Remember last week?
The teams merged. Alliances shifted. Pavarti manipulated. There was a grueling immunity challenge. Jason gave Eliza a fake immunity idol and Eliza busted Ozzy....

Night 24 - the team confronts Jason regarding the fake immunity idol. Jason claims he knew the idol was fake...Cirie thinks it might not have been so bad if Ozzy had gone.

The next morning Jason reflects on his battle against Ozzy. He calls him god-like.

There's a challenge - ALREADY.
Two teams of four will swim out to a multi level net tunnel, study a collection of Micronesian symbols and swim back and duplicate their pattern.
The winner will attend a dance, feast and night away from camp.
One person must sit out and go to Exile Island.
Jason picks Ozzy, Erik and Amanda.
Natalie chooses James, Pavarti, and Alexis.
Cirie must go to Exile.
The puzzle looks hard to me...
James seems to be wearing his boxer brief underwear.
Ozzy's group wins.

The winners fly off for their reward on a tiny island.
The tiny island of Yap.
The natives of Yap have a lovely patio and are weaving and preparing and the buffet is amazing.
The winners drink a viscous liquid that they are told will warm them up.
Native breasts are exposed and obscured.
Wreaths are made - Erik is shy about the topless women.
There is a bamboo slapping dance. Erik was very impressed.
Ozzy appreciates Eriks naive, wide eyed sense.
Adorable native children are present.
Erik learns to chew betel nut.
He has a rough night throwing up. But he has no regrets.

On Exile Island Cirie is scared and cold and having a hard time.
She knows there is no idol there and is miserable.

The next morning James gets up before anyone and smashes wood and sharpens an axe.
Pavarti complains that they are trying to sleep.
It's pouring rain and he is angry that Pavarti complained.
The winning team return and we are treated to shots of vermin.
Jason tells them about all the food at the feast. I think this wasn't a good idea.
James is charitable.
Pavarti is mad at Jason.
James is mad at Pavarti.
Amanda doesn't trust the other women.
Jason knows he is vulnerable.

The second challenge is the immunity challenge.
Jason won the last one - but this time the players will be tethered to a bucket of water over their head. If they put their hand down they will be doused with water and out of the challenge.
Jeff brings in candy after twenty minutes and I went to the bathroom.
Alexis fouls up before Jeff even announces the second reward - Natalie messes up too.
James accidentally lowers his hand too.
Ozzy, James and Pavarti and Amanda are still in.
Ozzy takes the chocolate donuts and steps down.
3 hours later Pavarti and Jason and Amanda are still standing in the rain with their arm held over their head.
5 hours later they are still there.
Amanda has to pee.
I would pee on my leg, but she runs off into the jungle.
A big plate of treats is offered to either Jason or Pavarti to share with the losers if they step out.
Jason wants assurance that if he steps out and shares the treats he won't be voted out.
The rest of the team promise they won't vote him out if he shares the treats.
Jason wants to think.
SOMEONE has their fingers crossed.
Is the team lying?
He steps out.
Pavarti wins.

The people on the couch around me think the team will vote Jason out anyway.

Day 27 - Jason is not sure of his decison to step down. Pavarti thanks the team.
Ozzy thinks Jason was stupid and is going home.
James thinks Jason is a damn fool.
It sounds like they ARE going to vote him out.
But Cirie comes up with a plan, she thinks this is the perfect time to blind side Ozzy.
And then the idol would be gone too.
Pavarti has an alliance with Ozzy and Amanda and James so she isn't sure what to do.
Natalie and Amanda fill Jason in - but swear him to secrecy.
Ozzy wonders about the girls and how they will vote.
Ozzy says he might play the idol just to be safe.

At Tribal Council Eliza makes her first appearance as a jury member.
Jeff asks Cirie about Exile Island - she says she didn't bother to look for the idol.
Jeff asks Ozzy if having the idol makes him a target.
Jason hopes everyone will stick to their word and keep him.
James says a donut may not make everything better.
Cirie says they may not keep their word.
Pavarti understands what Jason did but understands the risk.
Ozzy says he feels a small amount of comfort.

Jason votes for Ozzy.
James votes for Jason.
There are many close=ups of Jason and Ozzy.

Jeff tallies the votes - Ozzy does not play the idol - Eliza is in shock - OZZY IS VOTED OUT.
He gives the team a look over his shoulder and is gone.

This show continues to entertain me.
Whether it is human nature or writing it still leaves me excited.


Jan said…
That was one of the best tribal councils that I can remember. Whoo!
Anonymous said…
I HATE Fridays.
Anonymous said…
Confession: Haven't watched any TV since July 2007.

But I've more than made up for it with the time I spend online.

So, I guess it all evens out.
Anonymous said…
I didn't think it was possible for Eliza'z eyes to get any bigger, but bigger they got at that tribal council scene as Ozzy was voted off. Thrilling stuff. What a coup.

But I will miss looking at him, I think.

Grandma Cebe said…
Even though Cirie appears to be an outsider, last night's vote wasn't the first time that she's manipulated the tribal council vote. She may just outwit and outplay all of them to the final vote.
Badger said…
This is one of my favorite episodes ever, for so many reasons.

I would have lasted all of five seconds at that immunity challenge, and even then I would have needed months of physical therapy to recover.

I LOVE that they voted Ozzy out. That's the sort of thing they talk about every season but never actually do. LOVED IT. He's going to be a total bitch during the final vote, too, I just know it.

I'm starting to love Erik, in a protective mom sort of way. I think it was his talk about the boobs that did it.
Anonymous said…
You would have peed on your leg? I don't believe that would have occured to me, and I laughed at the simplicity of your solution. What's a little pee compared to all the rat shit, etc. You have the perfect team to shoot your audition tape, bb. I hope you go for it, and soon.