a meme for Friday

Ann has tagged me for the 4x4 meme.
I like a good meme so I'm going to run with it.

4 jobs I have had: book store clerk, shoe saleslady, personal assistant, sales coordinator.

4 shows I watch: The Daily Show, Survivor, Jon and Kate Plus Eight, All My Children.

4 places I've been: Paris, Bermuda, Toronto, Positano.

4 foods I like: Egg and onion matzoh, baked potatoes, potato chips, chocolate gelato.

four more -

4 scents I like: babies heads, fresh rosemary, rain on a hot day, felt tip markers.

4 sounds I like: the ocean, Chopin, the wind, rain on the skylight.

4 cars I've had: a red MG Midget, a burgundy Honda Civic, a red Hyundai Excel, a burgundy Ford Explorer.

4 things I'm good at: parenting, ripping out seams, untangling necklaces, blogging.


Anonymous said…
I am addicted to Jon and Kate Plus Eight , although I don't see it every week b/c hubs dosen't care for it.

I've been to Paris and Bermuda.

I was a shoe salesperson in college.

love the sound and smell of the ocean.

I'm currently driving a blue Ford Explorer.(It's 6yrs old and I'm ready to dump it!)

Amy A. said…
Ooh, I'm going to do this one!
I'll be doing this one too!
LOVE the Mom on Jon and Kate.
The first time Sorority Girl saw that show she called me and said "I just want to get on a plane and go help that woman!
Anonymous said…
There's so much about all this that I like too, but the smell of baby heads is the one that really grabs me.
alice c said…
Oh yesss!! You are SO, SO good at blogging. No argument about it.

Happy Easter to the Bird Family.
Jess said…
My parents had an MGBGT when I was born - they kept it until I was five and 'grew legs' (or grew out of the car seat, whichever) and couldn't fit back there without kicking the front seat....

riding in that car is one of my earliest memories.

My Dad has a MGB now - no matter how much I tease him for it, he won't give it up. Go figure!
Anonymous said…
Fun! I wouldn't have guessed the John and Kate Plus 8. I watch sometimes, but DANG that woman yells at hubby a lot.
Anonymous said…
Oh, say hi for us!
And of course, enjoy!
Anonymous said…
I love what you're good at! I too am a sucker for rosemary and baby heads. Chocolate gelato, eh? Hmmmmmm....
tut-tut said…
And I like your list too; have a wonderful weekend. We're having lamb, charred, on the grill.
Jennifer said…
What? You like Survivor! Really? hahah never would've known ;)

Okay okay.. I'll stop being a smartasss.

I like this meme, and will do it too, but not today tomorrow, or maybe after Easter.. just keep your eye out for it ok :)

Happy Easter!
Unknown said…
BB i think you made that therapeutic .. i especially like the things you are good at, and the scents you like. I need to make a list of those kinds of things. Its so positive.

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