great moments in film

Huge forces shifted, first poorly and then well, in just 48 hours.
When I make sense of it I will expand.

In the meantime a little Bugs Bunny is always good.


alice c said…
Don't do anything major while I am away. I am only going so I can light that candle.
Paola said…
I'm checking your b log from bed where I've been all afternoon with NASTY headache,
love Bugs Bunny
thank goodness?

You know, I could always have killed them with a tray for you.
Carol said…
Has Bugs Bunny always been so violent? Funny, but violent!

Hope you are okay...can't email from here, but check in if you want.
islaygirl said…
hope all is well. and thanks for the rice advice.
Anonymous said…
ah the memories. and i think you know what I mean.

Sue said…
I'm glad things reshifted.
Badger said…
Wuh-oh. Hope everything's okay. YOU KNOW HOW I WORRY.

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