things I am avoiding/things I'm doing

1. I have finally finished filling out the "Parent Assessment" portion of the packet given to me by Middle's guidance counselor. He has handed it in and we have our first appointment to discuss "the college application process."

2. Although I have steam cleaned various and sundry items in our home I have not tackled the infamous range hood. The thought of it is overwhelming me.

3. I have made two more batches of lemon squares. Both delicious and eaten quickly.

4. I have avoided making a lemon meringue pie. It has been requested and I've managed to find excuses for not doing it for the past few days. It was very rainy this weekend. Everyone knows you cannot do meringues in the rain.

5. I need to go through my closet and get rid of things before I put the cold weather clothing away.

6. Mammo/sono today, top half only, thank you. Some blood work too. AND I have to get to the big supermarket AND shuttle the kids AND get Middle back and forth to a tutor.

7. What am I making for dinner tonight? If you're leaving a suggestion, make sure it's simple. DO you SEE the day I have ahead of me?


yr day is a tough one
godspeed to a wonderful night
Anonymous said…
I have one word for you my sweet friend.
BabelBabe said…
rotisserie chicken and salad from the market
Joke said…
On those days I make "evening breakfast."

Which everyone loves.

Sarah said…
Condolences on #6. Mammos make me scream in the kind of pain matched only by back labor. I hope you're made of toughter stuff.

Also, you've photographed your range hood and, not only do we have the same Pottery Barn chairs, we have the same damn range hood. Cleaning it is a bear. Getting the grill parts back in the right way is quite the puzzle. Again, my condolences.
Anonymous said…
I always take an advil or two before a mammo because I don't like pain.

For dinner: grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato soup, and salad!
Anonymous said…
When I want a light cooking day (If I haven't declared it fend for yourself day) a frozen pizza works for me. I hate takeout pizza, but some of the frozen have nice thin crusts, so you aren't just eating greasy dough.
robiewankenobie said…
loaded nachos. beer.

tortilla chips, refried beans, fresh spinach. cheese. nuke. add salsa. sour cream if you're being saucy. 10 minutes max. if you caramelize onions, 15.

veggies. protein. carbs. dairy. plus the beer. which makes it even healthier, no lie.
Geggie said…
I've been avoiding doing my expense reports. I have over $6K in expenses due to me and I just haven't submitted them. Pretty bad and I'm delaying GETTING SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS! Hello? Dumb.
ohhhh. lemony goodness makes me drool.

i also envy your steam cleaner joys but understand the fear of the range hood.

recipe suggestion:
Anonymous said…
I've had lemon bars on the mind since your lovely post a week back. I bought a lemon on Saturday and hope to bake some tomorrow. Yum!
Good luck with all the meetings, appts. and the range hood.
Wendy said…
avoiding today: winter clothing weedout

doing today: buying a plane ticket
alice c said…
Tell them they are not hungry... and if they claim that they are... tell them they have become victims of the multinational conspiracy by supermarkets to create hunger in order to inflate profits.
Allison said…
I am a fan of FFYN--Fend for Yourself Night. Oh, and I got a sore on my tongue from the SPKs, to!
Miz S said…
I'm late to the party so I won't bother with any dinner suggestions. Plus I'm lame and I would suggest Cheerios which doesn't usually go over well with the men in the family.

Hope the mamo wasn't too bad.
Paula said…
I'm really late but, I would have said 'Reservations' for dinner.

Or leftover lemon squares. They both work for me...
MsCellania said…
I wish I would've commented sooner.
My quickiest dinner? POPCORN

Do a side section of your range hood first. Just the outside - you know - a flirtation sort of clean. You have to put down newspapers for the dripping, I bet.
Range hoods are a bitch.
Anonymous said…
Paula, you crack me up. She lives in a house with 4 men - do you really think there is such a thing as leftover lemon squares? I don't.
at least, not in my house.

BB, ever make pancakes with 7-UP instead of baking soda or baking powder? They're really good, honest!

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