blood and roses

Middle has been working very hard on a film.

blood before

It's for a competition -

clean up

being held by the makers of Cloverfield.

blood wide

He's spent nearly every waking hour filming and editing and running around for it.


And, as he is not at all competitive by nature, I am impressed with his enthusiasm.


The special effects he learned and included in this film astound me.

washing up

I encourage you to go here, watch his movie, and vote for him.
(You will need to register here first I'm afraid.)
Though he completed his film last week, it was only approved for judging in the very final hours of submission as the licensing and copyrights on all his sound effects had to be checked by Paramount. His status was listed as "pending" for four days and finally switched to "accepted" late last night. All my boys were cheering.


I thank you.


I'm so impressed. And I've gone and voted, and I've told my peeps to go and do the same.

Sinda said…
Which one is his? I thought I would recognize the name he uses, but I didn't...
Anonymous said…
Ketchup or some other red substance?

I'll make sure to vote today.
Badger said…
Done! I hope he wins!
Oh, and the sound of that first drop of blood hitting the pavement? Almost made me lose my dinner. And that is saying something as it was homemade (by Chef) pesto on spaghetti. Mmmm.
Sarah O. said…
Done and done.

I'm very impressed. Also, Middle's film was listed first in the "most votes" category!
paola said…
I must be the only dement in the world. I tried to register but it would refuse me each and every time so after the 10th try...I gave up.
I'll try later...
KathyR said…
Having a problem similar to Paola. I did finally manage to register (or so I thought), but now the confirming email doesn't get me in. Argh.

I'll try later, too.
paola said…
.....WTF! Pardon my French, but I am getting rather annoyed by the fact that the Cloverfield site will not accept me...
Anonymous said…
WOW! That is one talented boy.
Dani said…
I gladly registered (without a hitch, I might add) and wish I could have voted more than once.

Having been an AV geek when I was his age, I'm VERY impressed!

Go, Middle!
tut-tut said…
Very impressive . . . I registered, I went back through your link, I voted successfully. That blood, those riveting shots. Shudder.
meg said…
I voted too - excellent work by Middle. His video was on the first line in 'TOP VIDEOS' when I signed in!
Dani said…
Hey! I just found out you can vote every day until the contest is over.

BB - I say you give us a subtle little reminder each day. ;)
Done and done too.

And I wouldn't have if I hadn't thought it wonderful.
Shelly Kang said…
Hey, BB - I'm in the middle of registering to vote right now, but I just watched a few of the videos and I have to say that Middle's is the best of the few I watched - so my vote is for him on merit, not just because you asked. Good work, Middle!
jordiw said…
I did it.. You think you haven't registered and then it works!
hope I can get in again tomorrow. He did a stellar job!

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