It's been a long time since the last show. I'm sure I've forgotten people's names and who's on which team.
Jeff reminds me that Kathy went home. Quitter.
Tracy was the last person voted out, leaving Erik as the last Fan on his tribe.

It's night 20 and Ozzy and his team return to the Malakal camp. Erik is nervous, he feels vulnerable.
Ozzy says he doesn't think of himself as a leader. He just has a lot of good ideas and opinions.
And it's purely coincidental that people who have lots of ideas and opinions get voted out say I.

I came back from the bathroom and Ami and Cirie are in the woods at night in the dark doing a Blair Witch. They catch a big crab and bond. The whole escapade seems to have been a little film project for amusing the editors. As someone who lives with this kind of person I can sympathize.
Ozzy confides in Ami about who to vote off and who has been voted off.

Eliza's team has rats. Jason kills one and decides to eat it. He has to talk about it WHILE MY MOTHER EATS HER DESSERT.
Between trumpet practice upstairs and RAT CONVERSATIONS we are missing a lot of this episode.
James is complaining a little. It's just Pavarti and him...the rest of his alliance is gone. The two of them discuss who they should work with after the merge.
Amanda and someone who looks like Barbie talk about the impending merge.
Amanda has big plans.

Here on the couch we discuss the fact that none of the Fans are terribly engaging. No one stands out, for us, as being especially interesting. We think James is probably our favorite player but we still don't know some people's names.

The teams hear about the next challenge - but before they go they must send an opposing team member to sit out and go to Exile Island AND have immunity for the night. It appears to be a balance challenge.

It's pouring rain for the challenge. Ozzy sits out for Airai and Alexis sits out for Malakal.
Team members must navigate an obstacle course over water while the opposing team try to knock them down with swinging sand bags. Erik and Jason prove to be valuable players. The swinging bags are pretty useless as players fall on their own pretty easily. Erik takes a bad fall.
Airai win immunity and reward (pizza and beer).

Back at camp Erik is in pain from smashing his chest in the challenge, but he's a big boy about it. Ami says she likes Erik but that he's going to go.

The Airais are very proud of Jason and even though he's doing well - and believes he has the hidden immunity idol, he's still giving 150%.
A boat arrives with their pizza and beer. Eliza is in heaven. James can open beer bottles with his teeth. Don't try this at home.

At Exile Island Ozzy and Alexis are looking for the idol. Of course Ozzy is lying because he already has the idol, but Alexis never figures it out. Ozzy sees that someone has taken his fake immunity idol and he's very excited.

Cirie is bummed. Her team cannot win. The scenery is nice though.
Erik is desperate to stay in the game. He's trying very hard and he tries to sway Cirie and Amanda to vote against Ami.
Cirie doesn't know who to trust. She can't trust Ami and she hears Erik pleading...
Ami busts it up.
And then she pleads her case.
Cirie is undecided.
Ami feels like she doesn't have any alliances. She gets emotional.
But it looks like she convinces the girls to vote for Erik.
Erik greets Ozzy when he returns to tell him that Ami has worked against Ozzy in the past.
He pleads for Ozzy to vote for Ami - and Ozzy seems to go for it.
Ozzy talks to Amanda about not trusting Ami. Amanda wants to vote for Erik.
Has Ami really manipulated people all this time? I sort of thought she was - in a quiet way.

It's going to be a tough vote, but I think Erik is going.
At tribal Jeff talks to Erik about being voted off.
Ozzy talks about how people can turn and play both sides.
Ami gets upset and cries because she thinks Ozzy doesn't trust her.
Ozzy confronts her about voting for him. She denies it.
Amanda wants to believe Ami, Ozzy wants to trust Ami but Ami is a mess.
I always wonder at these times how the team can bring it down to one or two people.
Why is no one wanting to vote Cirie off? Or Ozzy? It's so interesting to see how the dynamics shift.

Ami goes.
Who flipped?


KPB said…
Hey Jeff,

Anonymous said…
Your recap is better than the show. Seriously.
Badger said…
I'm beginning to find Erik's shorts and Ozzy's hat extremely distracting. And not in a good way. God forbid Ozzy loans Erik the hat and I have to see all that on ONE PERSON.
Anonymous said…
I'm with you, Badger. Those '70's shorts of Erik's positively make my neck itch.