The Survivor finale is Sunday.


Badger said…
Ack! He was in third when I voted early this morning. I'm developing an ulcer over this. When does the voting close?
Dani said…
You need to Twitter the voting reminder again! Start an email chain! Take out a full page ad in the NY Times! Rent a billboard! Hire a skywriter!

OMG... I can't take it and I don't even know what he looks like from the neck up. I can't image being in your shoes.
I am voting my little heart out and cursing the rules that only let me do so once a day. I'm not usually a cheater, but I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out a way to circumvent the system and vote more than my share...

When does the madness end? I need to breathe again!
Anonymous said…
if you go to your local library and use their computer - you can vote twice in 1 day.

Also I would go back to adding a voting link on each day's post - when it's right in front of you - it's a great reminder and it's also easy as 1-2-3!

fingers crossed for middle!
-a faithful everyday voter
RW said…
I am going to try it a 24 hour clock thing going on?
Anonymous said…
God only knows how these youngsters are voting by cheating.
Because we are ALL been lovingly voting each and every day.
I guess they should have done a one day only voting.
THEN he would have won.
He's been in the top three for ever or just until they figured out how to scam the system.
My opinion, of course.
We have until the 13th, when it'll close.
But for us, Middle has won already, as soon as we watched his little genius, SCARY video.
Dani said…
Paola -My thoughts EXACTLY. I know those little snots aren't playing fair. And that's not... well... ummm... FAIR!

It makes the contest so much less about talent and more about beating the system.