your sprat knowledge amazes me

I'm impressed. And, Sshears, I will report the location of these sprats to the Latvians immediately.

I lied. I'm posting again.
I thought I'd share this Seinfeld bit about horses with you. I don't know why Jerry isn't moving in the clip - but I love it.

My car has satellite radio and I've been driving around laughing my ass off whilst listening to the comedy channel. That's where I heard this.


Caterina said…
I'm peeing my pants.....but remembering to cover my fat ass :)
I'll never look at Crazy Glue the same way again.

Last time I rode....ummm.... back in the 80's, I asked for the oldest, slowest horse and I STILL got thrown. Apparently my riding level is also ZERO
Amy A. said…
I knew if I came back you'd have posted something else! I'll go watch Jerry now.
KPB said…
I ADORE Jerry Seinfeld. ADORE. And you know, that man really did reach saturation point didn't he. But never once, not ONCE, did I tire of him.

Thank you for making me laugh on a day marked by tears and maudlin faces.
MizMell said…
Thanks for the laugh. I've always enjoyed Seinfeld.
And lucky you--to have comedy central in your car!
Anonymous said…
I cannot believe there is no prize for identifying the sprats!!

Email BB and I will tell my Jerry Seinfeld secret. :)

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