• Cullen skink.
  • Homemade tortilla chips.
  • Cuban sandwiches.
  • Living your dash.
  • Cobb salad vs. Salad Nicoise.
  • Youngest, after seven years of trying, beats K at chess.


Joke said…
Please, please, the name of all that's sacred, PLEASE tell me you do not put mayonnaise on Cuban sandiwches.

I'm begging ovah heah.

MsCellania said…
Woot! to Youngest re the chess trouncing.
Anonymous said…
I would do a lot of really bad things for a Cuban sandwich. Oh how I love them.
Neil said…
So, how does K feel about the loss in chess?
tut-tut said…
Living your dash?? I'm sure I'm out of the loop here.

L aced her cello judging, by the way. A worthy endeavor for all who participated. Good luck to your boys.
KPB said…
I'm guessing a cullen skink is a type of animal as opposed to a good alternative to swearing?

I'm intrigued by the notion of homemade tortilla chips

What on earth is a cuban sandwich?

Living your dash? As opposed to Killing your dosh?

And again, what on earth is a cobb salad?

Felix has just announced he wants to play chess again. He played chess at school in Year 1 (bless his little 5 1/2 year old socks) and then realised it was not that cool-an-activity in Year 2. But with Year 3 comes confidence and the realisation you get time off school to go to competitions. So next term, chess is back on. Note to self - maybe try and learn to play too...
might I add...? said…
Congrats to Youngest! Cool!

No idea what most of your topics are...
...cullen skink?
...Cuban sandwiches? your dash?

Homemade tortilla chips... yummy, but I know I don't have time to make them. Eat them, however, mmmm.

Cobb salad... meat, eggs? Salade niçoise... mmmm. I'm hungry. Think I'll go have some Ben & Jerry's.
Dani said…
~I must say that I'm finding Cullen Skink to be a very intriguing soup.

~Much easier to buy a bag, IMO.

~Eh. Not my fave.

~I'm trying to make an impact with my dash.

~Salad Niçoise - Hold the onion, please.

Anonymous said…
No idea what my dash is and how to live it, but I sure as heck know what goes into a Cuban sandwich :)
islaygirl said…
i love cuban sandwiches. BREAD, i'm all about the BREAD.

i LOVE homemade tortilla chips. as long as i don't have to make them.
Anonymous said…
OK. I had to Google half the topics. Thank you for teaching me new words/dishes/way of life/ingredients.
BUT the highlight here is that Y beat K.
Terese said…
We are living in the post punk pre apocalyptic era. I hope Middle will have a great Prom. Maybe that tiny green rose corsage is perfect for his date tied with black satin ribbon with a skulls motif.
Velma said…
That poem? "The Dash?" I was given a copy of it as part of an inspirational candle favor for a hospital fundraiser last year. When they showed the slideshow they had put together to illustrate it, I cringed a little inside.

And yet? It's pinned to my bulletin board in the kitchen. It may be lost under the school menus and such, but it's there.