Monday, but later

Are you people still voting?
We've got to keep voting.
Good god I want to strangle someone over at Paramount...this is a herculean effort, for me to stay this obsessed for this many days. Don't they know what I get like when I get caught up in something like this? Over one of my kids? They don't?
(Like I even know anyone "at Paramount" to strangle.)

I thought I would announce that I have successfully completed the transfer of seasonal clothing today. All the woolies are put away and I have six giant bags of clothing for charity, a bushel (really, a bushel basket) full of hangers, and four huge bags of garbage. The attic is much easier to stoop over in (it's not full height) and I am recycling my entire collection of the fourth year of Martha Stewart Living.
I have no idea why I kept that particular year's worth of magazines but I did. And I'm letting them go. I'll bet if I looked through them (which I would never do because I'd never get rid of them THEN) they'd look exactly like this year's issues of Martha Stewart Living...although Martha does seem to have gotten older and, uh, larger. Who hasn't?

Of course, as I spent the day bent over large black trash bags sorting through a ton of crappe, the rest of my house looks like I ignored it all day. Which I did.
Fortunately it won't take much energy to whip up a Spag Bog for dinner.
I picked up that name from an Aussie friend.
Oh, and, speaking of Aussie friends? Kim's comment on Middle's film provided just enough info to stir up a small debate and some mocking amongst his online group. You are all going to have to behave yourselves if you are going to comment over there - HE'S NOT MIDDLE, HE'S NOONEIMPORTANT.
And, for god's sake, don't MENTION that he has a MOTHER. WORLDS ARE COLLIDING.

I kid.
We heart you all.


(And then, go give Kim a hug - she could use one.)


Anonymous said…
It feels great to purge, doesn't it? Good for you.

I have been reading his name as Noone Important. And that didn't make much sense, other than maybe that's your last name. I get it now, but here's hoping that the folks "at Paramount" will think he is someone very important indeed.

Amy A. said…
I want a t-shirt that says
"I voted for nooneimportant"

Why is his video in a different place everyday? I always have to search.

Good job de-junking. You inspire.
RW said…
voting has been done.
other than that we are resting after a rather full weekend.
of course we are still doing laundry...because that never ends
sara said…
Okay, that's funny because I just looked at an entire year of "real simple" that I have archived neatly in stylish colored magazine boxes and wondered, "why the hell did I keep all of these?" I never go back and look at them.
Kathy Rogers said…
Yes, still voting.

Is it just me, or does Martha Stewart Living seem more and more impractical? I used to think it had ideas & recipes I could use, but not much lately.

Maybe I'm just more crotchety and impatient. And older and larger.
BabelBabe said…
and now it will snow.
tut-tut said…
Hey, I've been voting, but I have to click through three times to get to the 3 top ones . . . just letting you know. Not complaining. I know it's the Cloverfield people. But enough explosions already. Also voice-over man is too thundering, if the Cloverfield people would like an opinion.
barbra said…
Ooh, purging. I want to do that so badly, but my kids get in the middle of it and throw everything everywhere.

I vote every morning!
Anonymous said…
I'm voting every day, I promise.

I am so envious of your big attic purge. We'll be doing a lot of that this summer (and the basement and the shed and the closets...), but I'm eager to get started NOW.
DebonDuty said…
Dumb question - can you vote more than once? I voted, as a loyal lurker. (just call me LL)
Mary said…

I find the comments section over there a little intimidating - that is, they seem to say something nice and then turn all nasty.
Paula said…
I'm not going to talk about magazines. They haunt me...
Anonymous said…
I'm still voting.

All the way over here.
Anonymous said…
I'm voing every day - i hope he wins!
Anonymous said…
You're probably all over it, but my local library just LOVES to get piles of my old magazines.

Sometimes they put them out for folks to read, or to take, or in the kids room to make whatever crafts require cut up magazines.