from the TV when I see that commercial. also hate to look at the Chia Pet. gives me the willies!

my 13yr old son is enamored of certain infomercials. he is often running to me and telling me to come and look at what we "need".
Anonymous said…
I thought you made most of these products up before I started reading the comments! Who makes this stuff? And why would something as useful as MightyO Putty (isn't that O part of the name?) not be available to everyone in regular stores? Strange indeed.

Anonymous said…
When my MIL, bless her dear departed heart, started to go a wee bit ga-ga, one of the bits of evidence we gathered as to her competence (actually, the lack thereof) was the plethora (I love that word) of as-seen-on-TV products she had in her dining room cabinet. Never opened, never used. She fell for every stinkin' one, but since this was 7 or 8 years ago, most of the *miracle products* have changed.

You might want to remember this little story if you are tempted by any of that stuff. Just sayin'.
Anonymous said…
You know, sadly, I've used those push-up things (my gym has them) and they do work. It's just a simple matter of physiology that rotating your hands like that gives you a more "effective" push up (i.e. targeting the right muscles, limiting overuse of the shoulders).

There are similar handles for pull-up bars that allow your hands to rotate more "naturally" as you do the pull-up.

Not gonna change the world, peel your potatoes, shine your grout or regrow your hair, but they do what they're supposed to.
Anonymous said…
The Teen loves this stuff too, hence we own a cake pan that fits inside 3 other cake pans so we can supposedly make a cake with a pudding center...or something. Of course, we've never used it for the purposes intended.
Anonymous said…
Honey, you've come to the right place for info on this crap. My best friend Erik is a TOTAL sucker for ALL those ads. That's why I own Migty Putty - it DOES work, but omly for awhile, those creepy gloves - still in the plastic, that stupid One Sweep - I don't own a pet!,those stupid green bags - your fruit and veggies over ripen and rot because the plastic bags from the store trap the gasses fruit and veggies give off naturally (those same gasses are synthesized and spreted on fruit and veggies to make them APPEAR to be ripe)take them out of the bags, put them in a bowl, sometimes, they don't even need to be refridgerated.
I ALSO own THE TURBO COOKER, an outrageously big, deep, covered, frying pan that you can use to make an entire 50 course meal, all at the same time!!!!! comes with an instructional video too.
Sorry, I'm not finished yet!
I love Erik like a little brother, but every now and then, you gotta smack your little brother upside the head.
I paid $200. for 4 Gerber kitchen knives, the best kitchen knives made in America, Erik bought me Miralce Blades III because he couldn't slice a tomatoe in mid-air with mine. They actually are really good knives.
I swear, my best friend's kitchen is made by Ronco!
Oh my god, I so sorry to take up so much space, but I really do like my Seal-A-Meal. The bam stuff works OK but not as good as Simple Green. I would so like to run into that bam guy at a store someday, so I could start talking/yelling at him at the top of my lungs, just to see how he likes it!
Erik also bought me one pf those big european shammy things. Its TREMENDOUS!
Thanks to my best buddy, my kitchen liiks like that "as seen on tv" isle at Walgreens
Once again, sorry about the diatribe.
KPB said…
Those gloves are kinda freaky.

And I'm buying you the CushnShade for Christmas.
Anonymous said…
In the newest issue of Consumer Reports, they mention the green bags. I can send you the article, but the synopsis is that the green bags are not worth the money.
Anonymous said…
Ha Ha! I love your Cushion Shade comment. I saw that product and thought how ridiculous can infomercial products get. BTW those green bags really do work. Don't bother with that auto vent thing. It's a piece of crap. I checked out a several reviews and it doesn't work...