Today is Youngest's birthday.

Here are 14 of his favorite things in honor of him turning 14:

Favorite food: Tonkatsu

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Favorite drink: Ramune

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Favorite pass time: practicing card tricks

Favorite music: Techno

Favorite color: white

Favorite book: Death Note, Another Death Note

Death Note

Favorite movie: Cloverfield

Favorite candy: 100 Grand bar

Favorite tv show: Whitest Kids U'Know

Favorite fantasy vacation: Japan

Favorite video game: Flash Flash Revolution

Favorite sport: skim boarding

Favorite outfit: tight black H & M jeans and a long sleeved white tee shirt, black Cons.

Favorite song: Dota

Happy birthday Youngest.


Anonymous said…
Kris said…
This all sounds so alien; interesting, but alien. Do you look at him in a mixture of love and confusion, or do flash flash revolution and skim boarding make sense when you are living them?

But congratulations to you all on being with each other for fourteen years.
Mary said…
Happy Birthday Youngest!

My wish for you is that the future holds a visit to Japan where you can eat tonkatsu to your heart's content.

(I did and it was incredible - forget the sushi - tonkatsu was our best friend in Tokyo).
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday youngest !!

My dd turns 14 in a few weeks.
Jan said…
Happy Birthday, Youngest!

BB, do you find it strange that at THE VERY TIME you were writing this post, my two children, together in Nagoya this week, were being treated by a close Japanese family friend to a tonkatsu dinner? NO JOKE!
That One said…
Happy Birthday Youngest!

May your day be filled with all your favorite things.
Anonymous said…
That list of 14 things is just so telling -- such an intelligent young man with a wide range of interests.

Happy birthday Youngest!
Anonymous said…
He sounds so exotic to me--Many Happy Returns of the Day and if I could type that in Japanese, I totally would! What a cool kid.
Miz S said…
Many happy returns of the day to the youngest of the blackbird boys.
Badger said…
Happy happy birthday, Youngest! My boy child would love that song. He likes techno, too.
Happy Birthday to the talented Youngest child of blackbird.
Joke said…
Attaboy Youngest.

Anonymous said…
Many happy returns, Youngest!
Anonymous said…
Glad you were born!

Nora :) said…
Happy Birthday, Youngest!
Dani said…
What an interesting young man with varied interests.

Happy 14th birthday!

Robin said…
Happy Birthday!!
Anonymous said…
Happy birthday, Youngest! You definitely rock.

btw, my #2 son turned 19 yesterday. I wanted him to be born on the 17th (Syttende Mai, Norwegian Constitution Day; my grandmother came from Norway) but my OB only did surgery on Tuesdays, so the 16th was The Day.

bb, does the subtitle of his favorite book freak you out? Cuz it does me.
Amy A. said…
Happy B-day, youngest! Happy 14th anniversary of being Youngest's mom, bb!
Kathy Rogers said…
Cool list.

If somewhat incomprehensible to we olde folks.

My 15-year-old's list would be totally different. But just as incomprehensible.

Happy Birthday to your youngest.
alice c said…
Happy, happy day - I hope that it is a great year for you, Youngest
Jess said…
Happy Birthday, Youngest! I wish you many good days int he year ahead!
Mrs. G. said…
Happy Birthday to a young man who is clearly on the cutting edge. I am going to have to Google Dota.
MizMell said…
Well, happy birthday to youngest. He shares the day with my JB.
Katy said…
Happy Birthday Youngest! May your day be filled with as many of your favorite things as you can jam in, and your next year even more so.
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday, Youngest!

Eleanor said…
Happy birthday Youngest. You know, you have a huge fan-club in Australia...and it is kind of near Japan.
Ellen Landrum said…
happy birthday!!
Paula said…
A belated Happy Birthday to your boy.

Although not so much a boy for too much longer. 14!
Anonymous said…
Happy belated birthdy Y.
That tonkatsu looks fantastically yummy!