Erik doesn't know how he survived.
We aren't sure either.
The teams are told to collect their belongings and proceed to a meeting area.
It would appear that it's time to merge. Erik starts politicking.
He allies himself with Ozzy. It's a "zookeeper bond."
The Airais are happy to hear about a merge too.
The girls discuss loyalties while exfoliating.
Pavarti is in a "hot pickle." She has two alliances but she will have to chose which one is better for her.
The teams arrive at a new beach to a feast.
Everyone is celebrating and hugging.
Eliza is disappointed to see Ami gone. Heartbroken even.
It seems like there are a lot of women.
There was a bowl of bats on the table and James has no problem eating them.
He's into it -- juicy bat. He's going to have another one.
They toast to the new team name which Erik made up - Dabu...
Ozzy wants them to just enjoy the food and forget the game for a while.
Alexis talks about the alliances.
Night falls over the new team and Ozzy is snuggling with...? Alexis?
Amanda looks pissed.
She "wants her gone."

The team compare equipment, there is fishing gear and tarps and towels(?) to share.
Ozzy thinks that Jason has the fake idol and he's very pleased.
Jason hides the fake idol so no one in camp can find it.
Eliza and Pavarti talk about an alliance.
Eliza feels vulnerable.
Pavarti is not fooled by Eliza's pledge of loyalty.
Pavarti and Amanda talk about alliances. Amanda doesn't want to be in an alliance with Natalie. And now Amanda isn't sure about Pavarti.

There is a challenge - and it seems to have something to do with tide or the water.
Jason feels confident because he thinks he has the idol.
He tells Eliza that he has it and that he'll give it to her if she needs it.
Jason wants to vote for Ozzy.

At the challenge the team tells Jeff the name of the tribe. He nods and smiles. But does not seem convinced that Dabu means good in Micronesian.
It's an endurance challenge with the team in cages in the water as the tide comes in.
Fish are biting James.
Players tease Cirie about panicking in the water.
35 minutes and the tide is creeping in.
The players have their faces pressed against a grate as the water rises.
Amanda gives up.
She thought she had more space and drifted out of the cage.
45 minutes. Oldest thinks this would be easy. We aren't sure.
Pavarti opts out.
So does Alexis.
Cirie is next.
Natalie leaves.
Eliza quits.
Erik quits.
James, Jason and Ozzy are left.
It looks so hard.
James swims out.
Ozzy comes up and Jason wins.

Day 24, back at camp...Eliza looks worried. Jason is feeling pretty good, voting Ozzy out is going to be highlight of the game for Jason.
Pavarti tells Natalie and Cirie that they are voting Eliza out.
Eliza is lurking in the underbrush listening to the conversations.
She goes to Jason to tell him that she's being voted out and asks him for the idol.
She and Jason plot.
Everyone is having little talks.
Amanda tells Cirie that Alexis needs to go now.
Cirie is so funny when she tells us what's going on. I'd like to see her go far.
Eliza looks at the idol and she knows it isn't real.
She goes storming off to see Jason.
She tells him it's not real and that Ozzy must have planted it.
Jason tells her she should try to play it anyway.

At tribal council Jeff talks about the merge.
He asks Alexis about the team.
Cirie says she thinks Alexis is a triple threat. But Alexis isn't worried.
She criticizes Eliza's game - in the past tense, as though she's being voted out.
Eliza says that people are overestimating their social game.
Pavarti busts Eliza for trying to vote her out.
Jeff: Eliza, welcome to tribal council, no free rides.
Eliza: bring people you don't like to tribal council so you can win!

Will she play the fake idol?
Will she go home?
Will people vote for Ozzy?

She DOES try to play it.
Jeff tells us the rules -
and then tells them the idol is fake...
Ozzy: that took hours to make!

Eliza becomes the first member of the jury.


Badger said…
Alexis was scrubbing her face with wet sand, right? I didn't dream that? Kind of freaky, but then again she has really nice skin, so maybe we should ALL be doing that.

Hated that challenge. I started hyperventilating when I saw the tree mail describing it.

I didn't realize it until she was on her way out, but I kind of liked Eliza. I don't really like any of them now and don't care who wins. That means that from now on, I'm going to have to watch the show drunk to stay interested.
Anonymous said…
Eliza: "That's not it! That's not the hidden immunity idol! It's a stick!" And then: "Should I play it?"
What the heck? What was she thinking? I loved that so much.

I am glad she is gone, because she was not one of my Favorites. I do love that she outed Ozzie, though, who is not only a good player, but who, it turns out, is also a play-ah (if that's how you spell that). And why the jilted Amanda wants Alexis gone and not Ozzie gone is really beyond me. If only she had exfoliated.

Anonymous said…
I was tired of looking at her, too. Cirie has the best "social game" so far, plus she's a lot of fun to watch.