I need to have a few words.

First of all, Renee Zellweger. Can someone get her on the phone for me? I don't think she's doing very well.
I don't know if it started with the sudden and doomed marriage


(and doesn't she look like Nicole Kidman in this photo?) or the binge/purge cycles to play roles

two dates

(I have no idea if this photo is real, I lifted it) but she just doesn't look like things are going well for her.

rounded or <span class=

I like her new short hair, even though she plays with it too much when she's on camera, and I like her shoes, but I think she needs a sandwich. Can you imagine if, for example, I lost 40 pounds between now and July and showed up at the airport to meet my blog friends looking like that picture on the left?
I'm going to try to imagine it. Then I'm going to have a cookie.

Picture 3

ANOTHER stolen image. Gosh I'm sorry. I have no idea where I got this. My apologies.
But, don't you just LOVE knots? I do. I have a thing for knots and string and thread and squares. Not rectangles. Squares.

white bag

I've never owned a white handbag. I'm thinking it would be a mistake, though I have a crush on this one from Boden. I have a little yellow scarf to hang on to it too. Hmmm, maybe yellow?

yellow bag

Yeah, I don't know about yellow. We've talked about yellow.


That's the face Renee and I make when we contemplate the yellow.

$3000 jacket

This jacket, from J Crew, which, today I HATE, is $3000.00. Three thousand dollars. And this is how it looks with artificially holey jeans. Don't you think that the model looks like someone smacked her in the face with a J Crew catalogue? It's probably because they told her how much the jacket is.

Look at what else I steamed with my new Euro Pro Shark -

cooked plant

it's nice and clean. Clean and dead.
Fortunately, the deities at the other end of the windowsill survived.


My sister-in-law asked for a photo of the boys baby rings.

baby rings

This year we will buy Middle his signet ring as he will turn 18. I never cared much for rings on men but I like the tradition that the men in K's family have going.

dinner RT

We watched The Royal Tenenbaums the other night. I hadn't seen it in a while. I love the way it is shot. Let's see if I can explain it.
It opens on a scene. Everything is static. Suddenly the characters move and some action takes place - the camera pans to something else, everything goes still again.

<span class=

I'm not that crazy for Gwyneth Paltrow but I absolutely adore her in this movie. She's like an Edward Gorey character and I love the way her eyeliner get smudgy and the way she throws her lines away.
Bill Murray is pretty fine too and the story leaves me just a little breathless.
I love movies that leave me just a little breathless...

pillow shopping

Look! Here's Renee buying a boat load of pillows!


Rhi said…
Years ago, while in college, I did an internship and wore my hair EXACTLY like Margot Tennenbaum for weeks. Apparently, someone loved it because when I graduated college and was no longer the intern, I began dating a charming former coworker and he told me that was what attracted him to me. That, and the fact that I was the intern. But, whatever.
Anonymous said…
Maybe Renee is buying pillows to bring to your group blogging event.
BabelBabe said…
i think she was so much prettier when she was "fat" ha. if my "fat" were like that, i'd consider myself lucky.
Annagrace said…
Yes to everything. I am laughing so hard...how did you manage to line up all the best (frightfully speaking) shots of Renee that way--my screen actually fogged over with the desperation and intensity of it all. I could say more, but I'm not aloud to drink right now (silly fetus) and it's just not the same...

And you're right--R.T. has a lot of Edward Gorey in it.
TheOneTrueSue said…
Renee shops at Bed Bath & Beyond?


I like her hair short. She looks perky.
Kathy Rogers said…
So ever since the movie Chicago, we've had this weirdo fascination with Renee Zellweger. (We = my husband & me.)

Is she beautiful or hideous? Is she talented or terrible? We can't decide.

And I would hate that jacket if it was 300 dollars. Or 30 dollars. Seriously, what is that thing made of, anyway?
Susan said…
Renee buying a boatload of pillows made me laugh.

I hate that J. Crew jacket. HATE it. But I love the Boden bag, in the WHITE, and may order it soon. Possibly.
Jan said…
You crack me up. Your finale shot had me laughing out loud.
I'm not a big handbag person, but I must admit, I do like that bag. Going to dig out the Boden catalog for another look.
Robin said…
Let me just say that I don't like Rene's hair. She hasn't the face for it. Nothing wrong with her face, it just looks better with hair.
Rae said…
I've been worried about Renee lately too. She was a little too weird at the Academy Awards. And what's with the pillows?

