the best intentions

I'm priming Yougest's ceiling today.
I don't FEEL LIKE priming Youngest's ceiling today.
His room is probably the largest room in our home - he lucked out real estate-wise.
He used to share the adorable room with Middle, but they needed their own space and
we switched things around.
Last year he designed a wardrobe unit at Ikea and asked that his room be painted white - probably in reaction to all the deep earth tones painted throughout the house.
I posted on Apartment Therapy about the paneling in his room and painting it, but I knew the answer...long hours of hand painting 70 year old knotty pine.
His request was made a year ago and I'm still gearing up for the job.
Today, if I can get my butt off this chair, will be the start of it.
I'm hoping once I get started I can knock it out.

I'm reminding you to vote - with no link, in deference to Middle. 17 year old commenters are nasty nasty people and there was a bit of a brawl over there yesterday in which I was referred to as a mommyblogger (do I ever blog about them sleeping through the night? NO.). Shortly thereafter, a top contender's film was taken down from the site.
Disqualified? Deleted? That particular entrant had websites all over the internet promoting the video - was that the problem? We think he had a copyright infringement - but we don't know.

So - back to life in Tuvalu...painting, laundry, browsing the internet.
Boring, I know, but some of my spark got zapped.


Dani said…
Ooo. A disappearing entrant. How mysterious!

No stupid, "Hi, Middle! Mommy sent me!" comments from me. Just silently voting, day after day. I'd be voting for him regardless of whose child he was. His really is the best IMO.

Now, get your butt off the chair and grab a roller.
Anonymous said…
Painting? You paint? You are an endless source of amazement for me...
my mouth has been opened since the beginning of this post.
I've read through the commenters over there @ Middle's contest: my vote goes out each day, when they are all sleeping.
Amy A. said…
Wishing you a fresh spark today!
RW said…
I wish you much success with your youngest room transformation. I am thinking about repainting my downstairs bathroom - just because I need a change and this would be an affordable one.

stealthly voting
Allison said…
We need to repaint James' room. Right now the top half is sunny yellow and the bottom is cornflower blue, separated by white chair rail. Since he is moving into his big boy room, we are repainting the bottom of his baby room pink for the girl on the way. I have some time--looks like you are out of it--Good luck!
Anonymous said…
Let's just admit it. Painting is a pain, from start to finish. But it's always nice once it's done, right? You can do it. Maybe take some pictures of the process.

Anonymous said…

Priming Youngest's room will help you relax...

Wax on...wax off.

Wax on...wax off.

Wax on...

Wax off.
TheOneTrueSue said…
The house we just moved into is lovely, except I think the woman who owned it might have been color blind. The kitchen is rusty orange, and the family and dining rooms are lime green. LIME GREEN. The formal living room is mustard yellow. The window treatments are brown with orange checks.

It all makes my eyes bleed. I need to paint, but everytime I think about all of that work I start rocking back and forth a little.

(Aaaaaand voted.)
Wendy said…
Go bb, go! If I can do all the basement paneling with two kids running around, you can do that room.
Anonymous said…
psychicgeek at gmail dot com
Please email me the voting link. I relied on you to include it and cannot find it in my bookmarks.
Paula said…
I love to paint. I'd come over and do it for you if I could.

And? May I just say. If you weren't suppose to put the links on blogs and such why is the html code provided right there on the voting page? Hmm?
Anonymous said…
I don't envy you all that painting, but as Eurolush says, it could be therapeutic.

As for voting, I did so again today and I haven't once left a comment so as to spare Middle's reputation. That said, those teenage boys need to learn about the power of moms.
Anonymous said…
Painting knotty pine - we did it in two other houses. You don't have to fully hand paint. You roll on Kilz, then cut it into the grooves with a smaller roller. Then roll on the paint, and cut it in with a smaller roller and brush if necessary.

I adore the rich look of painted paneling. But it is a lot easier when someone else does it.
tut-tut said…
I voted. Just keep reminding me.
Jennifer said…
I have panneling in my laundry room. I'm going to throw some primer on it, and then paint it. Because that's all I CAN do about it.

I tried to vote for him, but I needed to register, which I did, but they never sent me the email I needed to vote. I'll try again.
Anonymous said…
I've always wanted a lemon tree. Are they hard to take care of? How do they look during the winter? Any pictures of your tree?
Mary said…
I'm off to vote but just wanted to say hi and to say you KNOW how good it is going to look all KNOW it. It is my Will's dream to have an all white room with a cow hide rug on the floor !
Anonymous said…
I see that noone's wasn't the only comment box with nasty written all over it. Unfortunately, there is this darker side to all competitions. I think gracious and classy must come a little later in life. At least, I like to think so. I hope he's holding up well, and remains rightfully proud of a very exciting and well produced video.
Hang in there, Blackbird family. We're with you.
blackbird said…
My lemon tree is not especially hard to take care of but it must live indoors from october through may.

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