there cannot be anything more ludicrous than this

Drew Barrymore on Inside The Actors Studio.


Mrs. G. said…
Nora said…
I'm guessing she's not there for acting lessons.
She was on Oprah today and said she had just taken a it was an event.
I did like her in Fever Pitch.
Lyvvie said…
Hi! I just wanted to pop in and let you know how to do strikeouts. You just put del in <> at the beginning of the text and /del in <> at the end of the text. For some reason, the comment box won't let me show you the HTML properly. It's not allowed apparently. But I hope that helps you.
Julie said…
Thank you.

People just do not understand how ridiculous she is.
telfair said…
What about Jennifer Lopez on the same program? I quit watching it after that.

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