behind every silver lining

It's a heck of a week.
K was home for the first few days which was good, but things here have been crazy.
I had ordered Middle's clothes for the prom on Saturday night and was too busy to realize that I never got a confirmation. I realized this on Monday evening, called Urban Outfitters and found out that the jacket was only available in medium and that the order had shipped.
I made appointments for haircuts for two of us, an appointment for the dog to go to the vet, and brought Youngest to the orthodontist (who shook me down for the remaining $140 of our balance). The day ended with a 5pm phone call concerning a legal matter with regard to six seconds of footage in a commercial K shot which left us sleepless.

Tuesday began with Oldest's car out of gas in front of the house with him running late for work.
He did okay, but it meant a run with the gas can.
In the midst of phone calls to lawyers, I got a call from Youngest's school nurse who reported that Youngest was having a "vision disturbance."
Fortunately, I've gone that route before.
Unfortunately, Youngest has a pre-existing neurological issue and any kind of vision problems must be reported to his neurologist. Who wasn't in the office on Tuesday.
The plasterer was working on Youngest's room during all this - a roofer (5 years ago) stepped between the beams and cracked his ceiling, and the dog waited patiently for her ride to the vet.
Middle's outfit did, in fact, arrive that night and it could come together nicely. After a visit to the tailor.

Wednesday was haircut day and school-closes-early day and the visit to the tailor.
The legal issue was settled and I stopped obsessing about losing the house, which never would have happened but I tend to get dramatic. A little.
Youngest's sight is fine and the doctor asked that I watch him for the next few weeks - which will probably give ME a migraine.

The big day is really going to be Saturday.
K has an early appointment with the accountant, Middle has his class in town, and after I pick him up I will take him (and Youngest) to play their solos.
It's a good thing he's low maintenance because he'll have about an hour and a half to gussy himself up for the evening's festivities.

In between now and then he and I will choose flowers for his girl, he will try on the complete outfit, he'll see his tutor, both boys will practice their music for many long minutes, and we'll all try not to go crazy.

It looks like there's a merge on Survivor tonight.


Sinda said…
Oh My. You've had your hands full this week for sure. It sounds like you've dealt with everything with your usual aplomb.

I had to go look it up in the Urban Dictionary:

1. aplomb

1. What people yell when there is a terrorist attack in a restaurant.

2. A violent plum

1. *man is eating at table*
*terrorist walks in holding a bomb*

2. On the dark side of the refrigerator, a plum turns to a life of explosives and violence, he becomes aplomb

And then I had to correct the spelling for restaurant and refrigerator. Apparently spelling is not a pre-req for defining urban slang.

Hang in there.
KPB said…
This is when I really wish I lived nearby because you see, I just would have lobbed in with a bottle or two of alcohol and food of some description and probably a lot of chocolate and some trashy mags.

And a blue tray.
Anonymous said…
Holy cow! And I thought I had a heck of a few weeks...

By the way, I forgot to comment on your prom clothes purchasing entry that I have decided you soooo should have been my mom when it was prom time.
Anonymous said…
And what will you be doing for YOU Miss BB?

WHO is organizing and making YOUR life run smoothly?

I say go for Survivor next year. At least you'll get a break spending 3 months on some remote island somewhere! :)

Of course you would probably organize the sand piles, make a jungle laundry center and cook cheesecake from tree bark and palm fronds.
Carol said…
You need a week in Palm Springs - it's AMAZING the calming affect it has on people!
Unknown said…
makes my head spin!
Stephanie said…
This post was freaking hilarious. We must laugh, right?

I love the word shitstorm but always forget about it. I saw it in a post somewhere else yesterday and now here today. Yay, 2 shitstorms in 2 days!

Anyways, you're almost through the week.

p.s. was I dreaming a post about food yesterday? I clicked over to comment and it was *poof* gone.
Anonymous said…
Now I understand why yesterday I was so sick.
I got your shitstorm all the way here and it hit me in the head!
...hugging you tight adn waiting for pics...oooooh the anticipation...
Sarah said…
Best use of links EVER.
Yikes, that's a LOT of dramz. Try not to get too loony.

Got Wine?
Anonymous said…
Good luck with all that. You still are a genius even with all the multi-tasking.
Amy A. said…
My blood pressure just went up a little bit. Sympathetic stress. Now I will do some yoga in hopes that you will feel the sympathetic stress relief! :)

Looks like you have it all under control, though.
Anonymous said…

I'll pick up the suit at the tailor and fetch the flowers for the girlfriend.

You just relax and I'll meet you after the solos.
Dani said…
Awesome linkage!

It must be shitstorm season. My week has been sucktastic, as well.

It has to get better, right?
barbra said…
But I thought us moms were supposed to sit at home watching Ellen and eating bon-bons.

Yeah, right.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, okay, but what did you do in the afternoons? (Kidding!) I am reading this at work and my employer has tragically blocked access to, so I don't get the full effect of your linkage. But I am doing deep breathing and stretches in an effort to help you out. Just think, someday you will reflect back on this as part of The Good Ol' Days. Right.
Jan said…
*What Gabe said*
Signed: It takes one to know one
Rae said…
Yikes. I hear you... weeks like that one. Ugh.
Eleanor said…
*I want to come over with Kim. I'll bring my own tray

*Doesn't Gabe sound lovely?

*Had to click on eurolush as for a fraction of a millisecond I thought she was serious. Germany huh. Her blog looks addictive.

*You are my LINKING GURU.
Suse said…
We're heading for a shitstorm on Saturday too.

Great minds, and all that.
Velma said…
Sounds like my last few weekends - it'll be over before you know it, right? Good luck!

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