They switched tribes.
Ozzy made a fake idol.
Alliances were split!
Don't ask me to tell you who went where - I'm still learning their names.
Jonathan was "seriously injured." I would debate the seriousness of the injury.
The new Malakal tribe voted Joel out, and judging from last week's comments, no one was sad to see him go.

Erik felt 'shafted' to see Joel go. He thinks he might have to take a stand. It's kind of funny watching a skinny teen-age looking kid try to throw his weight around.

Day 15 finds the team still debating Joel being voted off. Tracy lost her alliance and she's annoyed about not having control. She tells Erik that he may be next to go. I'm pretty sure her breasts are fake. Not that that should influence my opinion of her.
My girlfriend, Ami, gives Tracy a pep talk.

At Airi, Jonathan is nursing his wound. James is concerned about him, he doesn't want to be "stuck with a bunch of girls." Eliza says that Pavarti and James have to go before a merge.

The challenge comes pretty early. The tribes will collect planks, sticks and rope from across the water, to build a blockade in a tunnel and prevent the other team from passing through the tunnel. The winner will have actual Micronesians come to their camp and help the manage life on the beach.
They must swim out to the materials they need and bring them back to shore. Jonathan isn't in the water, what with the injury. Malakal take the lead, but not for long. Each team has ten minutes to build their barrier. Then the teams have ten minutes to take the barriers apart and move through the tunnel. We thought that players could move through the tunnels around the blockades and we were right. Airai is doing well, and they win. Kind of a crappy challenge.

Chet and Jason get sent to Exile Island. I don't even know who Jason is.

"I got nothing for you, head back to camp." I love that line.
Jonathan has his knee looked at by the medic. She tells him he needs intravenous antibiotics and surgical wash out, as his knee is badly infected. I don't want him to go - but they send him to the hospital. He feels terrible and so do we. He's crying and saying goodbye. I'm surprised that I feel so deeply about him leaving.
Jeff shakes his hand and sends him on his way. He's still crying..."I couldn't have tried any better..."

James is the only man left on his team. K says he's whining because he has a harem and doesn't know how to deal with it. (K would never have that problem.)
The natives arrive - Edwin and Joe. The girls ask if they are married. They are thrilled to see them. There's a fishing lesson and fish are caught. I can't believe no one knew how to fish.

At Malakal some girl in a bikini feels like the team isn't working well together. Cirie is aggravated. She doesn't want to have to teach the fans how to play. Ami appeals to Tracy, I think. Ami doesn't trust Cirie. K notices that there is a net protecting the swimming area. From sharks. Ozzy wants Jason to find the fake idol he hid.

On Exile Island Chet says that he thinks Ozzy has the idol, so he's not going to bother looking for it. He says he has been injured and has a piece of coral in his foot. His health is more important to him than the game. Jason makes a good effort to find the idol and finds the fake one. He doesn't seem completely convinced it's real, but it seems like he might go with it - or that he's bullshitting the cameraman.


Picnic with the Micronesians!
Looks like fun.
But, the next morning, there's an immunity challenge.
Jeff fills everyone in on Jonathan's departure. He had surgery and is doing fine.
Jason tells the teams that Ozzy must have the idol.
Ozzy evades the issue.
For the challenge both tribes use stepping poles to get to a small tower in the water. The entire tribe must fit on the top of the tower to win.
James' team out think the challenge and carry each team member across the water to the tower.
Airi take the lead. And they win. Easily.

Malakal have to vote someone out. But you knew that.
Beautiful shots of the seascape bring us back to Chet showing us his pus-y foot. He tells his team that he is just a mess. He wants out. Ozzy says: was there any question anyways? I can't STAND it when people say anyways.
Erik wants him to stay and vote out someone else. We really can't see beyond Tracy's nipples to think clearly.
Erik appeals to Chet. Ami says she would vote Ozzy too. They could surprise Ozzy and vote him out. Chet needs to think about it.

At tribal Jeff talks to Cirie about Penner's exit. Jeff is fond of calling Jonathan 'Penner.' The team discuss his departure. Cirie doesn't trust anyone, Ozzy says they akk kniw Cjet is going home. Don't you hate that when one hand is shifted on the keypad? Ozzy says he will jump naked off the pier if he is voted out. Amanda never feels comfortable. I think the votes are split between Chet and Ozzy. Will Chet vote for himself? It would seem he did.
Chet is voted out quickly.



Amy A. said…
K wouldn't have the harem to begin with or he would have one and manage them well?

Love the updates. I've tried not to read when I haven't watched yet, but had to know if Chet went. I'm pulling for Ozzy, unless he becomes a jerk.
MsCellania said…
I read pus-y foot as pussyfoot and couldn't figure where he was pussyfootin around the seascape.
Badger said…
Chet and Tracy both voted for Erik, which was a total WTF? Everyone else voted for Chet. And good riddance; he was getting painful to watch.

James kept saying he was the only guy left on his team, but I'm pretty sure Jason is on his team? The fake idol-finding guy? I dunno. This episode was way confusing.
Anonymous said…
Take a look at Jonathan Penners' knee as he is helped onto the med-evac boat, he has no band-aid and his knee looks perfectly fine. This frame is shot from the boat as he climbs onboard at about 16 mins 27 secs into the episode. He is told "Hate to see you go man" This injury is faked, why did he really have to leave. Anyway I love Jonathan as a player and he acted quite well.
drakingson said…
I wanted to bitch slap Chet. All he had to do was wait 10 minutes after the vote and tell the producers that he needed a medic and they would have told him he was too sick to stay and then he would have left. After all of the hard work Tracey did to keep his sorry ass in the game. I would have loved to have seen Ozzy go. He is too cocky.

I have a secret crush on Jonathan and was sad to see him go. I'd love to be on Survivor with him if just to sleep in a hut with him under the moon light.
Anonymous said…
Does anyone else think Jonathan sounded like Alan Alda?

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