pretty flowers

Here is my blog as seen using a HTML DOM Visualizer.
blue: for links (the A tag)red: for tables (TABLE, TR and TD tags)
green: for the DIV tag
violet: for images (the IMG tag)
yellow: for forms (FORM, INPUT, TEXTAREA, SELECT and OPTION tags)
orange: for linebreaks and blockquotes (BR, P, and BLOCKQUOTE tags)
black: the HTML tag, the root node
gray: all other tags

I don't know what it means, but it's very pretty.


via Jess.


Anonymous said…
Oh, that's so pretty. It's a graphic floral print, and I LOVE a graphic floral print. Very cool.

jordiw said…
Mine is so less dense than yours, I love the idea of this. THANKS!!
tut-tut said…
Quite lovely. I may post mine, if you don't mind.
daysgoby said…
bb, if I was better artistically inclined, wouldn't these make great prints?

I'm so glad you did this!
Yours is very pretty.
daysgoby said…
brain is going.....

Was going to re-write that last comment, since it's awkward, but just realized that with a good printer and a frame I CAN make it into a print, and wouldn't it look good up over my desk?

Eleanor said…
Oh my gosh, that's a FLORAL EQUIVALENT of, um, YOU, and, um, ALL OF US.

Sorry couldn't comment on your last two posts...more than 30 comments totally freaks me out. It's the introvert in me. PLUS, I spent yesterday putting away my summer clothes and bringing out my sweaters and jackets.
KathyR said…
Very cool. I just went & entered mine. I love the way the branches keep slowly stretching out after it seems to be done.
catsteevens said…
Oooo....I'm gonna do this too
Anonymous said…
It's so pretty.

Federal Way flowers
paula said…
You should paste a little blackbird there on one of the branches...
Yep I'd be making prints or notecards out of that too!

As I sit here wearing my tracksuit pants which I wore to the shops (with other clothes I hasten to add!). Tracksuit pants are almost essential up here in the mountains.

I don't feel too bad though because
1. I have a pedicure every month and the toenails are currently a magnificent red and
2. You wear your ugg boots outside the house.

Mrs. G. said…
It is pretty. It's fresh and charming.
paola said…
Very cute and I must say (sorry for others I haaev already seen) your is really nice, more colours and thin branches.
Bb will be herself even in templates and tags and all that stuff I have no idea what it means!
That is quite mesmerising.

My hey mum! one is very pretty.
BabelBabe said…
being a terrible geek, i actually know and understand what a document object model is (aren't you PROUD? Sigh.) and i STILL want to print mine out and frame it. I need wallpaper like this for my kitchen....
MizMell said…
Very pretty. I did mine and enjoyed the process as much as the finished product.
supertiff said…
how did you ever find this? your picture is beautiful.

are you coming to blogher this year?
i might need some help, in case i need to throw up again.

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