Love love love Royal Tenenbaums. Have you seen the Darjeeling Limited yet?
Why does Renee always look like she smells something bad, or sucked on a sour lemon? Doesn't she know that's not an attractive look?
Caterina said…
Hahahaha.....the comments are making me laugh :)
Mary said…
There is just something not right about a white bag.

I bought a yellow bag once. And regretted it.

Remember Renee and those weird faces she was pulling when walking the red carpet at the Oscars a few weeks ago. Some of them are to be found here.

They were really weird faces.
Anonymous said…
I cannot spend energy on Renee right now. HOWEVER, baby rings. Do tell please. Never heard of this and certainly not on boys. On baby babies?? What if they suck and swallow???!!! Are they real diamonds and are they passed down? Or did you GET them and you had little tiny elf fingers all those years ago? I love family stuff like this. My boys, infant christening gifts, STERLING SILVER SHOT CUPS FROM TIFFANY'S. Their Dad's side of the family. Had an Aunt and Uncle who felt no newborn was complete without a little hot toddy or whiskey to go with that evening feeding. One in college now but still underage so saving for 21st.
Anonymous said…
I have the new Renee haircut and HAD been thinking it looked better on her, but NOW think it's better on me with me. She's too thin and I'd be happy to share some of my weight with her in order to achieve balance in the universe.

The purse is cute in style, but not in color. Too stark. It screams for color.
alice c said…
Now if I attempted to push a full shopping trolley with ONE hand and carry four bags with the OTHER hand while wearing sunglasses there would be an urban catastrophe. It would probably feature on the national news and the amount of damage done to cars on the carpark would undermine the shares in the insurance business.
Anonymous said…
I think I'm going to hang a scarf from my handbag. All the cool kids (i.e., Renee. And you.) are doing it now. Of course, my handbag is a $25 black nylon/vinyl number from Kohls, but whatever.
Anonymous said…
The J Crew model actually looks cross-eyed to me. Not attractive. Neither is the jacket.
I do like the purse--and I think yellow is an acceptable color for a purse, but not for a shirt (skin tone!).
Renee. I'm touched that you care. I adore her acting, but as a person I'm not a huge fan. Weird.
Olga said…
I'm not a purse person, I stuff everything into my pockets and truck it around. I could tie a rag to my pocket and look cool. I think I saw a bag lady do that. oh wait. That was Renee.....
Anonymous said…
Interesting story about boy rings...never heard of here either.
I am going to say this:
Renée looks spooky, scary and crazy.
I am sorry.
Her faces scare me. For real.
But I adored her in Bridget Jones.
barbra said…
I agree with other commenters, Renee's faces are very scary. And have only gotten scarier. Once upon a time she was cute. :-(

And I am fascinated about the baby rings. I have never heard of this tradition, but I love traditions!
Caset said…
totally with heather on this one - she always looks like she's just removed an incredibly sour lemon from her mouth. ewwwww.... and much prefer her curvy to stick insect.

yellow is apparently THE color for spring, which confuses me because not terribly many people can wear yellow... maybe that's the point.
Wendy said…
I have a whole book of Chinese knots. I tried to make more elaborate ones on your shoe bags, but it was not to be. You got the two basic knots at the very beginning of the book instead. I'll bring the book to blogher'08.
KPB said…
Regardless of whether Renee is anorexic and wearing sacks or thin and wearing clothes a size too small to look plump she makes my neck itch. Her acting shits me to tears on a scale somewhere between Keira Knightley and Julia Roberts.

She went a long way in my estimations of her by buying and carting her own boatload of pillows to her car.

I adore The Royal Tenenbaums. A.D.O.R.E.

That ring thing your family has going is intriguing. I'm guessing it goes Oldest to Youngest from the top down?

Knots make my neck itch. I was not very good at yachting. Which was an issue as after working on the BT Round the World Challenge I was going to do it the next time around, but had a baby instead.

I want that bag. In yellow. (I always find shoes and bags in the season's colour is a great way to get around wearing it on your person) Can I have that woman's figure as well?

That jacket makes me feel all critchley. As does the cross-eyed model with poofy lips.

That's a nice flowerpot holding your clean, dead plant. What's that almighty big silver thing coming off the wall beside it?
Anonymous said…
Renee's mouth is what bothers me. It never looks right.

But on the plus side, she did her own pillow shopping instead of sending a minion.

But on the negative side, look at her weird smile while she's wheeling all those pillows out of the store.