I want a clean, new look for spring...and I'm not ready to move to Wordpress which is all clean and new looking.


alice c said…
I'm impressed. Very Scandinavian.
But I'm missing the bird.
Anonymous said…
The poor snowball...

On the other hand, if it is melting that fast, it must mean you have some nice springlike weather.
Sue said…
Minima rules.
margalit said…
I. Do. Not. Handle. Change. Well.

Bring back the bird.
It looks nice. Zen. Minimal. Simple. Perfect.
Nora said…
I am thinking about changing to Wordpress too. I keep changing my Blogger template, but not quite getting what I'm after. Hmmm.
The snowball is making me laugh and simultaneously breaking my heart a little.

The new look is really lovely.

Joke said…
Unrelated to anything, WordPress (& TypePad) are not really worth the move. (Neither is Blogger, if you've got that.)

I.e., Stay put, they all have their aggravating issues.

Carol said…
I love it. This is how I want to redecorate my living room - paint the walls stark white, stain the wood floors a dark, dark brown or black and then get really cool furniture and great art.

Got any money I can borrow?
paula said…
It's very...bright.

I'm just sayin'.
Priscilla said…
I like it!

Very clean.

Jen said…
Well, I love your blog and would read it even if you made the background deep purple and the text vibrating red. But...if I did not already know about it and read it, the new look would not draw me in. I miss that high-contrast blackbird you had previously; she was a real attention-grabber.

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