Chet, who looks like someone from the old Aeon Flux animations, has managed to stay.
Jason is very pessimistic.

I find that typing directly is easier and saves paper!

Day 12. The favorites are going to eat Charlie, the chicken.
Ozzy is going to kill it. Cirie doesn't want to see it. Neither do I.
They hack its head off.
Ozzy, who has the immunity idol, hides it and decides to tell James that the has it. (The idol, not the dead chicken.)
He says he can trust Amanda and Pavarti.
A clique of four now know about it.

An early challenge.
Drop your buffs to switch tribes.
Draw stones to tell who is a captain.
Natalie and Ozzy are captains and choose tribe mates.
We don't understand the rules.
Okay, they choose one fan and then one favorite for each team. You will have to figure this out.
Fans and Favorites get split up.

Eye-rie and Malakal.
Orange and Purple.
And the challenge is: pairs of tribe-mates chase each other for a flag.
Like flag football? Through obstacles.
For barbecue food. Steaks, sausage, wine.
No one will go to Exile Island so they can all get to know each other. Survivor with a heart.

The chasing begins.
Malakal leads.
Injuries: cut knees and fat lips.
Chet and Joel must catch Pavarti and Eliza...
Chet holds Joel back and so Pavarti and Eliza win for their team.
Eye-rai win.

The purple team move into their new home.
Joel is not comfortable. He's on Malakal now and stuck with Chet.
But Erik is happy. He gets to be on a team with Ozzy.
Ozzy is pleased because the camp is good - they can be a strong tribe. Though he is disappointed with Chet and says he needs to go.
Chet has raised chickens. He relates to the chickens.

At Eye-rai, Krazy Kathy looks things over. Eliza is disappointed. She likes the reward but has been downgraded with camp life.
The tide comes in close enough to threaten their shelter and fire.
James can't believe the camp is still there.
Jonathan is concerned about his knee. He has a deep wound.
He's limping. He "tweaked the hell out of it." The medics come.
It's hurting me to look at it.
The medics clean it out and numb it and give him stitches.
He is moaning. Writhing in pain.
Three stitches. I'VE HAD MORE STITCHES IN MY....well, never mind...

Day 13 finds Ozzy fishing and K fixing our bed.
He is amazing in the water (Ozzy, though K isn't bad in the water either) and Erik and I are impressed.
Ozzy feels the tribe is strong but that Chet must go, along with Tracy and Cirie.
He and Joel convo about the votes. Erik takes it all in.
Joel picks his arm skin and discusses.
Someone is going to have to flip.

On day 14, the orange team decide to move their camp and build a new shelter. They work hard to get everything done. The fan members are very appreciative.

At Malakal a shark has been caught. A 40 pound shark? Amanda wrestled it in and brought it to camp to eat. The team is thrilled and chow down. Ozzy wants to kick ass and start winning,
which is good because it's time for a challenge.
I accidentally change the channel...tiles must be dragged to solve a puzzle?
Break a tile to get a tile to solve a puzzle.
Malakal is ahead. They are solving their puzzle while Eye-rai are "bitching."
There is still time for Eye-rai to win.
Chet is directing.
Eliza is too.
The puzzle is tough to figure out.
Eye-rain win!

Joel can't even count how many times he has lost challenges. The weak must go. He thinks Chet is spineless. A ball of goo. He has to go.
He lobbies Ozzy. Chet then Cirie then Tracy.
Cirie agrees but knows she is a weak tribe member too.
Chet, Cirie and Tracy think Joel should go.
Cirie wants to convince Ozzy and Amanda that Joel should go.
She lobbies Ozzy.
Ozzy says it's an incredibly important vote.

At Tribal there is anxious sounding music.
Jeff talks about the choosing of teams.
He points out that Chet was a leftover, chosen by neither team.
Chet says he was happy with where he ended up. Chet is bothering me.
Tracy thinks Joel and Chet lost the challenge for the team.
Joel says it wasn't his fault.
Erik says they need to stay strong.
People vote for Chet and Joel.
I can't figure out who should go.
The weak vs. the strong.
And Joel goes.

Cirie is surprised.
Erik is surprised.
I'm good with it.

Physical strength is not important to this tribe. That's what Jeff says.


jenny said…
I know that Chet is no real asset out there but the way Joel treated him on that flag course kind of made me sick. So glad to see him go.
Anonymous said…
Every time I saw Joel I thought "Steroid Man" . How opposite could he and Chet be?
Anonymous said…
I agree with jenny up there. Chet is one of these zero charisma people who just kind of remind you of, i don't know, a rubber chicken or something. Let's just say his assets are hidden well.

But Joel was absolutely cruel to him, and so I think the team made the right karmic choice.
Amy A. said…
Not reading this one because I haven't watched yet.

Loved the shopping trip and the notes to your library peeps!

You make me smile.
Anonymous said…
So sad about the snowball.
Badger said…
It was painful to watch Danzig drag Chet around that maze thingie, for sure.

We don't see the chicken get whacked, but we get EXTREME CLOSE UPS of Jonathan's knee being injected and irrigated and sutured. Because that's WAY less gross. Gah.

I don't think I have cringed so much in a single episode of Survivor, ever.
Unknown said…
As a gay man, I was disgusted by the wayJoel treated Chet on the show but when he dragged him around like a rag doll that was the straw that broke the camel's back. If Joel didn't go last night then I was going to boycott CBS. Joel is just a disgusting low class socio path. I would take Chet and Kathy over Joel and Mikie B anyday!!! I hope Chet and Kathy make it to the finale 3. If Jonathan goes I will be upset. He is so cute and I've seen "The Last Super".