there cannot be anything more ludicrous than this

Drew Barrymore on Inside The Actors Studio.


Mrs. G. said…
Nora :) said…
I'm guessing she's not there for acting lessons.
She was on Oprah today and said she had just taken a it was an event.
I did like her in Fever Pitch.
Lyvvie said…
Hi! I just wanted to pop in and let you know how to do strikeouts. You just put del in <> at the beginning of the text and /del in <> at the end of the text. For some reason, the comment box won't let me show you the HTML properly. It's not allowed apparently. But I hope that helps you.
Julie said…
Thank you.

People just do not understand how ridiculous she is.
sara said…
What about Jennifer Lopez on the same program? I quit watching it after that.

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