the Tuesday report

What a nice response to brother L's hair dilemma.
I promise to keep you all posted, but I will say, I don't believe he'll dye it AND he is probably pretty good about using hair products AND yes, I believe he could go all Alan Rickman on us.

What a day!
I was out in the car, getting ready to drive the boys to school when Middle casually opened my laptop and ctrl/option/apple/8'd it.
I came back from dropping them off and opened it to see the entire desktop in negative.
Of course I had forgotten it was April 1st and I thought something had gone kerflooey.
It took me a few minutes to realize that it was a merry prankster, and a few minutes more for K to figure out how to undo it. MY EYES.

I drove east, in my new car, with my nav system telling me where to go (fun!) and had coffee with my SIL and her cute baby.
I drove home to have some lunch.

I brought Youngest to the pulmonary specialist for his check up - in my new car with the nav system telling me how to avoid traffic...and, did you know about this? I didn't. She did. And though I tend not to jump to conclusions about these kinds of things, I did lobby hard for Youngest to be taken off Advair after several alarming warnings were released, after he had been on the medication for quite a few years.
I have lots of opinions on medications for children and really work hard to weigh the risks and benefits.
The doctor talked to Youngest for a while and they decided, together, that he would stop taking it.

On the way home I managed to piss off the nav system by making too many commands at once and the usually patient voice who lives in the dashboard stopped talking to me. Her own version of a 4/1 prank.
Then Middle Rick Rolled the house audio system and I hit the wine while K threw dinner together.

Today I'm going into town with my beret, to a milliner, so the hat stalker on flickr can have it copied. Yes, I suppose I am crazy, but I'm looking upon it as a good deed.

The Potter family need the support of all of us today. You needn't comment if you don't know them but thoughts and prayers are appreciated.

Maybe I'll stop back later today and fill you in on the hat escapade.


Mary said…
Goodness how did I miss all these posts - well three anyway.

I love a good beret (had one made in paris last year as a matter of fact! - she says casually - it was a very big deal for me!)

Your boys sound as though they are keeping you on your toes! My boys are still at the "Mum there's a spider in your hair April Fool" chortle chortle stage.
Badger said…
Holy crap, I did NOT know that, about Singulair. We are all taking it over here. Hmm.
robiewankenobie said…
::cries:: and those were my most effective meds, too.

p.s. some day maybe i'll have a hat custom made for me. i'll add it to "the list"
I didn't know about the Advair. It's the only thing that keeps my asthma in check.

And the news about Jan is so sad.
I read the CC Times this morning but hadn't clicked on it..the headline was vague. I hope this summer you can hug Sharyn for everyone who cares.
KPB said…
I'm just wringing my hands and shaking my head for the Potters. How much does one family have to endure?
MsCellania said…
I hope you short-sheeted Middle's bed, that rat.
Gosh that Potter family is bearing alot more than they should. I'll keep them in good thoughts again.
RW said…
I am filled with sadness for the Potter family. I just checked on them last week; sigh. We will pray.
Anonymous said…
What a GENIUS prankster your Middle is...
Anonymous said…
...and a merry one too.
Anonymous said…
Wow, crazy day!
I can't wait to hear how the hat goes down...and I have a great image in my mind of you reacting to your friendly GPS guide shutting down.
Sarah said…
1. Nav systems are a must around the Lemony house. Um, car. I have NO sense of direction. My last 3 cars have had nav. Each nav system has its own personality and yes, I swear they DO get impatient with their drivers sometimes.

2. My son took meds that made him suicidal - he was 10 years old. Oy. He's off them, of course, and doing much better.

3. Wow, any time I want to bitch I should think of the Potters and other families with extreme issues they have to deal with every day. Puts things into perspective, doesn't it?
jenny said…
I cannot even imagine the heartache of the Potter family. Such tragedy.
alice c said…
What crushing news about the Potter family.
You must feel weighed down with sadness.
Ellen Landrum said…
I hadn't checked on Caleb in a long while, so pleased that he was home (and going to stay home)- those boys have so much weight to carry. I cried just thinking about it all. Arghh.