Look here, you.
I have a very busy couple of weeks coming up.
For one thing, Youngest's room looks like a bomb went off in it.
A laundry bomb.
I've got to get in there.
I don't think he has any clean clothes, so I've got to throw some laundry in the machine right away.
I'll have to do some shirts for K as he's going to be working in town all week. I think.
Later today I'll be taking Youngest to the dentist.
The boys had dental check-ups last week and Youngest has about 450 cavities where his braces used to be and he has appointments for the next few Monday afternoons.
Don't even ask me what dinner is going to be - I have no idea, so just be quiet about it.

Right after I get that laundry thrown in though, I'm going out shopping with my mom.
She lost her sunglasses and we are going to replace them.
I'm going to try to remember to bring the camera.

Also coming up (but not today, so don't get excited):
my semi-annual physical, including mammography and sonogram!
a coffee date with a girlfriend!
details on the new car and returning the old one!
more visits to the dentist...
and, of course, regular updates on the condition of the snowball. (Photo in sidebar. Below the kitten.)

If you aren't riveted by this information I can only suggest that you go read Fussy, because, if you pay close attention, you just may be able to glean the secret ingredients of the pet urine removal formula.
And it doesn't get any more riveting than that.


Anonymous said…
Here we go again.
We are going to the dentist for Brizio today @ 6PM!
I'm telling you...
Those pancakes...mmmmmh...
I've got an OB-GYN visit tomorrow. Only the GYN part. I DEFINATELY don't need the OB part anymore!!

Does Fussy have a cat-puke secret formula? Tigger has stopped throwing up on my bed (Thank You)
and started barfing all over the dining room rug.
When you're done with Youngest's room, feel free to come down here and tackle Elegant's. It's like a stuffed animal/comic book/beads bomb went off in there.
MizMell said…
Semi-annual physical? Do you have 2 a year? Or one every 2 years?
Either way, you're taking much better care of yourself than I. I put off these types of visits as long as humanly possible.
Anonymous said…
We also had pancakes for dinner last night. Yum.
Good luck with the laundry wars and all the other grand crap that comes with Mondays and being in charge of your household. Some weeks I look at Monday and wish I had a job again just so I could leave.
RW said…
I love the fact that Mondays are my day off now. I love making the list of things to be accomplished. Reviewing the list at the end of the day though... more often than not I am over ambitious with my plans.
MsCellania said…
My latest Blog Offering is a Pap Schmear post. Complete with 6 year old sidekick! WooHoo.
MammyGrammy and ColonoScopy posts to follow. Talk about Riveting!
I did laundry all day yesterday. Again with the Riveting. Dentist on the 18th.
But I will look forward to the car post and the shopping trip with The Mama.
Unknown said…
Love the updates on the snowball! I was thinking i should take daily pictures of the Christmas Owl but i am too lazy. Your week sounds more exciting than mine. I do my laundry on the weekend, and since I am retired if my son doesn't get it to me by Saturday before 2pm then he is on his own for the next week. If i am feeling really sorry for him i make a bunch of sandwiches and put them in the refridgerator. I don't think I am going to experience the empty nest thing. Looking forward to hearing about your new car!
Paula said…
Uhh...have you had one of those sonograms lately?

If you haven't, you're in for a BIG surprise.

I know I was...
Anonymous said…
Kitten? I don' see no kitten. Snowball looks lonely, though, with no other snow around to keep it company.

Are you taking your camera to your mammo and s'gram? ::evil grin::
Mary said…
Well I might just go and have a little lie down.

Tireder than ever reading that list.