perfect moments this week

1. Oldest calls while I am at the train station. He has dropped a dish that was sentimentally important to me and it shattered. I tell him not to worry - it was an accident and things do not matter. I arrive home minutes later, he had already set the table, swept up all the shards and had tears welling in his eyes. So did I.

2. Sitting in the library. With an illegal chocolate donut and the sound track from The Royal Tenenbaums on my laptop.

3. After washing the towels on Tuesday, putting them, nicely folded, into the tidy linen closet.

4. Watching this guy on Ellen. Having no clue as to what he was painting. Sitting with my hand over my mouth in awe when it was revealed.

5. Youngest made his bed before he left for school each day.


Poor Oldest!

The blog changes are nice; the blue is particularly soothing.
Anonymous said…
This blue is SO nice and relaxing.
I loved Oldest and Youngest so much.
Aren't they sweet?
celestial opus said…
It's nice to hear about perfect moments!
Joke said…

Why was the chocolate doughnut illegal?

Anonymous said…
That's so sweet that Oldest knew how precious that dish was to you.

And the painter guy? That was amazing!
Anonymous said…
luv your new look;pretty and very easy on the eyes. your kids are great.

Badger said…
I heart Oldest. And Youngest. And the other one.

Am washing towels tomorrow. Today I did SHEETS. I do find towel/sheet laundry to be oddly satisfying.

Clothes, napkins and tablecloths? Not so much.
Anonymous said…
My local library opened a cafe in its lobby and encourages people TO EAT AND DRINK IN THE LIBRARY!
Almost makes up for the INCREDIBLY NOISY STUDY AREA.
We do not have a patio, so no birdsong.
I will never again sit in my library without thinking of you.
Thanks BB, you rock.
TheOneTrueSue said…
#1 - And so am I. Very touching.
Unknown said…
We saw the painter guy on Ellen too. The girl and I watched it and we were making comments like "I know a money that can paint better than that guy" and then he spun that thing and I swear it, the two of us looked at each other and said the "Oh My GAWD" anthem.
Geggie said…
I love the painting.

I saw Denny Dent several times. (Actually, I hired him to perform at a conference I produced several years ago.) Check him out...

He passed in 04, but wow was he talented.
Anonymous said…
Excellent post idea! I appreciate how the perfect moments are not always the happiest.