shopping with Mom

My mom left her sunglasses on a shelf at the drug store.
Infuriating, I know, but we won't focus on that.
They were good ones too - Ray Bans. But we don't have to talk about that either.
I haven't been out shopping with mom for a while so we thought this was a good opportunity.
She picked me up and we went to the Big Fancy Department Store where she used to work and I thought I would do a little photo commentary of what we saw.
You're welcome.

Coat and dresses

It's the perfect time to go dress shopping. We saw lots and lots of pretty dresses.


You can picture me in this little pink number, can't you?
Neither can I.

black suit

I was going to make fun of this suit. I did make fun of it in the store -
but now that I'm looking at it again, I'm thinking it might be okay.
Mom suggests this top for it -

top for suit

and she did that little pose for us too.

See this little black thing?

Eileen fisher

Well, I didn't try it on, but I will say that In Real Life it was very pretty.
It was also $200, which covers why I didn't try it on.

Susan Wagner

I'm calling this outfit Susan Wagner because it's crisp and pretty and polished.
All very Susan Wagner.

Lilly for Poppy

I snapped these Lilly dresses for Poppy. She'd look great in this dress.

I don't know why I snapped this.

orange plastic coat

It's an orange nylon raincoat. (Just in case you didn't realize.) And it's hanging next to an ugly pink dress.

Right around the time I was crinkling my nose up at that plastic coat I saw the Best Shopper Of The Day. She was wearing a wonderful black coat that was nipped in at the waist and flared out like a party dress. She had gorgeous auburn hair in a cute little flip and was wearing kitten heels. Our eyes met and she knew that I thought she looked great, but while I fumbled in my bag for my camera and wrote a little speech in my head, she vanished. I didn't even get a chance to tell her she looked great.


Does it seem a little early for the swim wear? It was an awfully large department to be "cruise wear."
Special note to blog-friends visiting Tuvalu this summer: feel free to wear shorts and a tee shirt on the day we go to the beach...except for Poppy. Poppy I want to see in a Lilly bathing suit. And a swim cap.


bra wish

is the bra I wish I could wear.


bra reality

is the kind of architectural device required.
I'm telling you now; I will not be an old lady wearing a giant, underwire, foam cupped contraption. I'm going to wear that Hanro bra and not care.
Now I just have to decide when "old lady" is.

nice bags

Cole Haan makes beautiful handbags. Feel free to pick one up.
But if you want woven leather -

woven bag

I don't think you can buy anything but Bottega Veneta. Which this is not.
And woven white leather? I think this is trouble waiting to happen.

yellow patent leather

There's some of that yellow everyone is talking about. It's just waiting to sneak up and look terrible on most of us.
Pair it with one of these. For a "look."

patent hats

A look that screams SHINY AND SWEATY.

big yellow bags

I can put together a very matchy matchy look for you.

<span class=

Oh Kate, Kate, KATE.
All your bags look

<span class=

CHEAP now.

And, speaking of cheap:

blue gown

can you see me in this?
Nope. Me neither.

ugly Spring shoes

Here's a whole table of ugly shoes.

Here are some cute Vera scarves!


One could add a little yellow to her life with one of these. Preferably tied around the handle of a handbag. Cute!

<span class=

Isn't this nice? A good mother of the groom coat.
Sadly, the store didn't hang a dress with it.

I wandered through the Free People department while mom chatted with a friend...

<span class=

I think Free People things look pretty in their own store. I love looking through their catalogue. I'm not so sure about their website. But hanging in a department store? with a couple of Chinese lanterns strewn about to help identify the brand?
Most of their things looked terrible.

<span class=

Why do I think, if I saw this jacket hanging in Anthropologie, that it would seem okay to me? But only okay, because it's kind of ugly.

Free People

I don't even know what's going on here. But it's not good.

I do like this:

<span class=

but not for me. Those bead things would be hidden under my bosom and all day long I'd have a princess and the pea thing going on. Maddening.

I know.
You want to know about -



Well, I'll tell you.
The SALE area was huge.


And there was, more often than not, a reason most of the stuff was $39.95...

sale rack

but the whole area was like one huge bat-shit crazy, formerly wealthy woman's closet.

sequined skirt

with a little psycho expensive thrift shoppe thrown in.

Mom got a cute pair of Ralph sunglasses, I didn't buy anything, and the photo of the bras was barely uploaded before a bra fetish group asked if they could upload it.
Internet, I heart you all.
I politely declined.


