Previously on Survivor:
The Fans and Favorites are mixed, but we are still a little unclear on who's where.
Airai loses Jonathan. So sad. Though some of my readers call bullshit.
Ozzy has the Immunity Idol.
Malakal voted Chet out, which upset no one.
Mom reports that someone wants to go home tonight...

There's a chicken issue at Malakal. Some team members want to kill the chickens but Ozzy wants the eggs. Tracy says three weeks, three chickens.
Ozzy says they will be fine with crabs.
Tracy says it's crazy because Ozzy is controlling everything.

Fade up on the credits and theme music.
And cut to a JC Penny commercial. I'm liking the new JC Penny commercials with their freaky music and funky themes.
Also? they are giving cars AWAY over here - if anyone wants to price out a Tuvaluan car let me know.
And who'd have thought that Pringles could do such funky commercials?
All right. Enough of that.

Day 18 - James is cleaning the cave. Airai is whining about the conditions. The girls are filthy. James is managing. It's raining all the time, everyone is having a crap day.
Kathy misses her washer and dryer and her family.

Malakal's Ozzy is climbing for coconuts and Erik idolizes him. Cirie says stardust comes outta Erik's mouth whenever he talks about Ozzy. They are so bonding. "You've got good nuts now," Ozzy tells Erik. Cirie things they should get married.
They ask Cirie to go out on the boat to the back beach, but I'm distracted by the shot of Ami's cute butt. Cirie is nervous about being so far from shore.

Time for a challenge.
A traditional Micronesian money stone. 4 members are blindfolded and must push the rolling stone through the jungle to crush tiles and then solve a puzzle.
They play for The Herbal Essence product placement and a snack.
Natalie sits out. I don't know who she is.
Everyone is screaming - Cirie doesn't know the difference between left and right, but her team is doing pretty well. Why do none of the girls have a fat ass? I ask you.
The puzzle is tricky, trial and error...Malakal win.
They send Jason to Exile Island with Tracy. Hee hee.

The waterfall place is beautiful and Malakal take showers.
Erik revels over his first reward. Ozzy is proud.
The bikini tops are off!
Cirie is cracking up.

But a big storm moves in and Airai is so miserable. Kathy is a mess. Hours and hours of rain.
James cuts up a raw clam for them to eat.
The night is even more awful. Kathy is whining and whining. Bats and rats are everywhere.
She cries that this is the stupidest thing she's ever done.
In the morning she hasn't had any sleep and she just can't find any strength. James hugs her for support. She's really having a little breakdown. She wants to go home.
She can't do another minute. The team tries to be supportive but she wants to go home NOW.
Jeff comes in on a boat to talk to her.
He's really nice - she tells him that she misses her family and he commiserates with her and doesn't try to talk her out of leaving but he hears her out. She doesn't want to let anyone down and for the first time I think about how the money could change people's lives. I think we tend to forget that these people are trying to win a million dollars.
He takes her away.
James says she's been through a lot and has lost her motivation - but it's up to her, he's not upset.
And that's the end of Krazy Kathy. Sad music.

Alexis (who's she?) says that life goes on.

It must be time for an immunity challenge.
Cirie points out to Amanda how controlling Ozzy is.
Cirie starts to figure on how to vote Erik out.
But they know that Ozzy will never go for it.

Here's the challenge -
floating bridges and spools of rope! I love rope!
There's a puzzle at the end - I didn't get much else because everyone was talking about the rope.
Oh! the puzzle pieces must be reeled in on the giant spool of rope. I like it.
Ozzy takes a big lead for his team.
Pavarti falls down a lot.
Natalie is slow.
But Ozzy is a speed demon and does very well.
The puzzle pieces have to be untied...and it's tough.
The pieces are heavy too - it looks hard.
Airai win. We are surprised.
It's their third straight win.

Some girl in a brown bathing suit apologizes to Ozzy. He says they need to keep Erik and vote Tracy out. Ami thinks she could work better with Tracy, and she's not afraid to betray Ozzy.
Ami and Tracy work out a plan. I don't get all of it but it ends up with Ozzy getting voted out.
Erik explains his tactic. I don't get that either.
Cirie is quiet for a while. She is nervous about Ozzy. It's Amanda in the brown bathing suit.
She says she can control the whole game.
I'm not so sure. She's an "aspiring designer." I'm an "aspiring" astronaut.

At Tribal, Jeff reminds them of how poorly they are doing. Tracy tells Jeff that Ozzy is controlling everything. Ozzy disagrees. Erik kisses up. Ami talks about who is the biggest threat, which makes Ozzy worry a little. But nothing will change his loyalty. Tracy points out that she is less of a threat to her teammates than Ozzy. Cirie is making a frowny face.
Tracy winks at Ami.
Many shots of Ozzy.
It looks like the Ozzy plan failed. Tracy goes. Everyone voted for her and she voted for Ozzy.
I guess Ozzy IS really controlling everything.


Poppy Buxom said…
Why have I never watched this show? It's like The Biggest Loser with rats.
Geggie said…
Happy Birthday Mom!

Really, I don't watch survivor, and I don't read your post about it, I just scan it to see if anything else is Mom's birthday!

But, I'm kooky about Top Chef and Project Runway, so I get it.
jenny said…
I saw the rope and the winch and totally thought of you.

Cirie's stardust comment...perfect.

I wish them luck beating Ozzy after the merge.

Liking Eliza.
drakingson said…
There was a basketball game that I did not know about so I taped that by accident. Your post gave me the low down which is good becuase I would have been upset to see Tracey and Kathy go. I feel bad to tracey because she worked very hard to get where she is having eliminated Mikie and Joel. But this is a strange season where anything can happen. It would have made me cry to see Kathy and Tracey go though. I think Ozzie and Amanda are throwing these challenges to get rid of the Fans on their team. I bet they throw the next one to get rid of Eric. Did Jason reveal the idol to Tracey? Did Tracey even look for the idol?

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