a little chat with Youngest

7:37 PM

bb: you were up very late last night

Youngest: yah i guess i was

Y: couldn't sleep

bb: don't stay down there past 9 please

Y: ok

bb: I can give you a chamomilia if you wan't

Y: that would be awesoem awesome***awesome

bb: I heart you

Y: i less then three you

bb: I'm laughing! that's pretty good!

Y: yah


Stephanie said…
could he be any sweeter? I think not.
Jennifer said…
I'm not sure I know what " I less then three you means"... but he sure is sweet.
Geggie said…
Cutie! I <3 Youngest.
barbra said…
What a special kid! Writing out words in a chat! (and not just the <3, either) Wonderful!
Mary said…
I'm pretty sure I have worked it out - but I could be very very wrong!
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Aw! That makes me colon close parenthesis.