Anonymous said…
Well, I'm good for window shopping for a while, thanks so much! Sorry you didn't snap a shot of the perfect shopper--she sounded lovely!
BabelBabe said…
you could wear the sports-type bra now but you'd have a uniboob.

i like that black and white checked thing in the first pic.
Anonymous said…
Those red and tan shoes? Deserve their place of honor on the table of fug. But those Scarves! Oh how lust worthy! What a lovely way to spend the day.
Anonymous said…
Embrace the old lady bra. Or try free boobing. The bra pictures? Neil, over at Citizen of the Month, has been asking for bra pictures for his birthday.
Anonymous said…
Hmrph. I'm slightly (read: REALLY)miffed that Kate Spade has gone boring and cheap. I do love her sunglasses/handbags.
jess said…
Although i'm not a shopper and have no clue about most of what you say; i still totally adore you and picture you in the store (and your mom being just as awesome as you.)
Stephanie said…
hahaha, SHINY & SWEATY. heehee.
Anonymous said…
My mother in law wears that Hanro bra. That's all I'm gonna say.
Anonymous said…
The suit, at the beginning, with the bow? Saw it in the same fancy shmancy store last week when I was raincoat shopping.

And I thought, when I saw it, good grief, looks like a maternity suit my mother would have worn.

And then I thought, wish Blackbird was here, because there's so much new stuff for spring for her to do commentary on.

And there you are.

Life is weirdly internetedly connected.

And I love it.
islaygirl said…
it's so sad that once Liz Claiborne bought Kate Spade it turned into a bad-label-whore-dream. Especially when her collections just before she sold out were so understated. ah well. she's laughing all the way to the bank, i'm sure.
halloweenlover said…
Hey hey hey! I protest the cheap comment on the strapless evening gown, because I recently bought that dress in dark dark navy blue for our holiday party and it looks awesome! In fact, everyone who saw it said it looked like an "Oscars" dress!

That's it, BB, we're no longer speaking.
I really hate the direction Kate Spade has gone. Is she even involved with the company anymore?

I'm also not in love with yellow trend. It's too much like those yellow rain slickers we wore in elementary schools. It's not my goal to blend in among the school buses.
Unknown said…
"It's just waiting to sneak up and look terrible on most of us." [yet another reason I'd enjoy window shopping with you]

I only wish more people realized how true that is, instead of inflicting their awful "yellow doesn't look good with my complexion but it's trendy so I'm wearing it anyway" bad fashion choice on the rest of us with eyes.

Oh, the horror... Let's hope it passes quickly, for all of our sakes.
Anonymous said…
Your mom ROCKS.
Anonymous said…
It'd be so fun to shop with you!
I think that Free People lineny jacket is lovely. And sadly, would look better on someone sort of flat-chested...unlike me.
he he ... i like the "little psycho expensive thrift shoppe" :)
Anonymous said…
Kate Spades demise saddened me. I am a bag slut and have 3 Cole Haans that are among my favorite. Leather like buttah. Kind of liked the yellow Free People thing. WIth the right tank underneath....

Go get a REAL bra fitting. I know where you are and there are city folks who like nothing better then measuring boobies. Oprah IS right on this one, most of us wear the wrong size. The right one makes all the over 25/post baby/natural gravity difference!!

God now I want lasagna rolls AND new clothes.
Poppy Buxom said…
You will not be seeing me in the Lilly dress. I get the catalogs and they're so damned short it's not funny. Shorts are 14 inches long. Skirts are either 17 or 18 inches long. That dress? Is probably down to my bellybutton.

And I'll wear a Lilly suit when they come in a 40DDD top. (Now you know why I remain unmoved by your bra-buying angst.)
Suse said…
Giggling at BB's 'uniboob' remark as I was thinking the same thing, only 'monoboob'. Like monobrow, you know.

ps. pls don't move to Wordpress. My computer hates Wordpress blogs and I usually only get the sidebar, title, footer and no content whatsoever. I'd miss you terribly.
Unknown said…
I love department stores. Yours are showing much more spring than we our (its too cold to think about although resort stuff is there). I bought as much as I could before the store closed ..good thing i never passed the shoe department.
Velma said…
I'd like to see the shoes you'd pair with the Susan Wagner outfit - ballet flats? Kitten heels? I don't see anything high - but maybe something in a peeptoe low heel?

Inquiring minds want to know!
Defunct Lisa said…
I am a smaller-than-a-sports-bra size and my whole life people have a) thought I'm younger than I am because I look like I'm still "developing" and b) asked me why I don't get a boob-job. Your comments on the bras is exactly why I won't ever. The only reason I wear anything is so that the boys can't tell when I'm cold. But most of the time its bra-less for me.