Saturday, pictures and a movie, and a new picture

Waiting for Middle outside school. One pm.


Still waiting. Four minutes after one.


Brothers. In the warm up room.


Youngest warming up.

warm up

Middle warming up.

Middle warms up


brass and wind



Middle waits

<span class=

The solo room.

solo room


And then home, for some of this.



I actually don't HAVE a lot of pictures - it all happened too quickly.
It was a beautiful day.


Glad you all survived the hectic Saturday?
Did Youngest play a Hayden Trumpet Concerto?
I was a Teenage Band Geek. Boyfriend #1 played French Horn, Boyfriend #2 played trumpet (so does my Mom, my brother and my nephew) I was in the percussion section.
Badger said…
What the hell? Is that the only prom pic we get? AFTER WE HELPED PICK THE OUTFIT?!

Youngest is getting big. And he sounds fabulous.
Geggie said…
Can't wait to find out how prom went.
Anonymous said…
Wonderful pictorial goodness.
Anonymous said…
It's 6:14PM and I've been waiting all day for this.

Damn that Greenwich Mean Time.
Dani said…
I'm with Badger on this one.
We need more headless prom pics!

Glad you survived the day and yes, you totally need a day off.
Anonymous said…
You hit my soft spot with this short video where I can hear Youngest.
But that I'm back to my mean self I MUST stick with Badger and DEMAND other shots. I consent on headless but grant us some more options, will ya please?
...back to melting while I listen to Youngest...
The Tutugirl said…
Yay for music! I agree though, more headless prom pictures are in order.
Sarah said…
Youngest plays the trumpet very impressively well. He must practice a lot at home, which makes you a saint.

Middle and S. look so cute and embarrassed. Just adorable! I say this even though I would have had the urge to kill any grownup who said that about me when I was 17.

You did well.
tut-tut said…
That first half sounds and LOOKS like my Saturday last week. It's so nerve-wracking, isn't it? No prom last night, though . . . next year, maybe.
Amy A. said…
Looks like a good day.
barbra said…
Hurrah, I love to see black converse playing brass instruments!
islaygirl said…
i love it all.
KPB said…
They look so chichi or is it gigi - middle's ensemble makes me think of Kevin Spacey.

I take back what I said earlier about her dress - it is lovely. Although I wish there were a pair of shimmery sheer stockings on those legs and her posture is making my neck itch ever so slightly.

And Youngest? OH MY.
Felix confessed to me twice over the last week that he really does wish he was playing trumpet. Last night he asked if I'd talk to the Band Master and ask if he could change. If he sees/hears this it will only confirm his resolve.
KPB said…
And the parents? Did you prattle on? Laugh too loud? Say something that didn't quite come out how you meant it to? Fart?
Anonymous said…
Considering how ladylike she looked, I bet he's glad he decided to go with the coat and tie. How well does a teenager handle it when mom and her legion of fans want to know every detail?
I'm with Kim - how did meeting the partens go?

As a side note, the inside of that new jeep looks pretty snazzy!
Fannie said…
They both look great, especially love Middle's jacket.
Dani said…
They both look stunning.

She is quite tall. Middle must have felt like he was with a supermodel. :)
Miz S said…
Great pictures. And I love hearing Youngest playing his horn.

Was there an after-prom party?
Anonymous said…
Was she that much taller than Middle, or is it just that she is standing on the landing? Yes, indeed, more pictures, please.
Eleanor said…
I'm enjoying this very much. Thank you for opening this little window into your day. I think your boys are lovely.
Heather said…
what a wonderful day.
Anonymous said…
OK. I've checked the blog at least 10 times again...
Does this mean that I am paranoid???
Wake up, it's a beautiful sunny, mild, springy, flowery day!
Oh dear. I just remebered...there might be no posting today..
Stephanie said…
What fun to see all of this. Middle & his girl both looked so. good.

Anonymous said…
Congratulations on not only DOING all that, but getting it documented and then POSTING it. Dang. I dig your sons. They are cool--I hope to have such cool sons. Will it bug them when I say things someday like, "well, Blackbird's youngest wore this and he looked awesome...and her middle played this and made this...why can't you be more like Blackbird's kids???"
Anonymous said…
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Alice said…
I'm so proud, I don't know if that even makes sense, but it's true.
They look lovely.
alice c said…
You have to be young and slim to wear that dress and look that fabulous. Lucky Middle! Oh and lucky Miss S because Middle looks pretty special too - that jacket is great.
Anonymous said…
What a hectic day. The prom outfits are so great -- much better than the scary stuff we wore in high school. Your boys have excellent taste, which I assume they get from you.