annoying me right this minute

  • My socks
  • Tuna steak in between my teeth
  • A bruise on my arm
  • My bra
  • Too cool out
  • The lemon tree is dead
  • I ate too much
  • But I want something sweet
  • The end of my belt is too long
  • Karate fight on tv in the other room
  • The vegetables we bought today were rotten
  • Stats
  • The neckline on this tee shirt
  • The price of movie tickets
  • Yoga-speak
  • Old Navy
  • Screensavers
  • Html
  • Battery life
  • The phone number in front of me
  • Weeds
  • My hair
  • Jalapeno peppers


Chris said…
We went to a movie theater at an upscale movie theater in Los Angeles and tickets were $13.50 a ticket for adults. Out of control! Like gas and grocerie prices.
Anonymous said…
The only thing on your list I can change right now are your stats. Clicked over from my reader, so you're up by one.
Anonymous said…
Some days, everything is just so irritating. I'm sorry today is one of those days for you.
Miz S said…
I have lots of leftover cake from my party. Would you like some?
Jess said…
Oh, the lemon tree died? I'm so sorry!
Badger said…
I am annoyed as all hell right along with you. Not about any of that crappe, though. About my OWN crappe. Grrr!
Amy A. said…
You must not have eaten way too much or you wouldn't have that extra length yet on your belt!

Sounds like you need a nice, quiet day. Here's hoping that tomorrow is better.
Dani said…
Oh dear. Feeling a little ugly today, huh?

I have days like that. I call it PMS.

alice c said…
Do not mourn the lemon tree. It is just a tree.

(I know what I am talking about - I have just eaten a chocolate rabbit)
Anonymous said…
Yeah...I must agree with Dani...holla PMS!
My sympathies for the tree. I know how much you loved it.
Ali said…
You only really have to worry about having eaten too much, when the end of your belt is too short.
Jennifer said…
Sorry.. I know those days when I feel like that. Not much fun
I'm with you on the annoying bra, the craving for something sweet and battery life.

I'll send the Kahlua!
Anonymous said…
Hang in there. "This, too, will pass" or so they say.
Elan Morgan said…
I once shortened a belt with utility scissors and then used shoe polish to darken the end so no one would know that I'd simply cut my belt off. It was my favourite belt for years.
Paula said…
I hate when the vegetables are bad from the begining.